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“W, wait.”


The boy stopped at Luce’s urgent remark.


“Well, look, I don’t mind not eating anything–”


Her stomach is growling.


Before she could even finish the words, an overly honest body rhythm interrupted Luce’s words.


Huh. She tried to hold her breath, but the rumble sounded louder and longer.

It was evening time, so it was unavoidable.


‘Still, it’s so embarrassing!’


Luce, rolling her eyes, glanced at the boy.


The boy stood still and blinked as if he had not heard anything.


He must have heard her rumbling stomach.

Is he trying to act like he doesn’t know Or does he do it because he is confused


It was when Luce smiled shyly, thinking she didn’t know whether the boy’s manners were good or bad.


“If you’re worried it won’t suit your taste, you can taste a little and leave it all.”




‘It was good manners!’


He acts like he doesn’t know about this magnificent rumble stomach!


In addition to that, he added other reasons to avoid embarrassment and made it justified to satisfy hunger! 


So you’re a good boy.

Luce was moved, and the tip of her nose was tingling.


‘Yeah, whatever the green liquid is, he was so considerate, so let’s try it.

Can he give me something I can’t eat Even if it looks a little strange and the taste is not good, I should bear the soup and eat it.

I can do it!’


So, Luce burns her promise, but the boy seems to be passing by a water bottle.


What is it Didn’t he want to give her that 


As she tilted her head, the boy returned with a plate, cutlery, and a small basket.


The boy put the dishes on the table neatly and took bread and cookies out of the basket that looked like they would make her hungry.




How many are these


It was a snack she had never even seen in a small grocery store in Xenon.


Admiring the cookies baked in the shape of lilies and roses, the boy muttered as he put the cookies on the plate. 


“I wanted to give you something better, but this is all I have now.”


What does better mean for his standard


Luce, who looked at the snowflake-shaped cookie as if he had spilled it, shrugged.


“No, that’s enough! It’s not just good enough, isn’t it too good”


“I’m glad you said that.”


“I’m not saying this as a greeting! I really like sweet cookies and bread like this.

Thank you, I’ll eat well.”


Luce looked the boy in the eyes and smiled as she looked through his wet hair.


Luce, who was about to grab a cookie and eat it without noticing that the boy’s ears turned red, stopped for a moment when she saw the knife and fork set.


‘Don’t tell me, are you cutting the length of this bite’


She looked ahead and saw the boy slowly cutting the cookie, which was smaller than a span, with a knife, as if he had done it before.


‘Should I cut it, too’.


Luce’s worries didn’t last long.


She was hungry, and he had a comfortable personality.


‘Well, I guess he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty.’


Luce picked up the cookie with her hand and put it in one bite.

She closes her eyes at the sweet taste that spreads in her mouth.


It was so beautiful to look at with her eyes, but the taste was even better. 


“It’s so delicious….”


It was a cookie that smelled like fresh orange peels and sweet macadamia nuts.


It was not overly sweet, so she thought she could eat it endlessly.


Luce, who was happily eating the sixth cookie, knew the boy was still eating the first cookie.


He’s not even a bird, but it looks like he’s pecking the food. 


Luce, who had a better mood, felt like it was a little cute.

So she smiled and spoke.


“When did you move here”




The boy who put down the tableware answered slowly.


“I came four days ago.”


“Four days ago Wow, there was definitely no house a week ago, so it was built in three days—”


Luce, who was muttering insignificantly, did not notice the boy whose white skin had already become paler at the words ‘There was no home.’


There were too many questions to pay attention to the boy’s complexion.


“Where are you from”


The boy seemed to think about it for a moment at the question.


“It’s an easy place to get to— but a long way to get there.”


It was a rather vague answer, but Luce was talented in convincing.


‘Oh, he’s talking about the mountain path to get to the nearby cities, right So when he comes, he can get there quickly because it’s downhill, but when he goes up, he has to work hard.’


“I see.”


The boy seemed a little surprised by Luce’s cool answer.


“But I have a question.”




“Have you read all the books over there”


The boy’s face, which had stiffened with a look of nervousness when she said that she had a question, loosened up at the question.


When she asked him a question about the book, he smiled at first, not sure if it was a relief or a good thing.


“Ung, I read it all.”


“It looked difficult.

Is it fun”


“I enjoyed reading it.”


“Have you always enjoyed reading books since you were young”


“As far as I can remember, it’s been like that.”


The boy’s eyes sparkled, explaining the contents quietly, saying they were books about philosophy.


Luce looked at the dark hair that wasn’t completely dry and arranged the white skin that didn’t get much sun, and the red eyes with a slightly raised eyebrow that she could see through the glasses. 


She didn’t know it at first because glasses covered it, but when she looked at it, she realized that it was a beautiful face.

He looked a little weak, though.


‘I don’t know what it is, but it’s nice to hear it because he has a good voice.

I think it’s good that I ask questions about his interests, and he speaks well.’


The boy, who was in the midst of talking about his favorite philosopher, coughed when his eyes met Luce.


“Cough, oh… I’m sorry, I kept talking to myself.



“No, it’s fine.

It’s good to hear, but by the way, you should drink something.

Do you want me to give you this”


He coughed and nodded, pointing to a green liquid. 


It was a suspicious liquid.

It was thick, sticky, and smelled of strange herbs.


Luce asked cautiously, waiting for the boy who drank the strange liquid to stop coughing.


“Hey, I’ve been curious.

What’s this”



It’s my medicine.”




Luce, who had almost reflexively asked whether he was sick, stopped.


‘Mom said that when she was taking care of dad, the things he hated most were when people asked him where it hurt and if he was getting any treatment.’


Why should they know where it hurts It’s not like they can fix it.


Luce didn’t say anything because she thought that he might just talk about his wounds if she didn’t ask for anything.


Instead, Luce thought about what she could do.


‘No matter what illness he has, he needs to eat well in order to get better.’


When she looked outside, it was already dark.



Determined, Luce got up from her seat.


“I’m going home for a moment!”


Luce ran out the door before the boy could stop her.




‘I wonder if I made a mistake.’


The boy sat quietly in the house where Luce had left.


It was familiar to the boy to be left alone.

But nevertheless, it was a little difficult for him to see an empty seat today.


The boy remembered what had happened earlier as he took turns looking at Luce’s plate of cookies that she hadn’t eaten yet and the seat she was sitting in.


‘Because I keep telling her boring stories I coughed while I was eating’


No matter how much he thought about it, only mistakes came to mind.


He lowered his eyebrows.

Probably was the one with the most mistakes.


‘She knows that there was no house in this location a week ago.

Could it be the wizard’s magic to manipulate memories didn’t affect that child Maybe that’s why she left as soon as she realized the truth—.

Anyone would think it’s suspicious.’


The villagers of Xenon had doubts about the boy who suddenly appeared, but they didn’t have any doubts about the house that suddenly appeared.


It’s because the wizard has manipulated people’s memories.


The wizard said that changing people’s memories about a person has a lot of variables and settings, so he only changed people’s memories about the house.


“It doesn’t seem so strange that someone moves into a house that has been vacant for a long time.

However, manipulating their memories of Your Highness Prince, no matter how difficult, will cause Your Highness problems.

So you have to pretend to be someone who has been living in the village.”


The Emperor, who was standing behind the Imperial Wizard, said sharply as if he was annoyed.


“Can that kid do it It’s obvious that he can’t.

At least that’s something that can be used to change the memories of the house.

Couldn’t it have just been thrown away” 


The Empress, who was beside the Emperor, answered without looking at the Prince.


“Of course, Your Majesty is generous enough to help out.”


And she added.


“Please get rid of Aurelio as soon as possible.

Your Majesty, this seat is very uncomfortable for me.”


So four days ago, the boy came to Xenon Village.


He closed his eyes, and when he woke up, he was standing above the magic circle on the second floor of this house.

It was easy for him to come here, but he could not return to the Imperial Palace.


Being treated coldly was a familiar thing for him, so the bullying of children was tolerable.


Because he had red eyes, people always pointed at him, so he was used to hearing people whisper.


But it took the boy four days after being left alone to realize that he didn’t know why he was so lonely.


It was the first time a boy who usually knew how he felt couldn’t figure out what to do.


Bang bang—!


A knock broke the silence.


“Hey, open the door!”


It was Luce’s voice.


“This is a really good mushroom stew that my mom makes.

It’s delicious.

It’ll be perfect for dinner.

So eat this and take your medicine.”


His answer was smiling brightly before his eyes.


A girl with a bowl of fragrant milk-scented stew stood in front of the table.


At that moment, the house, which he didn’t know was empty, felt full.


“By the way, I keep calling you ‘hey.’ What’s your name” 


The boy had never introduced himself.


Everyone knew his name, but no one called him.


The boy slowly opened his mouth to Luce, who was smiling because it was awkward to only ask his name now.




Aurelio Revinas Hadassa.


“Revinas I’m Lucette.

You can call me Luce.”


“Me too…” 


The boy decided to throw the abandoned name.


“Call me Rev.”


“Okay, Rev, that’s a pretty name.”


He really likes the new name that the bright voice says for the first time.


Rev thought that maybe he liked the voice that called his name more than his name.


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