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The Princess Destiny Rivalry Chapter 1 Full Moon

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The silence of the middle of the night made Viceroy Aaron Wilson pensive while gazing at the scenery around the Crystal Ball Kingdom. His gaze was so sharp, it made anyone who saw it tremble in fear. The aura of intimidation and decisiveness further strengthened the energy within his body. Aaron is the only son of King Addison and Queen Alice. Known as a calm, assertive, and authoritative figure. Anyone who betrays or defies his orders must die. The breeze caressed his hair making his aura even more sinister, Aarons body was surrounded by seven pure lights and the strongest light was the fire. His body will burn the enemy if too long in contact and will leave a very deep wound.

While enjoying the scenery, suddenly King Addison came.

"Are you enjoying the view, son?" asked King Addison.

"What are you doing here Daddy? Im sure you have something to say," said King Aaron.


e very good at guessing kids did not wrong to crown you the new King," replied King Addison.

"Say what Daddy wants to say. Im already very sleepy," said King Aaron.

"When will you have a partner son?" asked King Addison.

King Addison said that very calmly, he didn care about the aura of emotion emanating from his sons body.

"Don Daddy have any other questions besides that? I don have the answers," said King Aaron.

King Aaron left the King of Addison who smiled with satisfaction.

"You will not be able to find your match in our world son. Your destiny is a human girl," said King Addison.

King Addison opened the portal and disappeared.

Arriving at the room...

King Aaron took off all the Royal robes he had worn earlier, his body was already sweating profusely.

"Why is it always like this," said King Aaron.

his body grew hotter, his desire grew even more intense and soon he turned into the shape of a white lion three times his size.


King Aaron continued to growl to contain his uncontrollable urge.

"I must try to return to my normal form," said King Aaron.

After a few minutes of trying he was finally able to return to his human form.

"Damn moon!" he cursed.

King Aaron decided to take a bath because his desire was still there.


at a luxury restaurant located in New York City, United States. It looks like a girl is working very meticulously and perfectly. The girl is only 21 years old, and at a very young age, she is very independent. Not long after, a middle-aged woman smiled at him.


e not home yet, son?" asked the middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman was the owner of that famous Restaurant.

"I have to do a little more work," the girl replied.

"Okay, then son. Mommy has food, you eat," said the middle-aged woman.

"Okay, Mommy thank you very much," said the girl.

"No need to thank me. You worked very diligently and deserved great results," said the middle-aged woman.

"Then Mommy comes in first," he continued.

The middle-aged woman entered.

"Mommy is very kind. I beg you to protect her always," said the girl.

The girl decided to go in to eat for a while because her stomach was already hungry.

the night was getting late, and the girl decided to go home but before that, she decided to ask permission.

"Mommy. Im allowed to go home because its late," said the girl.

"Be careful, kid."

The girl nodded and kissed the middle-aged womans hand and then left.

The middle-aged woman decided to enter.


~ Crystal Ball Kingdom ~

Inside Queen Alices room was conversing with her husband.

"Honey. When will we have grandchildren?" asked Queen Alice.

"Patience dear. Aaron hasn met the human girl yet," King Addison replied.

"Im also curious about the human girl who will become King Aarons wife," said Queen Alice.

They didn realize Aaron was eavesdropping on their parents conversation. His fists clenched tightly as he held back the anger that was ready to explode at any moment.

"It turns out that my partner is a human girl can accept this!"

King Aaron went to a special room to express his emotions.

Arriving at the special room...

King Aaron slammed the door of the room violently, his emotions getting bigger now.

"That human girl I have to get rid of!" he insisted.

King Aaron decided to split his soul and disguised himself as a human but with a different face.

"You go to the human world. Find the woman who will be my life partner. Bring her to this Kingdom without the King and Queen knowing!" he insisted.

The soul of King Aaron just nodded.

"From now on your name is Arthur!" King Aaron said.

King Aaron disappeared as well as his soul was called Arthur.


the girl was walking alone in the dark of the night she was very scared but could it be that her salary was only enough to pay the rent for a small apartment. The girl just ate a simple meal with two sausages and mineral water. After a few minutes of walking, he finally came to a dark alley, his body was shaking violently as the fear within him grew. The girl entered the hallway and kept praying for safety. suddenly a blue light appeared and Arthurs soul from Aaron smirked.

"Finally I found you the human girl who will be my destiny."

The girl was shocked beyond play and moved back.

"Who are you?" the girl asked.

Aaron didn answer and instead pulled the girl roughly into the portal.

Soon the portal disappeared and reappeared in King Aarons room.

King Aaron laughed heartily and quickly crushed his soul to dust. the girl was taken aback and took a few steps back from King Aaron.

"Where am I? Let me go," said the girl.

King Aaron patted the girls shoulder to know her name.

"Amira Ervina Rajendra," said King Aaron.

King Aaron just smiled faintly, he was very sick and angry because his destiny was human. King Aaron drew closer and gripped his partners shoulder tightly. The burning heat began to coalesce and torment Amira who was an ordinary human girl. Amira was also surprised and couldn stand it anymore with the heat created by the strange man in front of her.

"What are you doing huh!" snapped Amir.

"How dare you yell at me!" shouted King Aaron.

Amira immediately shut up and tried to struggle to get the heat to dissipate.

"You can get rid of this pure heat, my dear," said King Aaron.

Amiras body burned even more but didn crumble to dust, King Aaron only released half his firepower.

"Hot isn it?" asked King Aaron.

King Aaron smirked and immediately pushed Amiras body onto the bed.

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