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The Princess Destiny Rivalry Chapter 2 Almost Killed

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Amiras body felt crushed because of King Aarons harsh slam. Even though his body landed on the bed, the energy that the man gave off was excruciatingly painful. Amira felt like crying because the pain was so great. King Aaron smirked and started releasing his energy in the form of a fireball ready to wipe out anyone. Amira tried to escape before the fireball was released by Aaron. he accidentally glanced at the glass filled with water and splashed the face of the man who had the status of a king. King Aaron was getting angrier he wiped his face which was wet with water and glared at Amira. Amira immediately kicked Aarons valuable object, causing immense pain.


"Damn it!"

Amira took the opportunity to quickly escape from King Aarons room.

"Fuck you don run!" shouted King Aaron.

King Aaron ran after Amira.


"Your Honour,"

"Catch that damn human girl! Don let her escape!"

"Very well. Your Majesty,"

The guards began to run after Amira, King Aaron did not stay silent he also ran after the human girl who had been rude to him.

The atmosphere of the Crystal Ball Kingdom seemed to be very lively due to the chase, which caused the servants to report to King Addison and Queen Alice.

~ Eastern Crystal Ball Royal Palace ~

King Addison and Queen Alice looked busy talking when suddenly a servant appeared.

"Greetings Your Majesty,"

King Addison nodded.

"Whats up maid?" asked King Addison.

"Your Majesty. There has been a commotion in the Central Palace. King Aaron and the guards are chasing a human girl,"

King Addison just nodded and ordered the servants to leave immediately.

"You brought yourself the girl of your destiny, son," thought King Addison.

King Addison smiled and invited his wife to meet the future Queen.


The guards had managed to capture Amira using the holy gold chain.

"Let me go!" shouted Amir.

King Aaron smiled faintly and used his strength to absorb Amiras energy so she couldn rebel anymore.

"Still want to rebel huh!" snapped King Aaron.

King Aaron gripped Amiras jaw tightly, causing the owner to ache. seeing the pained expression made Aaron tighten the grip on the girls jaw even more.

"Let go of the pain," Amira whispered.

King Aaron released his grip on his hand and let go of the holy gold chain, Amiras body immediately collapsed.

"Still dare to fight me?" asked King Aaron.

"Answer stupid!" snapped King Aaron.

Amira just kept silent, she wanted to answer but her jaw felt very sore.

"Weak!" he cursed.

King Aaron decided to leave in front of the human girl in front of him, he saw his parents walking toward him.

"Guard whats wrong with my son-in-law?" asked Queen Alice.

The bodyguards just kept silent, they didn know what to answer.

"Honey. You take care of Amira. Im going to see Aaron," said King Addison.

Queen Alice just nodded and smiled.

"Aaron has gone too far," thought King Addison.

the king of Addison glanced at his son-in-law and left.

"Come with Mommy to the East Palace," said Queen Alice.

Amira just nodded obediently and left together with Queen Alice.

Arriving at the gates of the East Palace...

Queen Alice takes Amira to a special room for members of the Crystal Ball Kingdom. The Queen immediately laid Amiras tiny body on the bed.

"Mommy will treat her wounds first," said Queen Alice.

Queen Alice took out her power and started treating Amira. soon the wounds on his son-in-laws jaw had disappeared, which made him happy.

"Mommy will ask the maid to bring you some food," said Queen Alice.

Queen Alice also left Amira alone.

"Why is my destiny like this," he whispered.

I didn feel the tears just flowed, Amira was very sad because she had to be trapped in the Immortal world. The human girl slowly closed her eyes.


~ Central Palace Balcony ~

King Aaron looked still very angry and emotional. how could a human girl kick her precious thing? Not long after, the King of Addison appeared who seemed to give off a dark aura.

"What are you doing, Aaron?" asked King Addison.

"I did what I was supposed to do," replied King Aaron in a curt tone.

"Aaron. What you

e doing is outrageous," said King Addison.

"I don care, Daddy," said King Aaron.

"What if hes killed?" asked King Addison.

"Leave it alone. I don care," replied King Aaron.

King Addison was taken aback by his sons words.

"Hes your partner for life, Aaron. Can you accept him completely?" asked King Addison.

"Accept the human girl? Don be silly Daddy. I will never be able to accept it," said King Aaron.

"You should be grateful son destiny has created a partner for you," said King Addison.

"I swear I will eliminate that human girl with both my hands, Daddy. You will be witnesses!" King Aaron said.

King Aaron disappeared from the presence of his Daddy, King Addison.

"Stubborn," said King Addison.

the king of Addison disappeared.


In the room, King Aaron took off all his clothes and he intended to soak the whole day.

"I have to find a way to get that girl killed with my own hands," said King Aaron.

while being cool bathing suddenly appeared jet black flames. It wasn long before a voice that was very familiar to King Aaron was heard.

"You look confused, Aaron," said the voice.

"What are you doing here, Devian?" asked King Aaron.

"I feel your anxiety tell me," replied the Devian King.

"Yes, Devian. My partner is a human girl," said King Aaron.

The Devian King laughed heartily.

"I knew it. This will be revealed," said the Devian King.

"What do you mean?" asked King Aaron.

"Ive heard talk of your partner," the Devian King replied.

"I can help you," said the Devian King.

"Really? Can you help me?" asked King Aaron.

"Yes my friend with pleasure," replied the Devian King.

"How to?" asked King Aaron.

"You just kill that human girl with my fire spear," the Devian King replied.

The Devian King unleashed his power and instantly turned into a flaming spear.

"Take this. I have to go," said the Devian King.

King Aaron accepted the fire spear with pleasure, then before long, the Devian King disappeared.

"This spear will kill you, human girls," said King Aaron.

The fire spear looks blood red, and anyone who is hit by a stab from this weapon. his body will be shattered and will not be able to return whole.

"You will die human girl," said King Aaron.

King Aaron smirked.


Back to the East Palace...

Queen Alice seemed to be feeding Amira, the maternal aura radiated very clearly and felt thick.

"Im sorry," Amira whispered.

Queen Alice shook her head gently and caressed Amiras forehead. Alices smile calmed Amira.

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