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After graduating from high school, Su Xiaoxiao’s eldest brother, Su Zhenzhong, worked in the food processing factory in the town.

He always felt sorry for his sister, but he was also angry: “Xiaoxiao, don’t go tomorrow.

The eldest brother will go back to the factory tomorrow and ask colleagues to help me find another man.

I don’t believe that you can’t find a good man who has never been married with your qualifications.”

Su Zhenhua, the second brother, always has a soft ear.

When the elder brother said something, he was also about to say something, but Zhang Chunying, the second sister-in-law, pinched his thigh.

Su Zhenhua shut his mouth and lowered his head to dig for rice.

Su Xiaoxiao read some books or watched dramas of this era before she crossed to this era.

She did not know whether they were processed by the so-called art or the characteristics of the times.

Most families were annoying and chaotic.

But according to her observations these days, the old Su family was close and harmonious.

The Su family had three children.

Her two older brothers are just a few years older than her, and their sons have already gone to primary school.

Her eldest brother and sister-in-law were classmates.

After graduating from high school, they worked at a food factory.

At that time, many people envied them.

Her oldest brother’s family only came back for a meal during the holidays.

Unfortunately, when Su Xiaoxiao graduated from high school, all the high school students in the city had to go to the countryside, let alone recruit farmers to work in the city.

Su Xiaoxiao’s second brother helped the family with farm work before he graduated from junior high school.

The second sister-in-law was introduced to the second brother by matchmaker Xu.

Zhang Chunying hadn’t read any books, but she was quick and diligent, and her attitude was also straightforward.

The second brother was weak, and the second sister-in-law was a little strong.

The two were in good harmony, and she didn’t have any problems after marriage.

It can be said that Su Xiaoxiao’s marriage is the biggest problem in the Su family at present.

Su Weimin and Li Yuefeng were worried about their daughter’s marriage.

Lowering their requirements does not mean they are willing to let their daughter marry a crook who wants to arrange several dates at will.

In the past two years, Matchmaker Xu has introduced people to different terms.

Did she dare to introduce his daughter to a widower with children And what In another two years, will they introduce Su Xiaoxiao to widowers who are more than ten or twenty years older than Su Xiaoxiao and can be considered as her father Can I not worry

After all, Su Xiaoxiao comes from the second 21st century, and her ideas are decades ahead of her time.

She believes that the urgent task she needs to prioritize is to improve her living environment.

After all, it is still several years before reform and opening up.

She feels uncomfortable because she has been trapped here all the time.

If she insists on looking for a husband at her age, she will probably have to marry into a rural family that is much poorer than the Su family.

Then she will have to learn from the original owner and take her life as well.

“Father, mother, elder brother, I want to meet him.” Su Xiaoxiao said.

Just as everyone was about to object, Su Xiaoxiao said, “Listen to my analysis first.

Aunt Xu should have arranged the meeting with several people at the same time.

Don’t be angry.

He is 28 years old and just the right age for me.

She thought of me when he asked for a literate person.

It shows that I am still well-educated in everyone’s mind.

Shouldn’t you be happy

He wanted to take his family to the army with him and needed the bride to be literate.

The condition is not too bad, at least it means that his educational background is not too low.

Dad, you always think that others are uneducated and not worthy of me.

It is rare to meet someone literate, so it’s okay to meet him;

The matchmaker’s mouth always magnifies the other party’s advantages, but it was obvious that he only told matchmaker Xu that he was a soldier with two children.

It seems like he’s not the type of person who would say that he had outstanding conditions.

He should be stable and down-to-earth;

He is widowed, not divorced.

To put it mildly, bereavement will save more trouble than divorce.

What you worry about most is that he has two children, right However, Matchmaker Xu was correct, father and mother.

Who can match my age If my marriage still dragged on, when the time came that I had to meet another man, his family’s condition would be too poor.

The New Year is coming soon.

The living conditions of the person introduced by matchmaker Xu in the future will surely be inferior to this man.

Rather than starve to death, I’d rather take care of someone else’s children.

No matter how avant-garde Su Xiaoxiao’s ideas are, this is the reality of this current era.

She is 24 years old and is turning 25.

This age is equivalent to the age of leftover girls in the 21st century.

If she can’t get married, even if she doesn’t jump into the river for the educated youth, she will be sprayed to death one by one.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Li Yufeng glared at her, “How can those who have hands and feet starve to death”

Su Xiaoxiao went to hold Li Yufeng’s arm and said with a smile, ” Is it because you love me and don’t want me to do heavy work I can only read books and do housework.

Even if you ask me, I really can’t carry a hundred pounds of peanuts and rice, and do farm work.

Father Su and Mother Su love their daughter.

Her father and two older brothers were strong enough to support the whole family.

Li Yufeng is a capable woman; she can work in the field and at home in an orderly way.

When Su Xiaoxiao is not studying, she can help out with light tasks as much as she can.

How else could she have so much time to study and achieve such high grades

Li Yufeng glared at her and said angrily, “If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have let you read so many books, and you wouldn’t have been dragged into an old girl by following me to work in the field since you were a child.”

Her daughter has never done heavy work at home.

How can she be willing to marry her daughter to someone else’s house to do heavy work

Su Xiaoxiao knows that Li Yufeng’s mouth was as sharp as a knife but had a heart as soft as tofu.

She had always wanted her daughter to read more books so that when she went to college and left the countryside, she would not have to do farm work.

Such parents are really rare in the countryside.

It’s a pity that good luck makes people.

Su Xiaoxiao has a soft voice, and it is even softer when she speaks with her eyes bent: “Mother, don’t worry.

An old girl will also have an old marriage partner.

I think it’s not bad to marry a soldier.

Anyway, I have to see him first before I can make any decisions.

As soon as her daughter acts like a baby, Li Yufeng will immediately soften.

She looked at Su Weimin and said.

“Family Head, what’s your opinion”

After listening to his daughter’s analysis, Su Weimin became less angry.

He thought carefully, “I’ll listen to what our little girl said.

This person may not be too bad.

Let’s look at the person first.

Even so, the thought of her daughter coming with that widow Liu made him uncomfortable.

Su Zhenzhong looked at his sister thoughtfully and said, “My sister has grown up.

She is good at analyzing problems.

I’d better go with you tomorrow.

He always thinks that after Su Xiaoxiao was rescued from the well, something changed within her, but he can’t tell which part of her changed.

‘Is this the enlightenment’

Su Xiaoxiao secretly breathed a sigh of relief and shook her head repeatedly: “No, no, I can go by myself.

Let me see him first before I bring him to you.

Fortunately, the Su family are all reasonable people.

If she is married to a fool in the poor ditch for the sake of her face, then they can only cry without tears.


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