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"You are being called at the pack house" Cindy, one of the packs messengers, walks in and I quickly get up from my spot on the couch to see whats going on.

I rarely get called to the pack house, unless there is an issue with one of my brothers or if Jake wants to have dinner at the pack house. Even though we have mated, I chose to stay in my own home and not move into the crowded place that house can be.

Jake, however, is training for the head warrior position, so he cannot leave the packhouse until his training is complete and only my brother can determine that since he is the one training him.

And I believe that will take a long time.

Excitement flows through my body as I get closer to the creme-colored house and can sense the smell of river and lemon. Mate. My wolf wants to see our mate one more time although we just spent all night together, too much is never enough. The smell gets stronger as I approach the pack house, all questions as to why he is here are long forgotten, I want to see him again and be in his arms—one with each other. And finally, tell him the amazing news.

The smell is excruciating as soon as I walk into the house and look for those pair of emerald green eyes, the jewel that I want to never lose. My mate, my warrior.

But the reality is quick to snap me out of my dream when I feel a pair of hands grab me by my hair and throw me across the room. I hit a wall and fall on my butt with a thud, I can feel a sting on my arm and quickly hiss when I pull the syringe out and see the green liquid at the end of a needle.


A lot of it.

I could lose my wolf.


My eyes fill with tears and I can feel myself getting dizzy.

My wolf fighting to stay with me, with us.

Are we being ambushed?

"Jake" I wished I could have screamed his name, he would save me. Jake would never abandon me. "Jake please"

But I was wrong, from the floor I can see Jake walking down the corridor with the Alpha beside him. "I Alpha Jacob Mathews, reject Kallisto Marshall as my mate and Luna of the moonlight pack and is hereby banned never to return" The growl could be heard from kilometers, the authority is his voice forcing me to lower my head in submission, submission to him. He publicly humiliated me. There was nothing left to do, but even if it kills me, I will never submit myself to a man again and especially not him.

With all the strength I still have left, I slowly get up from the floor. "I, Kallisto Marshall accept your rejection and hereby swear that only if I have to, will I ever step foot into these lands again. You

e dead wrong if you think I need you, but it won be the last time you hear from me". The blood now coming from between my legs, tears streaming down my face, the shocked look on the faces of everyone around us, the gasps and even tears from some of them. "How you got on that position, I don want to know, but I can smell your bull** from a mile away"

The blood was now oozing down my legs and I could barely hold myself up from all the pain I was feeling.

"Kallisto" I hear my brother say and my body gives up. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?" I could hear the loud yelling and glass shattering, but I was too weak to open my eyes.

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