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Chapter 1 – I tried going back in time

I saw them in a dream.

“…Chrom, I…”

“W-what is this”

“I have to go help.”

“N-no El.”

“Mister Sirius Miss Reina”

“Someone… Answer me…”

Places I’ve never seen, people I’ve never met, and a future I haven’t experienced.

“Give me strength.”

“A weakling like you can’t be a hero.”

“If I had power back then… This future wouldn’t…”

“Only hell awaits at the end of this road.”

“Are you still going to fight”

These are definitely memories of someone I don’t know.

“We have confirmed the birth of a new demon king.”

“Demon king Scarlet.

She is already…”

“If I could rewrite the past, would our relationship be different”

“At the very least, I will end you, Labrys.”

He was weaker than anyone else, but he still tried his hardest to be strong.

He shed a lot of tears, vomited a lot of blood, and broke many taboo.

And in the end, he couldn’t save anyone.

“Allow me to introduce the new first seat of the twelve sages, the time sage Chrom Chronogate.”


You have become the most powerful ‘monster’ in the world.”

That is why he… I, made a decision.

“I’m finally here.”

“I’ll take back everything, starting from that day.”

“One day, somewhere, if you see me again…”

“Don’t forget these hellish hundred years.”

“Next time, I swear I’ll save you.”

“Have a nice trip, Mister Chrom.”

◇ ◇ ◇


I jump out of my head.

I have a terrible headache, and the sweat is making my pajama shirt stick to my body.

Still, I try to reach out to someone who should be here, but then I see there is no one in front of me.

“Ahh… Ahh…”

I breathe hard for a while, until I whisper.

“Was it just a dream…”

It feels like I just saw an endless nightmare.

I guess that’s why my memory feels all fuzzy.


I look around, and see the morning sun is already up.

The white light coming through the gaps in the curtains illuminates the room where I was just sleeping…

“…No, wait.”

Something isn’t right, and the source of this feeling of unease is clear.

“…Where am I”

I don’t know this room.

The impression I get is that it belongs to a boy who is a knight trainee.

There is a worn-out training sword set against a wall, and a desk with a pile of books on it.

They look like magic manuals.

This simple room makes me feel nostalgic somehow.

I feel like I’ve seen this long ago, but can’t quite remember it.

(At the very least it doesn’t look like I’ve been imprisoned…)

I watch out for ambushes and magic traps just in case, as I walk towards the curtain and open it to look outside.


I see a small town surrounded by a field of flowers.

All the houses are decorated with colorful spring flowers near their windows, and butterflies and petals dance with the wind.

And in the middle of it all, townspeople yawn and exchange morning greetings.

It’s like everything is peaceful…

“T-this town…”

I really think I’m still dreaming.

I stand still as I’m completely dumbfounded, and then I notice my reflection in the window.

“Oh… Was my face… Like that What is this…”

In my reflection in the glass, I see a drop running down my face.

I immediately press my cheek and feel perplexed.

“Why… Am I crying”

I can’t hold back the tears.

I wipe them and wipe them, but they just keep coming.

Is it because of that weird dream Is my mind still in a state of confusion

Where am I When am I Who am I All my memories are vague.


That word reverberates inside my mind, like it’s hinting at something.

And then…


I hear footsteps and someone humming outside my room.

I suddenly turn around and position myself ready to fight without delay.

Judging by the sound of the footsteps, this person is an amateur.

Should I catch and question them…

But as I’m pondering this, the footsteps get closer and closer, and…

“Chrom! Happy sixteenth birthday!”

A blonde haired girl opens the door with a bang and comes in.



Without thinking it, I absentmindedly stare at the girl.

She doesn’t feel like an enemy.

She feels to me like the warmth of the sun.

A pure and innocent girl.

I would say she’s probably around fifteen, and probably of high social status.

Her blonde hair looks well looked after and spreads golden particles of light, and her clothes, while simple, are neat and look to be of high quality.

But more importantly…

“…O-oh What is that reaction… Wait, are you crying, Chrom…”

She looks at me and says my name, while looking concerned.

“Are you all right Did you have a nightmare”


“… Chrom”

Words aren’t coming out.

I just keep staring at her face with a dumbfounded look on mine.


She shouldn’t be here.

I mean, she’s already…

But I focus on the girl in front of me again.

I don’t think I could ever mistake this face, no matter how much time passes.

The hero, Elluna Moonheart.

My childhood friend, who is supposed to have died when I was young, is…

She looks just like she did when she was alive.

(Ah, that’s right…)

I feel the gears snapping into place inside my mind.

The two memories, present and future have overlapped, and connected into a clear picture.

I finally remember.

(…I did a time leap back to when I was young.)


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