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The Princess Destiny Rivalry Chapter 4 Empress Candidate

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Beautiful girls from several Kingdoms and stealth nations seemed to gather in the Crystal ball Kingdoms square. Some smile, play catch-up, tease other girls, and fight. Prince Aaron looked lazily at the girls then he went to the Palace library. King Addison and Queen Alice only sighed as their eldest son chose to leave. Not long after, several demon girls appeared, they looked disrespectfully at the two leaders of the Crystal ball Kingdom. The girls stomped hard on the floor, they were bored because the election had not yet started. Prince Aaron looked annoyed with the impolite girls. The full moon was almost perfect, and Aaron began to feel a change in himself.

"I swear I won choose them all!" he insisted.

King Addison and Queen Alice stared intently at the near-perfect full moon.

Not long after, Prince Aiden appeared.

"Sorry to interrupt your time," said Prince Aiden.

"Whats the matter, Aiden?" asked King Addison.

"Daddy. I haven seen my brother since. Where is he?" asked Prince Aiden.

"Daddy doesn know my son either," replied King Addison.

Soon the light of the full moon shone brightly. King Addison and Queen Alice smirked.

"This is the time."

Soon King Addison and Queen Alice disappeared.

"Where did my brother go?" asked Prince Aiden.

"I have to find him soon because this is the show," he continued.

Prince Aiden disappeared.


In the library room, Prince Aaron was seen sitting in a corner near the cupboard. His appearance looked terrible, his hair was long, his fingernails and toes were long, and four fangs appeared in his mouth. Prince Aaron shouted, even more, terrible he bit his hand until the blood flowed profusely. Desire and lust merged, but Aaron could do nothing but torture himself. What can I do, he doesn have a partner yet.

Not long after, the door opened and his brother appeared. Prince Aiden was taken aback by his older brothers appearance.

"Brother what are you doing? You hurt yourself?" asked Prince Aiden in a panicked tone.

"Go away from here!"

Prince Aiden refused to go, he still wanted to be with his brother.

"Can you hear me? Go away from here!"

"Im not going," Prince Aiden refused.


With his immense strength, Prince Aaron was able to throw Prince Aidens body out of the library. Instantly the library door was locked from the inside.


Prince Aiden seemed to be in a lot of pain because the throw his brother made was very strong.

Aiden felt his back crumble, he just couldn stand up.

Not long after, several soldiers arrived, they looked surprised to see Prince Aidens condition.

"Prince, what happened to you?"

"Help me to get back to your room. My back feels crushed," replied Prince Aiden.

"All right, Prince. We will help you."

Shortly after, they left.


King Addison and Queen Alice were seen chatting in their room.

"Honey. When will the contest start? I see they look very enthusiastic?" asked Queen Alice.

"Take it easy, honey. This contest will begin after the light of the full moon disappears," said King Addison.

Queen Alice just nodded in understanding and stared at the beautiful full moon.

Soon there was a knock on the door.

Soon the door opened and one of the guards entered.

"What is it?" asked King Addison.

"King. Prince Aiden is in pain," he replied with a frightened face.

"What!" shouted King Addison.

Soon a portal opened and King Addison and Queen Alice disappeared along with the portal.


On the bed, Prince Aiden seemed to be in great pain. He didn expect his brothers strength to be greater than usual.

Soon a portal appeared from next to the cupboard. Prince Aiden wonders who will emerge from the vortex.

"Mommy, Daddy. My back hurts so bad," groaned Prince Aiden.

King Addison and Queen Alice looked worried.

"What happened to you, Aiden?" asked King Addison.

"Brother attacked me," replied Prince Aiden.

"Honey," said King Addison.

"Yes, dear," said Queen Alice.

"Take care of Aiden for a moment. I want to see Aaron," said King Addison.

"All right darling."

King Addison decided to leave.

"What happened, son? Why did your brother attack you like this?" asked Queen Alice.

"Mommy. At that time I was looking for my brother. Suddenly I heard screaming in the library," replied Prince Aiden.

"I opened the library door and was shocked that he hurt himself," he continued.

Queen Alice just nodded and smiled.

"Dear. Brother Aaron is in the mating season. Therefore he has become very vicious," said Queen Alice.

"I see, Mommy. Am I going to do it too?" asked Prince Aiden.

"Thats the right son. You will experience it at the age of 18 or 100 in our nation," replied Queen Alice.

"I understand, Mommy."

Queen Alice just smiled and gently stroked his sons hair.

On the other hand...

King Addison slowly opened the library door. He only sighed at the appearance of his eldest son which was extremely terrifying.

"Are you alright?" asked King Addison.

"Are you alright?" asked King Addison.

Prince Aaron growled, he seemed to know the purpose of his Daddys arrival.

"What are you doing? Ooh I know, must have come here to scold me for hurting your beloved son."

King Addison was astonished by his eldest sons words.

"What did you say son?" asked King Addison.

"Get out of my sight. You take care of your beloved son Aiden."

Soon a vortex appeared and Prince Aaron left.

"I will never come back here. I will create my own Kingdom."

The inner words of his eldest son made him extremely anxious.

"All this cannot be tolerated," said King Addison.

King Addison also opened a portal of his, using his extraordinary power. Soon King Addison disappeared into the portal vortex.

Back to Prince Aidens room...

"My husband is a long time ago," said Queen Alice.

Soon the King of Addison appeared before Aiden.

"Daddy. Are you all right?" asked Prince Aiden.

"Im fine. You rest my son," replied King Addison.

"All right, Daddy."

King Addison looked at his wife and the two white lions left.

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