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Chapter 30: First Meeting

Translator: Lonelytree

The first lieutenant immediately said unhappily, “Little Six, this thing is so fragrant. How can it be poisonous”

Little Six was dark and skinny. He didnt look more than 16 years old, “First Lieutenant, this thing is called a Little Umbrella in my hometown because it looks like an umbrella.

“Two years ago, my hometown was flooded, and there was nothing to eat. Someone found these shrooms on the mountain.

“We decided to eat them. However, not long after that, the peoples faces started to turn purple. They suffered from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and other symptoms.

“The village doctor went to check on the patients, and he confirmed that those who ate the Little Umbrella were poisoned!”

Little Six pointed at the mushrooms in the first lieutenants hand fearfully.

The first lieutenant also felt the fear. He didnt dare to eat the skewer anymore. However, as a foodie, he really couldnt stand the smell.

The first lieutenant held the skewers and looked around. Then, he approached the masked man and asked, “Boss, dont you think its strange”

The masked man was wearing a silver mask so his face couldnt be seen. However, the sharp light in his eyes showed that he had been observing their surroundings.

“Yes.” The masked replied in a deep and magnetic voice, “Look at the bonfire. The rabbit meat is about to be ready, and there are roasted skewers beside the bonfire. Someone was just here before we arrived. Looking at the wild grass that was stepped on, there was one person here. They probably cooked these things. But that person went into hiding before we arrived.”

The first lieutenant nodded and said, “If it were just an ordinary person, Boss would be able to sense them.

“However, this person managed to spot us before we arrived, and they are able to hide from Boss. This means that they are not an ordinary person.”

At this point, the first lieutenant immediately said in a serious tone, “Could it be that person They sent someone to hunt us down and this is a trap Wed eat this poisonous food, and theyd...” He made a cut across his neck, “Ambush and kill us!”

Lin Yuelan, who was hiding on the branch, wanted to curse.

These people wanted to eat her food, and they even came up with a conspiracy to frame her. If they wanted to eat, they should just eat and leave. Why stay

However, she did notice that the masked mans voice was really pleasant to the ears. It was very magnetic and very charming.

Yes, Lin Yuelan was very sensitive to peoples voices. She liked to listen to magnetic and deep voices. She liked that scumbag for so many years because his voice could draw her in like a lullaby.

However, she had learned from her mistakes!

She would not walk the same path of failure again because some man had a good voice that she liked!

Lin Yuelan squatted on the branch and lowered her head slightly. She held the small branch with one hand and rubbed the space between her eyebrows with the other. This was a habit that she had developed during the five years of the apocalypse.

Soon, her eyes lit up, but then she heard a sharp and alert voice, “Who is it Come out now!”

The masked man was very vigilant and serious because he agreed with his first lieutenant that this might all be a trap.

He sensed movements in a big tree, so he shouted.

Lin Yuelan didnt expect the masked man to be so vigilant. She only relaxed a little, and he found her immediately.

It seemed like these soldiers couldnt be underestimated!

Lin Yuelan immediately said to Little Green in her mind, “Little Green!”

Little Greens sharp buds immediately bent, and then he climbed to a birds nest on the top of the tree.

In the birds nest, a bird covered in black fur seemed to be snoring.

Little Green poked the birds head with its sprouts and then used two green leaves to flap its wings!

“Boss, is there really someone hiding on that big tree” The first lieutenants eyes were sharp as he stared at the big tree, and his expression was very serious.

The first lieutenant was reluctant to throw away the skewers because they smelled so delicious. He held them in his hands, but he didnt dare to eat them.

The masked man wondered if his senses had tricked him when everyone heard an aged caw from the tree. Then, they saw a crow fly out of the big tree.

The first lieutenant let out a sigh of relief. He smiled and said, “Boss, so its just a crow!”

However, the masked man did not agree. He truly believed there was someone on the tree.

To investigate, he walked to the bottom of the tree in his silver armor.

More than ten subordinates immediately shouted in shock, “General!”

Then, they quickly followed the masked man and surrounded him in the middle.

The masked man walked to the bottom of the tree and raised his head. Through the gaps between the leaves and branches, his sharp eyes spotted someone on the tree. This person was small, and that came as a surprise to him.

Lin Yuelan was a little nervous when she realized that her cover had been blown. She had the protection of Little Green and the plants around her. Ordinary people shouldnt be able to spot her.

However, this masked man managed to spot her with his sharp gaze.

It looks like this man is not that simple!

Since she had been discovered, Lin Yuelan did not want to hide anymore.

Based on her observation, other than the masked man, the rest of the soldiers could be taken down easily with a move of her hand.

Lin Yuelan slipped and climbed down the tree.

Then, she glared at the first lieutenant who was holding her skewers and scolded, “You bunch of thieves! How canyou steal my food when I was searching through a birds nest!”


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