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“Oh my, really” Lubella’s eyes sparkled with curiosity.

Weig also expressed his interest.

“Can I assume that person to be Lady Lyla”

“Yes, you can.”

“Congratulations!” Lubella celebrated the news as if she was personally invested in the story.

“Thank you, but it’s too early for you to congratulate me.

I have to give her my reply after she wakes up.” For him to do this, Zich needed to secure the original Brushel System and wake her up.

“At any rate, can I take it that you feel positive about attacking the Bellids’ main base” 

“Do you really need to ask that! Not just me, but everyone in the Karuwimans—no, I’m certain this is something the entire world desires.”

“Of course, that also includes me,” Weig said.

“If Lady Lubella hadn’t asked first, I would’ve also asked to kiss you too.”

“I will just accept your words of gratitude,” Zich said.

Even if he weren’t taken, Zich would’ve refused anyway.

“Well, that’s a pity.” Weig laughed off Zich’s refusal, and continued more seriously, “So where is it, sir Where is the fishhead cockroaches’ main base”

A chilling bloodlust came out of Weig—it was so chilling that it would have made anyone spit out all information they had and even some that they didn't have.

“It’s at Mirotel Lake.”

“Did you just say Mirotel Lake, sir” It was a lake located in the northeastern part of the continent.

It boasted such a massive size that it would take a couple of days in good weather to cross from one side of the lake to the other.

If people were not informed beforehand that the area was a lake, most people would mistake it for an ocean.

Since water was one of the necessary requirements for the Bellids to build a temple, it made sense for a Bellid structure to be built there; considering the massive size of the lake, it seemed natural that the Bellids would’ve tried to build their main base there.

Yet, it wasn’t as if the Karuwimans hadn’t also thought of that.

“We thoroughly searched Mirotel Lake since anyone could see that it was the perfect place for those fish heads to build their temples.

However, we couldn’t find any trace of the Bellids there.

Of course, considering the lake’s size, we can’t guarantee that we didn’t miss a single spot, but I don’t think we would’ve missed an entire base if it was there.” This was the main base they were talking about; there should be a grand-looking temple.

There was no way a building as large as that would’ve gone under the Karuwiman knights’ radar as they searched throughout the lake.

“Even if we missed things on our end, we never received information from the residents there that any peculiarities have been sighted.”

“Of course, since it’s hidden.”

“It’s hidden”

“Yes.” The Karuwimans had traveled throughout the whole world viciously in search of the Bellids’ main base.

Thanks to their efforts and external sources like the information Zich gave them, they had erased some branch bases, but they could never even get a clue as to where the main base was, much less attack it.

“There’s a large island in the middle of Mirotel Lake.

The main Bellid base is there, but you can’t just barge in.

It’s hidden by a special kind of magic so not even the residents there know about its existence.”

“Those cockroach bastards, to think that they would hide in such a way,” Weig murmured.

The fact that they were hiding on an island at the center of the lake and pretending they didn't exist—they truly were cockroach-like bastards.

However, it was over for them now.

Since the Karuwimans knew where they were, the only thing left to do was to burn up the main base and wipe that area away.

“Where’s the exact location” Lubella asked.

Considering the Mirotel Lake’s location, it wouldn’t be easy to spot the temple if they didn’t know the exact whereabouts, especially if the structure was hidden by magic.

However, Zich shook his head.

“Let’s make the preparations first.

The Karuwimans have enough on their plate dealing with these people already,” Zich said, pointing at the list of betrayers that Lubella was clutching.

“I’d also like to keep an eye on the Bellids’ movements.

Since the Bellids also put a great amount of effort and time into the recent incident, I’m sure they are also planning something.”

To be exact, Zich was planning to see what the Bellids were going to do through Tornium after Glen joined them.

“I’m the only person who can break the island’s magic anyway.

I will be the first one to guide you all later, so I hope you all will tackle the most urgent issues first.”

Although Zich suggested to them that they should attack the Bellids’ main base, his goal wasn’t the annihilation of the Bellids.

His goal was to crush the mastermind, liberate the World Tree, and above all, wake Lyla up.

To plan for all that, he still needed some time, at least enough time for Glen to make contact with the mastermind and exchange a good amount of information.

“Hm, it’s not ideal, but if you say so, Sir Zich…” Weig licked his lips reluctantly—he actually wanted to barge into the Bellids’ base and slice off all their heads.

Lubella did the same thing, but the two agreed to what Zich said.

Not only were Zich’s points comprehensible, but they also held great trust in Zich.

“I understand.

We will finish our preparations before you give us your approval,” Lubella said while gripping the list of names tightly.

Thus, after finishing everything he wanted to say, Zich was about to get up when he remembered something.

“Ah, that reminds me, what are you planning to do about Chelsea Windne”


Lubella blinked at Zich’s sudden question and replied, “I don’t know.

I haven’t really thought about her…”

‘As expected,’ Zich thought.

Unlike Chelsea who furiously gritted her teeth towards Lubella every other day, Lubella had already lost interest in Chelsea, and her voice was completely indifferent when talking about her.

‘For Lubella, who already stabilized her position as the Saintess, Chelsea is merely someone who bothered her in the past.’ 

Chelsea’s skills, achievements, and integrity were all too inferior for her to even be considered competition.

Was there anything more futile than having such a passionate, one-sided competitive spirit

“Since she also received the title of dragon slayer, won’t she be fine Her skills aren’t bad either,” Lubella said.

“She requested me to ask for her return to Karuwiman.”

“What a bold move from her again,” Lubella replied.

“She’s really shameless.” Compared to Lubella, who had barely any feelings for Chelsea, Weig seemed to still have a lot of negative emotions towards Chelsea.

He asked, “Sir Zich, do you want us to help her return to the Karuwimans”

“It doesn’t matter to me either way.

I don’t have a bad relationship with her directly, and I just thought I could say a word for her since we fought against the dragon together.”

“Well…” Lubella pondered about the matter.

“There’s no reason to think so deeply about it.

She doesn’t even have the basic integrity necessary for a Karuwiman priestess.

It’s good that she left since I’m sure she would have made a dent on the Karuwimans’ reputation someday.” Weig was firmly against Chelsea’s return.

If Zich had sincerely asked for Chelsea’s return, Weig would have put aside his feelings and approved of it, but Zich told him that it didn’t matter to him either way.

Considering Zich’s personality, he really didn’t care what happened to Chelsea.

However, Lubella’s position was slightly different.

“All right, I’ll try asking for her return.”

“Saintess!” Weig exclaimed in shock.

Even though Lubella said she’d try asking, a request from a Saintess was no small matter; if Lubella said a few words for her, Chelsea’s return would surely be approved.

Lubella continued, “Windne’s personality is definitely the worst, but her ability is noteworthy.

Moreover, she even received the title of dragon slayer this time.

I’m sure the Karuwimans would definitely benefit from letting her return.”

“But you know what her personality is like.”

“Yes, but don’t worry.

If she is able to return due to my request, she won’t be able to dare mistreat me so openly.” Since Lubella was a Saintess and also the person who helped her return to Karuwiman, even the ill-tempered Chelsea would not be able to go against Lubella for the time being.

Then, Lubella continued, “Of course, I also don’t think she’ll be like that forever.

Her personality is definitely a problem, so while my influence is secure, I’m going to place her in a very difficult position.

If she is placed in such a position, her personality might actually work as an advantage.”

Weig briefly closed his mouth at her unexpected remark.

“…However, she might refuse without being grateful for your grace.” 

Chelsea was fully capable of this and more.

Lubella made a mischievous smile and replied, “It doesn’t matter because I just have to make her want to go herself.

There are many ways to make her suffer until she volunteers to go.”

Weig looked at Lubella with a slightly shocked expression and then looked at Zich.

There was slight resentment in his eyes.

‘Why is he looking at me’ Was Weig blaming Lubella’s change in character on him Zich wanted to immediately say he had no responsibility for her change, but guilt crept up from his chest, so he sneakily avoided Weig’s eyes.

‘It’s good that she has guts now, but did I change her too much She used to be someone who cried for even a person like me before my regression.’

It felt like his guilty conscience, which didn’t even exist, was poking his heart.

“Now, let’s stop talking about Windne.

Do you have anything else to say, Sir Zich” Lubella asked.

“What’s going to happen to the others who left Karuwiman like Windne” While asking about Chelsea, Zich became curious about the others who also left the group.

“Basically, we won’t be approaching them in any way.

They sided with the Bellids, but they were also fooled.

However, since they’ve been branded as Bellid cooperators, I’ll say it would be very difficult for them to return to our side.

Even if they manage to return, they won’t be looked upon so favorably.”

It was as Zich expected, and Chelsea was also well-aware of this, so she had made a request to Zich for Winstin.

“However, those who directly cooperated with the Bellids are different.” There was a chill in Lubella’s voice.

“On second thought, what happened to Uruwon Luce” As the Bellids’ crony, Uruwon Luce seduced Karuwiman followers, including Chelsea, to leave Karuwiman and side with the allied forces during the war.

“I heard that he ran away after our fight with the dragon ended.”

“You don’t have to worry about him.” Weig said in a frosty voice, “ I personally sent him to receive Karuna’s judgment.”

“Is that so” It seemed as if Uruwon Luce had been captured and killed by Weig’s hands.

“Those who are written on this list will soon follow them,” Lubella said as she swiped the list of traitors with her fingers.

Zich could easily predict that there would soon be a bloodbath among the Karuwimans.


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