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Chapter 29

“Belri Weig”

“Sir Weig”

Lubella and Grotim spoke at the same time, but their tones were like opposites. Whereas Lubella's voice was filled with delight and happiness, Grotim's voice was overwhelmed with confusion and fear.

“Weig Belri Weig That monster is here”

Many powerful figures appeared in the soon-to-be chaotic world, but the methods they used to gain their strengths were all different. Some diligently trained during a time of peace and were strong before the chaos. Some grew stronger via the difficulties they faced in the chaos, and some gained their powers instantly by using a strengthening item. Others received their strength from another powerful figure.

Zich was the type who had gained his power by the difficulties he faced in the chaos. On the other hand, Weig was the perfect example of someone who hadnt slacked off on his training in a time of peace and was strong before the chaos.

So, even during a time of peace, Weig used his impressive strength to fight against Karuwimans enemies. Of course, these enemies included Karuwimans arch-nemesis, the Bellid. There was no way that Grotim didnt know Weigs name.

“Dont lie! How could that monster be here!”

Grotim was the most shocked he had ever been since meeting Lubella and Zich; that was how much of a household name Weig was.

“He is the captain of the bodyguards who protect Lady Lubella. He just had something to take care of when he arrived in the city and was gone for a bit. Thankfully, his mission was at a nearby place, so we could order a person to call him.”

Now that I think about it, Mr. Zich asked me about Sir Weigs mission before!”

Lubella recalled Zichs question which she had answered without much thought.

“W-when did you call him”

“Didnt I tell you that I ordered Hans to do an errand for me This is what I asked him to do.”


Lubella remembered Zich's servant.

You were already thinking about calling Sir Weig then

But how was that possible

“Even if Sir Weig was closer to us than the headquarters or any subdivision, his mission should have taken him quite far away from here. How were you able to call him”

“Its thanks to Hans efforts.”

Zich smiled jokingly, and Lubella couldnt ask another question. The undead and monsters that surrounded them began to move.

“Ha, even if my opponent is Belri Weig, my army has enough strength. This is actually better. I should take this chance to take that guys head as a souvenir to bring home!” Grotim arrogantly shouted. The army in charge of the siege outside began to move where the explosion was.

“Will it be alright”

Lubella worried for Weig. She knew that he was an incredible Holy Knight, but the army that Grotim led also looked formidable. However, Zich wasnt concerned at all.

“It will be alright.”

No need to worry about a person who can calmly get out of a greater hell than this one.


As if it agreed with Zichs thoughts, another explosion rang across the surroundings again. Everyone stared at where the blast came from.

“A-As expected of Belri Weig, but he is still just by himself…!”


The explosion was much closer to them this time, and the shock of the holy powers reached them.


Something dropped down from the sky. Zich flicked away the materials that were falling on top of his and Lubellas heads.

“…This is.”

Grotim checked one of the things that fell: an arm dripping with blood and cracked legs. At a glance, they looked like parts of a slaughtered man. However, they werent human body parts but of the undead and monsters.


Grotim didnt open his mouth anymore.

Crash! Crash! Crash!

An explosive sound rang out again; holy powers and explosions grew closer to them.

“Look at this. Its no joke, right”

Zich tilted his head in a mocking way, and the corner of Grotims mouth twitched. Grotim wanted to stomp on Zichs spiteful face, but the explosive soundwaves and holy power complicated his thoughts.


Grotim looked around his surroundings. He looked where the explosion came from, once where the remaining army was, and once where Lubella and Zich were. As if he was making the greatest decision of his life, the wrinkles on his forehead deepened.

However, that didnt last long. Grotims eyes rested on Zich and Lubella.

“Have you made your decision now”

As if Zich was sick of waiting, he provoked Grotim.

“No matter how incredible Weig is, its over if the ritual affects him.”

Grotim stared at Lubella.

“Well, I will take the spoils of war first.”

“This guy doesnt know a single thing about tactics. In a situation like this, you should escape. Its not like you guys are part of an Order of Holy Knights and cant show your backs to your opponents. Come on, you guys are cowards who run away like cockroaches and do stupid ** like this. Why cant you judge the situation well”

“…Even if I suffer greater losses by fleeing late, I will make sure to give you the most painful death!”

As the situation didnt unravel according to his expectations, Grotim finally exploded. He shot out his murderous intent straight at Zich.

“Ay! So scary. If I really get captured, I wont escape in one piece.”

Although the undead and monsters closed the distance between them, Zich didnt even blink. Instead, the smile on his lips deepened.

“But you know...” Zich exerted more strength into his grip and shook his sword lightly. “Why are you treating me like a tool that you can just put in and take out of your pockets You dont know your place.”

“Your insignificant life is nothing I cant take if I just wish for it!”

With Grotims shout, monsters and the undead began to pounce on Zich. There were many of them and they were strong, but Zich wasnt discouraged.

“Bring it on,” Zich murmured and raised his sword. An immense amount of mana shot out and surrounded his body.



His power suddenly grew significantly. Zich turned around and saw Lubella with her eyes closed and her staff raised. A light beam shone from her body.

“Since they are protected by Bellids energy, my holy powers wont work on the undead. But you at least dont have to worry about your wounds. Although its a bit embarrassing for me to say this, my skills are the best among the Saint Candidates. I can heal most wounds.”

“How reliable.”

They werent empty words. Lubella really seemed reliable— afterall, she was the one who had defeated Zich with the hero before his regression. Of course, her skills and experience were lacking compared to that time, but her words provided a great sense of security.

If I had even one support like Lubella at that time, I wouldnt have lost.”

He mightve even corned the hero and achieved an overwhelming victory.

Zich stabilized the power that burst out from him. Then, he raised his sword high and sliced the air. A turbulent wave of mana poured out from his sword.


The swords mana flew far away and indiscriminately shredded and sliced its surroundings. He couldnt cut the whole area in half like he had done in his prime. However, this was enough to decrease the total number of undead and monsters.

Slice! Slice! Slice!

Cutting sounds followed one after another.

Some avoided the slices with quick movements or intercepted the attacks from the front, and others faced the attacks head-on and withstood them with their rigid bodies. However, the bodies of many undead and monsters that failed to do that were shredded in pieces.

“Hey, dont you think your plans are failing Shouldnt you bring back some of the guys you sent”

Of course, if Weig arrived faster by doing that, Zich didnt plan to take responsibility.

“You bastard! Boast after taking care of my whole army first!”

Like Grotim said, Zich had finished off most of the weak monsters, and there were still many monsters and the undead to take care of. Furthermore, the monsters that were left were the more advanced types.

“Is that right Then, I will say it afterward.”

Zich began to move in with a full swing.


Zich blocked the sharp nails of a monster that jumped on him.


An ear-splitting sound rang out at the contact of the swords body and his fingernails, and three undead took the chance to run towards Zich. At that moment, Zich relaxed his grip. His sword was pushed back.


The monster that had flung its nails lost its balance and leaned its body forward. Its head touched Zichs knees.


The monsters head cracked. A collection of bone pieces, blood, and brain fluids bloomed out.


Zich placed extra pressure into his other foot and then spun his body around; he also laid his body flat.


A rusty knife blade whizzed passed the place where his torso used to be— a headless corpse had shot it.


Zich grabbed the headless corpses wrist and pulled. Then, he bounced his body off from the rebound. They both swung their swords at the same time.

Slice! Slice! Slice!

One went down at every swing. Zichs sword snaked through the gaps between the complex assembly of the undead and precisely hit their heads.

Drop! Drop! Drop! Drop!

The first set of monsters and undead all fell almost simultaneously. At this sight, Grotims face stiffened while Lubellas face brightened in vivid contrast.

“Bring more in.”

Zich gestured towards Grotim and provoked him. The next set of monsters and undead came forward, and Zichs sword danced again.


Because she had received a lot of help from Zich, she was aware that Zich possessed considerable skill and power. But it was her first time seeing him fight so earnestly. It seemed as if Zich could predict his opponents next moves, and his movements were fast and strong but not at a level where she couldnt see them. Still, his enemies attacks failed to reach him while all of his attacks landed.

“Damn it!”

In the end, Grotim cursed and changed his orders.

“Attack the girl too. Its fine to rip off her arm or leg! Its fine as long as she is still alive.”

“Did you hear that”

Zich glanced behind him after shooting off a monsters head.

“Thats a pity. You were a good shield.”

Zich benefitted from having Lubella behind his back as the monsters and the undead tried to attack while avoiding her. However, it seemed like this perk was now gone.

“Dont treat someone else like a shield!” Lubella fixed her grip on the staff and grumbled. “They are going to attack you for real now. Will you be alright”

“…Actually, its not going to be alright.”

Although Lubella regularly trained her physique, she had never learned battling skills. She wasnt sure if she could be of much help in a siege like this.

“Well, its fine. I didnt think you would be of much help.”

“…I thought this before, but are you aware that your way of talking is quite annoying”

“I cant help it because I have a nasty temper.”

While snorting, Zich fixed his posture.

“You stay right there, Lady Lubella. Dont try to attack, counterattack, or even avoid the attacks. Just stay still and dont do anything.”


Blocking the attack that flew towards Lubella, Zichs sword bounced off.

Lubella flinched.

“…You want me to stay still Here”

“Ah, please continue to support and heal me. You can do that without moving, right”

“Thats the case, but…no, how could you just tell me to stay still!”

Thump! Thump!

Attacks bounced off from Zichs sword again, and every time they did, Lubellas body trembled a bit.

“Then, can you avoid these guys attacks”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Lubella shook her head.

“…You have to protect me.”

“Dont worry.”

Lubella gathered her hands and searched for her god Karuna more fervently than ever.


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