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Seeing the two of them gossiping, Feng Qing couldnt help but ask, “From the looks of it, you should stay at sea often, right Could it be that youre concerned about what happened in the Capital”

She knew that the Divines Light was a lawless place.

The people from the Seven Stars Continent here did not treat them as humans.

Although they were service personnel, they had also dyed themselves with many self-important habits because they had served those self-righteous people from the Seven Stars Continent all year round.

They always felt that they were superior to others, so they, the attendants, subconsciously developed thoughts of excluding people outside the Seven Stars Continent.

A female attendant said, “Who doesnt like to read gossip Although the Seven Stars Continent is developed, the place is too small.

Moreover, theres only so much gossip in the Seven Stars Continent.

Im tired of hearing it.

In comparison, the gossip in Xia country is the most interesting.

People like us like to pay attention to news in Xia country the most.”

Feng Qing asked, “For example”

The female attendant said, “For example, it was exposed on the Internet not long ago that the old lady of the Gu family in the Capital lost a bet with someone and ran naked on the streets at three in the morning.

Theres also a rumor saying that the young master of the Gu family, Gu Qingye, is suspected to be in a relationship with the young master of the Xie family, Xie Shihao.

Theres also the famous singer, Li Shaoqun, who officially announced that he was pursuing the Internet singer, Siren, and so on.”

Feng Qings eyes gradually widened.

She didnt expect that on the open sea thousands of miles away from Xia country, there was actually so much gossip about the Capital.

Most importantly, there was so much explosive news.

She lived in the Capital every day and actually didnt know

The female attendant and Feng Qing were chatting very happily.

Feng Qing continued to ask, “Wheres the Boxing King What is he doing”

The female attendant said, “Hes bathing like you.”

Feng Qing wiped her face and said, “Then did Di Qianmo also send a female attendant to serve the Boxing King to bathe”

Upon hearing this, the two female attendants immediately laughed.

One of them said, “I reckon Lord Ziwei Star wont send the female attendant to serve him, so he should be bathing himself.

Someone will check him and confirm that he has already cleaned himself up.”

Feng Qing said with a strange expression, “He still has to do a checkup after showering Then is it a man or a woman”

The female attendant shrugged and said, “I dont know about that.”

At this moment, in the bathroom in the room opposite Feng Qing, the shower head was desperately spraying hot water out.

The man was enjoying it naked.

Although the hot water would cause pain when it washed all the wounds on his body, the man was completely indifferent as he enjoyed it.

It was too comfortable to be able to take a hot shower.

White mist lingered in the bathroom, covering most of the mans body.

The man raised his head and allowed the hot water to hit his face non-stop.

White water rolled and crystal clear water droplets jumped.

The mans Adams apple rolled.

His body was strong and his skin was a healthy bronze color.

Feng Qing was right.

This time, he had disguised himself to look more real overall.

He even injected some medicine that could change the outline of his muscles.

The bronze color on his body was made of special waterproof materials that could only be washed with a specific medicine.

Although the medicine had very strong side effects, in order not to be discovered, he still chose to use this medicine.

The Boxing King squeezed out some shampoo and applied it on his hair.

After killing for the entire day yesterday, his scalp was covered in blood.

He, who was also obsessed with cleanliness, naturally couldnt bear it.

After a while, he walked out of the bathroom.

Then, two bodyguards walked over with a new bathrobe.

Xie Jiuhan couldnt help but sneer that Di Qianmo was quite meticulous.

He didnt stand on ceremony and took the bathrobe.

At this moment, another group of people walked in.

This group of people were wearing uniforms.

The female attendant standing at the front said, “Boxing King Potian, Lord Ziwei Star ordered us to wait on you.

Please cooperate with us.”

Upon hearing this, Boxing King Potian walked up to the female attendant and picked up a brand new black suit in her hand.

Then, he said coldly, “I have hands and feet.

I dont need you to serve me.”

However, the female attendant insisted, “Boxing King Potian, this is an order from Lord Ziwei Star.

Please dont make things difficult for us servants.”

Boxing King Potian smiled disdainfully and ignored the female attendants words.

The female attendant continued, “If Boxing King Potian doesnt want to follow Lord Ziweis orders, Lord Ziwei Star will order the bodyguards to serve Miss Feng in the bath.”

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