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make a swift U-turn and start driving to my best friends house. Cassandra.

When I got here in London, the first thing I tried to do was find a job and a place to stay. It wasn easy. The first few weeks I had to sleep in my car in some parking lot, I wasn able to access my bank account thanks to **ing Jacob and I didn want to tell my brothers what was going on either. So whenever they called I would always manage to say that I was fine and I had found a place. Eventually, I found a cheap apartment close to a flower shop where I was able to find a job. Thats where I met Zion.

Eventually, I had to tell my brothers what was going on, but first I had to find a good lawyer and get the information I needed in order to get my bank account back. Thats how I met Cassandra. Who better to help me other than the royal lawyer herself? Obviously, she had plenty of work already on her hands, but she felt sympathy when I told her my story and decided to help me. After that we became inseparable, she was ready to take Jake to the royal court after all not only is rejecting a mate illegal but the amount of wolfsbane in my body could have sent him straight to a death sentence had the king known about this. But I was still in love with him and even though the bond was broken, I still hoped he would change his mind and take me back, say it was all just a mistake, but he didn and boy am I glad!

Driving to Cassey was difficult, not because she lived far, but because he was so much traffic. It seems like everybody knew about this, but me!

When I finally got to Cassey and I walked straight into her house, she had quickly looked over from the couch to the door, I noticed her eating a big bowl of ice cream and I just walked to her kitchen, got myself a spoon, and stole the ice cream from her hands. "Shouldn you be heading to the cafe and can you not steal a pregnant womans ice cream?" she says in her high-pitched voice and I shake my head.

"Did everybody **ing know except for me? Was I that **ing stupid?" I didn have to tell her what I was talking about, she knew. And the look she gave me already answered my questions. "You are my best friend Cass, why didn you tell me anything?" my voice was starting to shake. I was trying so hard to not cry but I could feel tears start-up in them already.

She gets up to get me a glass of water and I can help but finally let the tears fall down my face, I cry silently. Feeling betrayed and stupid. "I did know, but I was not allowed to tell you anything, Nobody is. Zion made that a royal command" She says handing me the water glass which I gladly take and drink all at one time. "Careful now, don drown yourself in a glass of water" I giggle at her last comment, but the fact that he kept this very important secret from me for so long and did not tell me anything about it makes a royal command so that no one could tell me really broke my heart and made me wonder what else he is hiding from me.

"Does he love me?" I ask my voice shaky and with trembling hands. Afraid of the answer, but who am I kidding, if he commanded everyone to keep this from me, he could have easily commanded other things too. "Don answer that, he most likely commanded other stuff too".

"No! Look Im not trying to justify his doings, but you were also very dense Kal, there were so many signs and you just either refused to see them or you

e really blind because of your human side" She says and I frown at her. That one hurt Cassey! Bitch!

She has a point though.

Shut up mutt.

No I mean, your human side doesn allow us to feel higher ranks, so figuratively speaking, making us blind. Dumb hoe!

Whatever he should have told me. End of!

"How did you find out?" She asks and I take a deep breath before answering her. Trying to calm myself down. "Where did you see it?"

I look down at the floor and bite my lip to keep more tears from falling. "On a billboard by Blood Avenue" I replied still looking at the floor. "Its everywhere. I don understand how did I not see that before"

"Well for starters, you never asked much about him and his past and whenever you did, he would always switch the question to you. He played his cards well Kal and you were basically all head over heels for him. He didn have to do much" she says and I can help but agree. Thinking about all the times that I would ask about him and he would switch questions.

But how can he be next to the throne if his mom is just a florist? "Is Sophie really his mom?" I ask and she nods slowly. And I feel like I already know this story. Im hoping he didn lie to me about this.

"She didn want to be queen, however, she knew that in order for the kingdom to thrive, we needed a queen. So she rejected the king. However, she was already pregnant with Zion. Rumors have it, she wants to be queen now, however it is already too late. There is already a new queen and with Zion taking over the throne soon...." she doesn finish her sentence. She doesn have to, I know what she is about to say and I take a deep breath.

I blink once, twice, and everything is still the same. "Im next in line. Im the future queen". I say and Cassey nods. I let go of a breath I didn even know I was holding and lay my head back on the couch.

This is so frustrating. This is all so hard to deal with. What else is Zion hiding from me?

Why couldn he just tell me the truth and spare both of us from this?

"There is one more thing you should know," she says and I look at her waiting patiently but at the same time very impatient. "Zion has already been crowned king" I cock my head to the side at that revelation. "About 7 years ago" I raise an eyebrow, waiting for her to drop the bomb. "This is your coronation, not his".


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