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But after a while, Jake’s parents, who were nearby, handed them something.

‘Video stone!’

Judging by the small conversation, it seemed that they were probably lending it.

Mom and Dad, who were handed the video stone, looked at me with wide smiles.

Finally, the handbell performance started.

‘Oh, I’m nervous.’

Performing in front of a lot of people was both terrifying and exciting.

I focused on playing.

Fortunately, my two hands holding the handbell did not make a mistake.

When the performance was over, a lot of applause rang out.

Not only the guests, but Mrs.

Edmond and the kindergarten knights also applauded us.

‘Hehe, I’m proud.’

It wasn’t a big deal, but I felt like I had done it.

I got off the stage with the kids.

‘Good job, Emir!’

‘It was great!’

My parents gave me a thumbs up and shouted out their mouths.

I smiled and nodded my head.

The Emperor and the Empress also smiled at Ninaina with happy faces.

So did the other children’s guests.

We gathered behind the stage, put down our handbells, sat down and sighed in relief.

After the performance was over, I felt like the tension was relieved.

We drank a cup of fresh rose tea prepared in advance and got up from our seats.

“I’m really happy.

I was worried that I might make a mistake, but I did it safely!”

Ninaina ran to me and took my hand and cried.

Her bright smile seemed really happy.

Then, Maya, who was sitting right opposite us, memorizing his poem once more, raised his head and looked at us.

“I listened to it while waiting backstage, it was a wonderful performance.”

Meanwhile, as we were talking, the sound of piano and violin was just heard from the stage.

‘Oh! I think the Prince and Alice have started playing.’

We quickly sat down and started to listen to the performance.

‘Come to think of it, I think there was a similar scene in the original story.’

I suddenly remembered the passage in which Nicholas played the violin for Alice in the original story, and I giggled to myself.

* * *

Both Alice and Nicholas’ performance and Maya’s poem recitation all ended safely.

Now, guests were guided inside the kindergarten rather than outdoors.

On the wall of the hallway, which was usually empty, the results of our one-year study and creation were proudly hung.

“Oh, Ninaina.

Did you draw this picture”

“Yes, that’s right.


“It’s a really wonderful picture.

Like the picture in your bedroom.

Of course, the picture was drawn by Lady Emir.”

As I overheard the conversation between the Empress and Ninaina from the other side, I was startled by my name.

‘As expected, the Empress saw the picture.’

At first, I was embarrassed to show my drawing to everyone, but now that I’ve gotten used to it, I’ve even felt a little proud of it.

Just then, Mom and nanny approached me.

“Emir, we’ve been looking for you for a long time.

You were here.”

“Mom! Uh, where did Dad go”

I tilted my head and asked.

“Well, he went to Duke Theon because he didn’t know how to operate the video stone on which your video was recorded.

Oh, he’s just here!”

I looked back at Mom’s words.

Then I saw Dad really coming in from the door.



After a while, Dad turned on the video stone and showed it to me.

Not only me, but Mom and nanny all gathered around the video stone and were focused on the video.


The quality of the video stone was no different from what was actually seen.

On the screen reflected like a hologram, the focus was on me, so it was clear.

‘Umm, I was making that face.’

Perhaps it was because I was too nervous, I was playing with an awkward expression like a robot or a puppet.

But the awkwardness seemed to be felt only by me.

My parents and nanny, who were standing around me, were constantly in admiration.

“As expected, our Miss plays the best!”

“My daughter, you look like a fairy! …… Wait, you.

I’d like to see the slightly raised cute corners of her lips again.

Can you return the screen again”

…… I didn’t know where the cute corners of my lips were.

I can only see the corners of my lips that are stiff and trembling.

Anyway, my parents watched the video over and over again two or three times and then turned it off.

“Hmm, hmm.

I think this should be left as a family heirloom.”

“…… Are you really”

I thought of my father’s words.

‘I don’t think my descendants will like it very much even if it’s a family heirloom.’

Hundreds of years later, I imagined my descendants rummaging through the treasury to find this video stone.

Wouldn’t it be disappointing to see a child come out and play the handbell awkwardly after thinking in anticipation that a treasure chest would come out

They will be like ‘hey, what kind of family heirloom is this!’.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter.

They look so happy.

I should just do what they want.’

But my parents liked it so much, so I didn’t really want to stop them.


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