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Chelsea, who was making pies, opened the door with a welcome voice.


Dahlia was waving her hand outside the door, showing a lime basket.




“That kid brought it because you like it.

We’re going to talk about it at the same time.

Wow, the pie smells so good.”


“He brought it because you like it.

We’re going to talk about it at the same time.

Wow, the pie smells so good.”


“Really Thank you, I’ll enjoy it.

I’ve baked a lot of pies, so take one.”


“I’d love to! By the way, where’s Luce”


Chelsea shrugged as she accepted the lime basket.


“I sent her to pick some herbs from the mountains, but she’s not coming.

It’s been like that all these days.

She must be taking another nap somewhere.”


“Oh my, really I had a few questions for Luce.”


“To Luce What is it”


Chelsea, who took out Dahlia’s share of the pie and wrapped it, tilted her head and smiled cheerfully.


“Are you going to ask if she’s interested in Dominic”


It was an open secret between the two that Dominic had a crush on Luce. 


Looking at Dominic, who was upset, and Luche, who seemed to look at him as if he were a chicken, they said things like, ‘Someone else will steal it’ and ‘Ah, girls don’t like troublemakers like my son,.’ It was a simple joy shared by two friends before either of them became a mother. 


Dominic seems to finally admit how he feels, doesn’t he


Chelsea, who was tying the ribbon of the pie box with a smile, looked up at Dahlia’s words.


“Why would I ask you that It’s Dominic’s job.

Did you hear anything else from Luce”


“Hear what”


“Well, you know the empty house halfway up the mountain.

A wooden mansion near a field of raspberries.” 


Chelsea and Dahlia knew about the long-empty home.


The mansion has been empty since they were young.


“Luce asked a while ago.

Since when has the house been there I can’t remember, but I said it was there for a long time.

But what’s wrong with that house”


“Dominic says, there’s a boy who moved into that house—”


Dahlia whispered as if telling a big secret.


Chelsea’s eyebrows, which listened to her, narrowed. 




“I told you.” 


“Don’t tell me, Luce hasn’t come back because of this boy—” 


Chelsea’s eyes, looking around, moved to the watch.


It was ten in the morning when Luce went out to pick up herbs, and now it was two in the afternoon.


It was enough time to pick herbs 20 times from the mountain right in front of them.


After thinking for a moment, Chelsea stood up with a firm expression on her face.




“How did you do that”


At that time, Rev’s house has become Luce’s hideout.


Luce looked blankly at Rev’s hand.




Rev, who worked at the cube that Luce had been struggling with for two hours,  was also blank at the question.


Rev seems to have seen Luce’s admiration and surprise as a question about how to do it.


He explained slowly, pointing to the cube with his long finger.


“Like this… You can start with the middle of the bottom side and then put the colors of the sides next to it.

Like this.” 


Of course, Luce wasn’t curious about how to solve the cubes.


“Then are you going to keep counting while turning the cube”


Originally, the cube was a toy that was just turned around and played with for fun.


If one side fits by chance, I will be happy today.

Of course, it was just a toy, but that was enough to make her happy.


‘Cubes, you should have met a smarter owner.’ 


But when Luce saw Rev quickly put together a 5x5x5 cube, which isn’t like a normal 3x3x3 cube, she felt sad for the cubes she had used.



But it’s not that great.”


“It’s amazing that it’s not great.

Aren’t you a genius”


When she saw Rev talking or reading a book, he had excellent language skills, and when she saw him putting together puzzles and cubes, he seemed to have a considerable spatial perception, aside from the incredible speed. 


His memory was good enough to answer everything she asked while snooping around his book. 


The future of an empire is bright as long as they have this talent!


It seemed that she could understand the feelings of a mother who has a gifted son.

Rev’s neck turned red when he saw Luce sparkling in his eyes.


“No, that’s— I’m still lacking a lot.”


Of course, Rev was right in a way.


He was also a human being, so something was lacking.


The first one is sleeping time.


“What time do you go to bed”


“About four o’clock.”


“Oh, then it’s time to go to bed, right”


“Ah, I mean 4 a.m.”


Unlike Luce, who almost fell over when he said he slept for three hours a day, Rev was blinking as if he was wondering what the problem was. 


The second is a lie.

More precisely, how to hide intentions.


“Hmm, let’s see, Rev, the card you’re holding in your left hand, Joker!”




“You just answered with your facial expression.” 



That’s right, it’s the Joker.

So, did you know that this card is also called 7 Hearts”


“Why do you tell me— no.

Well done, thank you for the good information.

I won!”


He’s bluffing, therefore, he can’t hide or inflate a card.


She wondered if his thoughts could be seen so transparently.

He even tells her right away. 


Thanks to this, Luce won the one-card five times. 


What’s the third one




Except for being so bad at one card, why is a kid who is so good at everything so extremely humble


It would have been nice to show off a little bit of pride and be proud of it.

But, after thinking for a moment, Luce made a gloomy expression on her face.


“If you say you lack a lot, what do people like me do There are a lot of things I don’t know.

It must be hard to play with me.”


“That’s not what I meant, Luce.

I’m just.”


I know.

Of course, I know.


Rev, who is now looking embarrassed, doesn’t mean that he is ignoring her.


But Luce wanted to slowly build Rev’s self-esteem, even by using little mischievous methods.


‘Language rules thinking.  Even if I stab you in the side, you’re smart, so if I repeat myself, you’ll get better.’


Looking at Luce with his eyebrows lowered, Rev put down the cube.


Yeah, I’m smart. Luce, who had expected a decent answer, looked up at Rev’s words that followed. 


“I’m not used to people giving compliments like that— I didn’t know how to respond.”


It’s a serious, low voice. 


When he asked for her honest understanding, Luce was heartbroken and didn’t know how to hide her feelings.


“When I’m playing with you, it’s not like that.” 




“I am very grateful and happy that you continue to visit me, spend time with me, and share everyday stories with me.

But, I’m a little clumsy and not used to that kind of thing… So, maybe, you might not like it, but if you’re not uncomfortable.” 


His ears were turning red.



“Can we… continue like this in the future”


Even eating a cookie was a courtesy to Rev, who brought all the tableware.


So this subtly pointed question is most likely its own courtesy, as well as what he has been thinking about.


Luce smiled slightly as she looked at Rev, who was firmly clutching his hands as if confessing.


“Rev too, really.”


Luce gently grabbed his hand and put her finger on it.


“Of course! Let’s have fun like this forever.

There’s no need to change words.”




Rev glanced at Luce’s palm, lightly uttering the word “forever.”


He smiled as he noticed her little finger hanging from it.


“Okay then, Luce.”


Seeing his melting smile, Luce added one to the list of things Rev is good at.


‘It’s against the law to smile like this.’


This guy uses his face well.

He doesn’t seem to be conscious of himself at all.


Her heart softens when he smiles like that with a handsome face.


‘I was afraid it would interfere with his studies, but thank you for assuring me that it does not.’


It was the moment when Luce, who was smiling, was about to let go of his hand.


Knock, knock—!


“Is anyone coming today”


A knock was heard.


Luce had guessed about Rev’s attitude, way of speaking, and the identity of his expensive books.


She has no idea, but isn’t Rev the Young Master of a wealthy family


She noticed he was a little weak because he was taking medicine, so she wondered whether he was staying quietly studying and healing in Xenon Village, where the air and water were clean.


So Luce asked directly, believing that the guy who had unexpectedly knocked on the door might be a servant or a medicine delivery man from his family.


“No, nothing but you.”


However, looking back, Rev’s expression was hardened.


However, Rev’s expression when he looked back was very stiff.


So who’s the owner of the knock She doesn’t think Rev knows either.


She was about to open the door, but Rev stopped her.


“Who is it” 


He spoke in a cold, sharp tone she had never heard before.


Luce, who was rolling her eyes in confusion, heard a gentle voice.


“Is Luce there”


“It’s my mom!” 


Luce nodded her head and opened the door.


Despite her relief that it wasn’t an unidentified guest, she opened the door. 


‘Ah, it’s too late since I said I’d be picking herbs for the evening.

I should say sorry.’ 


It was only then that she realized it was late, so she curled her lips and stared at Chelsea in secret.


But Chelsea’s eyes were not on Luce.


‘Are you looking at Rev—’


Confused, Luce turned around.


At first glimpse, his red eyes could be seen through Rev’s glasses as he made eye contact with Chelsea.


‘No way, did mother believes the nonsense about red eyes being cursed’


This time, Luce, who suddenly lifted her head, blocked Rev.


Luce shook her head, determined, and took the first step. 


“Mom, I know what you’re thinking, but that’s not it!”


“You know what I’m thinking”


Chelsea put a hand on her forehead and let out a long sigh.


“Did I teach you that way”


She reached out and pulled Luce’s arm straight out.



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