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Li Yufeng intended to let her daughter show off her cooking skills, so she said to Su Xiaoxiao, “Xiaoxiao, go ahead and start cooking, and Chunying will help you.”

Su Xiaoxiao took the pork bought by Han Cheng and went out of the room.

Zhang Chunying quickly grabbed a big meat bun, and regardless of Li Yufeng’s glares, her son’s distribution was right, and her sister-in-law also said that each person can have one.

She was satisfied and took a bite before going out with Su Xiaoxiao.

The Su family’s elders and Han Cheng were left in the living room.

Han Cheng is handsome, dignified, and upright.

Even with his military uniform, he didn’t look overbearing, or humble.

His body posture is upright, sitting like a sturdy tree.

Su Weimin felt really anxious.

He thought that the young man was really too handsome.

He was tall, but he was also more handsome than the educated youths from the city.

It’s no wonder why the matchmaker Xu came back early in the morning to report that her daughter had fallen in love with him, and she also emphasized how good Han Cheng was.

Su Weimin cleared his throat and said: “Comrade Han, matchmaker Xu told us about your situation.

Frankly, we don’t have any personal opinions about you and respect your military comrades.

But as parents, even if we are a little poor, we are not willing to let our daughter be a stepmother to others.

Although our family is poor, we didn’t let Xiaoxiao do any heavy work.

We thought your conditions were good, so we agreed to let Xiaoxiao meet you.”

Han Cheng nodded: “Don’t worry, uncle.

I understand what you mean.

My salary is not bad.

Comrade Su said she will follow me under the condition that I ensure that she will be well-fed and clothed.

I will not let her do heavy work.

The only thing I would ask of her was to take care of my two sons.

My eldest son can be sent to school after the New Year, and the youngest son will be almost two years old.

It does take a little more effort.”

The Su family made Han Cheng feel comfortable.

From the moment he entered the courtyard, he felt at ease.

It wasn’t so necessary before.

But seeing Su Xiaoxiao getting along with the children, Han Cheng felt that he could never find a more suitable person than Su Xiaoxiao.

In addition, Han Cheng knew that her family was not like those troublesome families.

Marriage was a matter of two families.

The main branch of Yang Meiniang’s family is very good, but the side branches of the Yang family were making a mess all over the place and creating cumbersome and unnecessary dramas. 

Seeing Su Xiaoxiao’s character, Han Cheng inferred that her family atmosphere was good, which is exactly what he expected.

Apart from having two children, Su’s parents are satisfied with Han Cheng.

But honestly, if Han Cheng hadn’t had two children with him, he would not have gone to the countryside to look for a blind date.

In this world, how could things go as expected Su’s parents understood this reality.

After passing Father Su and Mother Su’s tests, the marriage was basically finalized.

Han Cheng was even more impressed with Su Xiaoxiao after the braised pork with thick oil and the red sauce were served.

Han Cheng thought: This is more delicious than all the braised pork I have eaten in the state-owned restaurants.

She has read books, looks good, and is patient with children.

The important part was that she has better cooking skills than the chef of the state-owned hotel. 

Han Cheng really thought he had found a treasure and an outstanding stepmother for his two children.

If such a good girl is willing to marry him, he should treat her really well.

The Su family didn’t fight for the delicious braised pork when it was served.

Everyone just grabbed the food placed in front of them, which had an equal amount as the other plates. 

In fact, it was obvious that they were greedy for meat.

But even Xiao Bao was given a piece by the adults, and he just ate one piece.

It seemed that they knew that adults wouldn’t cheat him and that no one would take his share. 

‘It was really delicious.’

In fact, Li Yufeng was heartbroken.

She let her prodigal daughter cook a meal of more than two kilograms of meat.

If Han Cheng hadn’t stayed for dinner, she would have marinated the meat and eaten it for several meals.

But thinking that the meat was brought here by Han Cheng, and he should be treated well, made her feel a little better.

After dinner, Han Cheng proposed taking Su Xiaoxiao to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a certificate in the afternoon, which shocked Su’s parents.

Su Weimin couldn’t agree at all: ” No, Comrade Han, you only met our family’s Xiaoxiao in the morning, and are you too anxious to go to the office in the afternoon You should at least go home and discuss it with your parents.

Should your parents come to propose marriage first”

‘No one in the world got married like this, right This young man is good, but he is too careless.’

Han Cheng did not hide from them, and told them the truth: “Uncle and Auntie, to be honest, I am an orphan of a martyr, and there are no elders in my family.

My parents entrusted me to their teacher’s family after they died for the country.

My teacher treated me with great kindness.

My teacher has two biological sons, and his wife didn’t want to see me.

In short, I didn’t live in their house for long.

I left after I got into military school.

My teacher died, and I lost contact with them.

Soon after the death of my children’s mother, I received a task to go to the battlefield with the army, and I was forced to send my children to my teacher’s wife and entrust them to her. 

At present, my two children are still at her place, and I found out that she didn’t treat my children well.

That’s why I wanted to take back my children quickly.

The military hospital is very busy, and I have many tasks on hand.

The earlier I go back, the better.

This is why I am so anxious.”

Matchmaker Xu told them that the man was in a hurry, but the Su parents didn’t expect him to be this anxious.

Su Weimin frowned so hard that he could kill the flies: “You are too anxious.

We are not ready for anything at all.”

“Then why don’t you let Xiaoxiao go with him to take care of the children for a few months, and the marriage will be completed after the New Year, if you don’t get used to being in the military camp, you can go back, right” Su Zhenhua suggested.

Han Cheng’s eyebrows jumped.

‘Do they plan to retreat from the marriage’

Li Yufeng slapped her son and stared at him: “What are you thinking Do you plan to let your sister go with other man without a name What would the people think of your sister Do you still care about your sister Is there such an unreliable brother”

‘Don’t even mention several months.

Even if it’s just for a few days, it can’t be done!’

Su Xiaoxiao, who has not participated in their talks, said: “Father and mother, Comrade Han will ask matchmaker Xu to propose marriage tomorrow.”

They are planning to get married anyway.

This is the first time she has seen such an attractive person in her two lives.

She doesn’t want to go on a blind date again. 

Han Cheng is really a good person.

He bought a big meat bun for her to take home, and he even gave her braised pork just now.

She will certainly be treated well in the future.

Han Cheng, who went on a blind date with a registered permanent residence, took out 600 yuan from his bag and stuffed it into Li Yufeng’s hand: “This is a gift.

Can you, my parents-in-law, handle the wedding Aunt Xu has gone through all the procedures that should be taken, and I will not treat Xiaoxiao badly.

Li Yufeng looked at the six bundles of unity banknotes in her hands and was stunned.

In recent years, the gift money of 88 yuan can be considered an expensive dowry.

What about 600 yuan Does that mean Comrade Han was very satisfied with her daughter

As the saying goes, no comparison means no harm. 

The Su family’s quality is excellent, even in the city.

Han Cheng showed his utmost sincerity.

He really didn’t want to miss Su Xiaoxiao.

He doesn’t want to marry a woman like Liu Shuixian and make her his son’s stepmother.


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