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Chapter 8 Part 1

With the marriage certificate issued by the production team, many things can be bought.

Han Cheng has several zeros in his passbook, but she doesn’t know how much the child needs to go to school, and she still has to go to college in the future.

Therefore, the principle of “save as much as you can” should still be applied.

Her mother also has a red dress that she has kept for several years.

She can wear this red dress once when she gets married. 

She wanted to wear that dress on her wedding day.

With that, there’s no need to buy new clothes. 

Han Cheng will probably wear his military uniform, so, she doesn’t need to buy him new clothes.

Bringing extra items would be inconvenient; they could simply buy them when they arrive at the military camp.

They don’t have many cloth tickets; they could only afford two pieces of clothing for adults and a few pieces of clothing for children.

Xiaobao didn’t even have any new clothes, he would either wear the clothes from his elders or Dabao’s old clothes, so she wanted to buy one for Xiaobao.

After she explained to Han Cheng that Li Yufeng had prepared her red clothes for her wedding, she asked Han Cheng, “Can I use these cloth tickets to buy Xiao Bao new clothes He has grown up and yet he has not worn any new clothes.

Han Cheng thought that Su Xiaoxioa was very kind to his nephew. 

When Han Cheng thought of the shabby clothes his sons were wearing, his eyes darkened.

He was silent for a moment and nodded after a while.

“What I gave to you is yours.

You can do whatever you want.”


When they arrived at the place where they sell children’s clothes, Su Xiaoxiao asked him again, “Let’s just buy three.”

Han Cheng was stunned.

Su Xiaoxiao added.

“My elder brother and sister-in-law are workers.

They have cloth tickets, so Dabao can wear new clothes.

For now, we won’t buy one for him.

We’ll just buy one for Xiaobao.

These cloth tickets can purchase at least three children’s clothes.

One for each of your two sons and Xiaobao is just right.

Consider it as a gift from me for meeting him for the first time.

What do you think”

One of the requirements Han Cheng said to Matchmaker Xu in finding his new wife was that she needed to be literate.

He graduated from military school and knew his requirements, including being able to read and write, were reasonable. 

He doesn’t want the gap in communication between himself and his wife to be too far, and he is also afraid of finding a shrew to take back to the military camp and live a messy life.

Han Cheng looked at Su Xiaoxiao deeply.

The more he got to know her, the more he felt that she was indeed a good match. 

When he came back after his mission, he found out that the good clothes he had sent to his sons were taken by his adoptive mother.

The good clothes were worn by his adoptive mother’s grandson, while the old and tattered clothes were worn by his sons. 

He was planning to buy new clothes for his sons but didn’t know how to say it to Su Xiaoxiao.

But he could tell Su Xiaoxiao about this, she had already taken care of it on her own.

“Thank you, Comrade Su.”

Han Cheng’s eyes are deep.

When he stares at a person seriously, it gives people the illusion of deep affection.

This is probably the legendary affectionate eyes

Su Xiaoxiao already knew that what was hidden in those deep black eyes wasn’t some romantic feelings towards her, but she could not help blushing. 

She was embarrassed, and she turned away and pretended to look at the clothes.

“I bought it with your cloth tickets and your money.

What are you thanking me for”

Han Cheng lowered his voice and said, “Thank you anyway.”


“There’s nothing else I urgently need.

Buying more will only burden our trip.”

The two went to the market after leaving the state-run shopping mall.

They bought a lot of candies for the wedding, melon seeds, and other foods needed for the wedding with their marriage certificates.

They knew that Su Xiaoxiao’s family would also do their own preparation, so they didn’t buy more than what was needed. 

After they bought everything, Han Cheng sent the food back to the Su family’s house. 

He didn’t plan to stay at the Su family’s for dinner, instead, he went straight back to the country.

Xiao Bao jumped three times when he got the new clothes his auntie bought for him. 

It’s common knowledge among the people in the village that all the children of his age don’t necessarily have to own new clothes to wear.

The new clothes his auntie bought will surely make all the students in his school envy him for the whole year.

“Auntie, you are the best aunt in the world!”

Li Yufeng was angry and distressed at the heartless girl.

She stretched out her hand and flicked Su Xiaoxiao’s forehead with her fingers.

“How can someone who is going to get married buy clothes for her nephew instead of buying herself new clothes for the wedding Have you ever thought that maybe Han Cheng would have an opinion of you for doing this”

Su Zhenhua became a little embarrassed: “Mother’s right, Xiaoxiao.

This boy is still young, and there are more clothes we can pass down for him.

If you continue to give good things to your parents after getting married, then Han Cheng might have opinions on you.”

If Zhang Chunying did this, he would be the first to disagree.

Su Xiaoxiao looked at Xiao Bao, who was dancing with radiant eyebrows, and felt that the clothes were worth it.

She reached out and patted Xiao Bao’s head.

‘Such a lovely child would be more precious if he was born in the 21st century.’

“Second brother, can’t you see how happy Xiao Bao is He’s worth it.”

Zhang Chunying felt at ease.

‘Her sister-in-law is good.

Whenever she had something good in her hands, she wouldn’t forget to share it with Xiaobao.

It’s a pity that she has to marry someone who lives far away from their village.

Li Yufeng glared at her, “What will you wear tomorrow”

For a moment, Su Xiaoxiao didn’t know what to say.

 “Mother, don’t you remember the red dress you hid for me to wear It would be a waste if I bought one more.

If I didn’t wear that dress, then wouldn’t it seem like we bought it for nothing” 

 ‘Didn’t she ask me to wear that red dress just this morning’

Li Yufeng slapped her forehead and almost forgot about it.

She was worried about not knowing when her daughter would marry and wear the red dress, but she didn’t expect that, in the blink of an eye, this would come in handy.

“Look at my memory.

If you hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten that we still have that dress.

The weather today is nice, I’ll take it out and put it under the sun, so you can wear it tomorrow.

Su Xiaoxiao’s scalp tingled when she remembered the smell of mothballs: “Mom, give it to me.

I’ll wash it before I wear it.”

Li Yufeng disagreed: “After washing the dress, the patterns on the dress won’t look good anymore.”

Su Xiaoxiao: “I’m just going to dip it under the water to wash off the smell of mothballs.”

She couldn’t bear to reprimand her, so she just let her daughter do what she wanted.

“You only know how to be overly conscious about cleanliness.

I don’t know what to do with you.”

Since the day they saved her from drowning, she has always been extremely fond of cleanliness.

Even Xiao Bao has been trained by her to wash his hands at every turn, and besides his hands, he had to wash his face clean, which made Xiaobao especially handsome.


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