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Chapter 10 – I tried preparing for the calamity

After training with Mister Sirius, I decide it’s time to start getting ready for tonight’s calamity.

“Miss Reina, can I take these fruit seeds”

“… I was going to throw those out.

Why do you want that”

“Hum… I want them as a birthday present.”

“How humble!”

“And since it’s my birthday, can I have this thread ball and magic stone scraps…”

“S-surely you can ask for more”

“No, the fact that the three of you are alive is the best present I could have asked for.”

“You’re such a nice boy, Chrom!”

An emotional Miss Reina hugs me.

I managed to get what I need.

When I use magic, things like seeds and thread balls turn into weapons.

(…I wanted explosives and a storage ring too, but…)

It would be pretty hard to get those in one day.

I have a source of magic energy in these magic stones, so it’s fine.

(…And with these, I’m ready for the calamity.)

Now all that’s left is to face it.

But then…

“Ah, that’s right.

El asked me to give you this.”

Miss Reina takes out a letter from the pocket of her apron.

“A letter.

If she has something to say, she could just say it directly…”

“Well that’s… You know how a lady’s heart is.”


I don’t really get it, but I read the letter.

“To Chrom.

Come to the usual field of flowers on the hill at six.

From El.”

Now that I think about it… I think I remember this letter.

I don’t remember all the details of what happened on this day, but I’m starting to remember more.

This happened the first time around too.

(The usual field of flowers… Should be that one.)

This town, Almana, has so many flowers that it’s known as the flower town.

El, Labrys, and I used to play on a field of flowers on a hill.

And it was from that field of flowers that it all began.

“So What did she write”

Asks Miss Reina like she’s making fun of me.

“Hum… She wants me to go to the field of flowers on the hill at six.”

“Oh El asked that Fufu, I see… I get it.”

Six… That’s right when the calamity begins.

We met on that hill, and then…

…El died.

And so did Mister Sirius and Miss Reina.

Everyone died.

“Oh Are you going somewhere, Chrom”

Mister Sirius is back from patrolling around town.

“El just called him somewhere.”

“Eh… Way to go, El.”

Mister Sirius and Miss Reina laugh like they’re really enjoying this.

It’s so peaceful.

It’s like nothing like that calamity could possibly happen.

I want these people to stay like this.

It’s better if only I know that hell.

“Well then, I’m off.”

I turn around to head towards the place where we’ll meet.

But then I stop.

(…I just realized something.

The first time around, this was the last time I talked to these two.)

This could be the last time I see them.

When this thought crosses my mind…

“…Mister Sirius, Miss Reina.”

I start to speak.

“Thank you for taking care of me all this time.”


They look at each other, both perplexed.

They don’t know what’s about to happen, so to them it just seems out of the blue.

Still, there was a time when I couldn’t tell them this, so I want to say this now.

They’ve given me more than I could ever repay, and the first time around I never even thanked them for it… Before they died in the calamity.

I’ve always regretted it, but now, here, I can finally say it.

“…I’m very glad it was the two of you who took me in.

Even though we are not related by blood, you welcomed me with warm food on the table, taught me the magic and sword skills I needed to survive, taught me warmth, kindness, happiness… You have given me more than I can give back.

No matter how much time passes, I will always be in your debt.”

Why did it take me so long to say something so simple

After I finish talking, Miss Reina and Mister Sirius don’t move for a while, and just look at me with surprised expressions.

“…W-w-w-w-what’s that all of a sudden Did something happen Chrom, are you dying”

Mister Sirius is usually very cool-headed, but he’s really flustered.

Miss Reina on the other hand usually talks a lot, but is now frozen with her mouth open.

Well… I guess that reaction is to be expected.

“No, I just want you to know how thankful I am.”

I say with an awkward smile, before turning my back to them again.

“Now I’m really going.”

I say as I’m about to start walking.

“…You are coming back, right”

Asks Miss Reina, sounding uneasy.


I quickly stop and turn around.

“No… Oh dear, what am I saying It’s just… It feels like you are going somehwere very far away.”

Miss Reina tilts her head, looking confused.

Maybe she’s sensing something on an instinctual level.

“Of course I am.”

“…Then it’s fine.”

I smile like nothing is happening, and it seems that calms Miss Reina,

“Don’t be too late.

I’m making a special birthday dinner.”


I can’t wait.”

“Well then…”

Miss Reina and Mister Sirius wave goodbye.

“See you later Chrom.”

“Take care.”

It’s the same thing I heard that day.

The first time around, this was the last time we talked.

But that won’t be the case this time.

“Yes, I’ll be going.”

I say with determination in my heart.

Now let’s put an end to the future brought about by the calamity.

All to come home to this happy time…


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