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The Young Masters Bride Chapter 3

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Hand-Picked Fiancee

At the Highest Virtue Hospital…

Ye Qingges thin but lovely figure knelt on the freezing floor outside the operating theater.

At the age of twenty-three, her exquisite face was quite charming and had a hint of innocence, but it was also somewhat cold and mysterious.

Her gaze was fixed on one part of the wall. Her eyes seemed to sparkle — a stark contrast to the worried looks on everyone elses faces.

“Old Li, it was Ye Qingge… She hit the Fifth Young Master with her car. Shes here now. You may punish her in whatever way you see fit. All I ask… is that you spare our Ye family. Ye Qingge and her mother separated from the Ye family years ago. Our family has nothing to do with this accident…” Dong Wenqian carefully explained with a smile.

Ye Qingge smirked, her gaze cool, clear, and somewhat charming.

She stared at her little aunt.How ironic, I cant even drive! How could I have hit anyone with a car

Her ice-cold gaze turned toward Ye Wenwen, who was right behind Dong Wenqian.

She stared at her trembling facade. She looked like a small, pitiful white rabbit.

She lowered her head and hugged the cylindrical ceramic urn in her arms. In lieu of her mothers last wishes, she would tolerate this. Wasnt she just taking the blame

She was not kneeling for these people or for her sins. She was kneeling because her mothers remains were hardly even cold.

Li Xingming, who was theOld Li in question, had a stalwart expression on his face. His intense gaze carried the weight of all the experience he had gained over the years.

His deep eyes flashed with a particularly worldly sharpness.

He stared at Ye Qingge as she knelt on the ground. Her calm and steadfast figure had an unyielding aura.

She held the magnanimity of someone who disregarded the opinions of others. She had been kneeling for two whole hours, yet her ramrod-straight back did not tremble or bend an inch.

It was remarkable for someone to have such an aura at her young age.

“Are you any good at caring for the sick”

He gently poked the tip of his cane at Ye Qingges shoulders. His tone was steady and powerful, with an innate sense of dominance.

“Yes, I have a professional nursing certificate!” She answered in a tone that was neither humble nor arrogant but was laden with thick sorrow.

Her mother had been seriously ill in a foreign country and went through six major surgeries. As it happened, she never managed to return to her hometown, which she had been longing for, even after her death.

“Do you have a boyfriend” Li Xingming crossed his arms and placed them on his cane, narrowing his eyes as he asked the question.

His bones and constitution were not so worn out that he genuinely required a walking stick, but a man of his position simply needed some sort of prop.

Li Xingming had a pivotal role in the Li familys stable position as the most important clan in Cloud City for many years.

The solid foundation built by the old man had allowed their current leader, Li Beichen, to take their power to unreachable heights.

She paused for two seconds, feeling a slight pang in her heart. She had dreams of true love too.

However, with barely enough food on the table, romance was an extravagant hope for her.

“I dont!” It was true, she didnt have a boyfriend.

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Despite her many suitors, how could she possibly hope for an ideal relationship when she was struggling to survive

“The man being operated on is my grandson, Li Nancheng. I guess you could say that it was destiny for you to run him over. Neither of us is aware of his current situation inside. However, that is not the point. My point is that my family needs a daughter-in-law. Will you join our Li family If you agree, I will consider the matter of this accident settled!”

Li Xingming rarely spoke this much.

His offer made everyone around widen their mouths in shock, including Ye Qingge.

No one knew how the surgery would turn out. He could end up a human vegetable or paralyzed.

It could also be a light injury, but Ye Qingge knew that this was unlikely, as the surgery had gone on for two hours…

“Once youve entered the Li household, you will never have to kneel before anyone. No one will dare push you around. The Li men may have foul tempers, but their appeal lies in their god-given good looks!”



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