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What the hell are you talking about’


She thought she was used to the way Rev talked, but perhaps she wasn’t. 


Unexpected words blurred the spring scenery, and only the clear red eyes, which looked like they were burning under the glasses, could be seen.


Luce, who was staring blankly into his eyes, realized that Rev was staring at her lips, not her eyes. 


Is he waiting for an answer Luce, who alternately saw the hand held by Rev and the one holding the bag, leaned toward him. 


“I told you.”




Luce pressed their foreheads together so as not to hurt.


“You need to know how others will sound when you say that.”


There were no empty hands, so it was an action to arouse the atmosphere.


Luce grinned and walked away, not seeing Rev’s ears burning red.


“Did you know that it sounds very harsh at first glance It’s like you’re determined to get rid of just one person.” 


If he said that to her, Rev would reply as usual. 


‘He didn’t mean it like that.’


Luce added playfully that she knew Rev wasn’t good at talking, so he’d probably answer the same way again. 


“Didn’t you mean that”


After speaking at the same time, like a chorus, Rev would laugh in embarrassment, and Luce would laugh right away because Rev’s embarrassed face was funny and cute.






But why doesn’t he say it this time


Only Luce’s words rang out in the silence.

It’s now Luce’s turn to wait for his answer. 


Her eyes were blinking, but Rev’s head tilted slowly.


“So that’s what it sounded like.”


“Ah, yeah…”


Luce, who stuttered unexpectedly, rose up in the hand leading her.


A drop or two of spring rain was falling.

Rev, who had been looking at the rain for a while, turned around.


“Of course, I won’t.”


Then he smiled as usual.


Harmless and affectionately.


“Maybe you.”


After thinking about it for a while, Luce thought she might know where the feeling of difference she had just now came from.


“It was a joke, right


Rev says weird things sometimes, so he jokes in an unusual way.


Somehow, when she made a joke, he memorized the words in his mouth, so he must have wanted to try it himself.


After understanding to that extent, Luce looked up at her friend.

He just laughed without saying a word.


I was surprised for no reason! Luce, who tapped his arm, made a sullen expression.


“…If you think of it as a joke, will you answer me So what do you think”


“Well, if either of them disappears, the remaining one will be affectionate and special at first.

There’s a saying that if you’re away from the eyes, you’re away from the heart.”


Luce replied refreshingly.


“I see.”


Which side would Rev, who listened to her seriously, put himself on


Who’s to be left behind, or who’s to disappear


She never knows.

Luce, who had been answering lightly, hesitated for a moment, then slowly continued her words.


“But later, far later, won’t the person who disappeared become more special”




“Yes, because memories are cherished.

Even if they were friends who always fought and argued, when they look back in the distant future, they will only have good memories.

It was so nice back then, but where did that kid go That kid is the only one who can share the memories of that time…If you think about it, how much you will miss it.”


“Then disappearing and reappearing would be the most special way.”


“Hmm, is that so Maybe.”


Luce laughed lightly and looked at Rev.


He took the luggage as if familiar with it and opened the book while holding the bag.


“…Still, I think it would be better to be left behind.”




Rev slowly moved his steps and continued.


“Even if it becomes less special.”


He placed the hardcover book over Luce’s head.


“Because I can be by your side.”




“Let’s go Luce.” 


Rev’s book and white shirt were slowly getting wet by the spring rain.




“What should I do when it’s all wet”


“It’s all right.”


Luce hardly got wet because she had a book over her while walking to and from the carriage, but Rev was in a different situation.


Whether his clothes were wet or not, he handed Luce a blanket first and even left the book roughly.


It was Luce’s job to get upset.


“The book got rained on too!”


“That’s fine too.”


Rev didn’t seem worried at all as he pulled at the collar of his shirt that was sticking to him.


“Thanks to that, you only got caught in the rain a little bit.”


“What are you talking about now! I’ll take responsibility for this and dry it, so hurry up and change your clothes.”


“Why are you responsible It’s my choice, Luce.”


“Uh…! Hurry up and get in!”


Rev brushed the rainwater off of Luce’s bag and then stood there as if he didn’t know she was bursting out.


Luce put a hand on his back.

Through the wet shirts, each other’s body heat was transmitted to the skin.


The two suddenly paused. 


“…H, hurry! You’re really going to catch a cold!”


It was Luce who came to her senses first.


Luce sighed as she pushed the hardened Rev into the closet and slammed the door shut.


Sitting in the living room, Luce looked at the traces he had left behind.


She took the blanket he gave her first, the towel he left behind after wiping off the bag, and the wet book.


Luce knew that Rev, who reads books cleanly most of the time, took care of them very well, even if they were old books. 


Luce’s eyebrows went down while looking at the ink spread and inflated books. 


‘Even though the basic martial arts book is a common book that can be easily obtained, I can’t believe I’m using this as an umbrella.’


He easily does things to her that he would never have done in normal times.


She touched her forehead as she used a rag to wipe the moisture off the bookshelf.


‘…Since I am Rev’s first and only friend, he must be fond of me just as I am fond of him.

He’s a kind and affectionate kid by nature, so he must take good care of me.’


Luce rested her chin on the watery paper. 


‘But I wonder if it’s right to be taken care of like this.

No matter what my body is, I am an adult inside.’


Even in terms of physical age, Rev and she are two years apart.


Sixteen-year-old Rev is a boy who has grown up early but has not reached adulthood anyway.


So, to put it bluntly, isn’t it right that she, an adult on the inside, takes care of him more


“Rather than that, that kid named Revinas has a bit of a picky personality, doesn’t he”


Then Yohan’s words suddenly came to mind.


‘It’s good to have a best friend, but considering the future, it would be good for Rev to learn how to interact with other friends.’


Of course, it was right to have a good friend.

It is not necessary to have many friends.


But he’s not the same age as her.

To put it mildly, he is a friend who grows together and laughs for a long time.


Is it really good for Rev to have only me as a friend


If it was for my sake, would it be okay to casually wet the book and leave Rev in the rain instead


“My head hurts….”


What’s better for Rev


‘Is it because it’s raining I’m just thinking about something useless.’


She was wrapping her head around when she heard a voice.


“What’s wrong, Luce”


“I, it’s nothing.

What do you mean”


Rev asked while boiling water.


Luce, who smiled awkwardly and raised her head, pushed the book. 


“This ink is all smudged, Rev.

I don’t think I can recover even if I dry it.”


“You really don’t have to worry about it.

I did it with the intention of taking that much.”


He seems like an adult, even if she just listens to what he says.


“Let’s drink tea while watching the rain.

I told you it was good.” 


He doesn’t even think about drying his wet hair before he takes care of the tea first, so he looks like a boy of that age.


“Tea is the second, are you not going to dry your hair, Rev”




“Shall I dry it”


“…Will you”


He seems like a younger brother when he can’t hide his happy face when she says she will dry his hair. 


A very difficult friend.

It was only natural that Luce’s screening, gently tossing Rev’s black hair, would become dizzy again. 


The spring rain gradually increased.

It was only when they could see the scenery outside the window that the two emptied the teapot.


Rev carefully grabbed Luce as she prepared to go out.


“It’s raining a lot.

Stay a little longer.”


Luce, who was staring at him, shook her head. 


“No, it’ll be dark in a little while, so I have to get up now.” 


I know.

I wish you could stay a little longer.


Looking at Rev’s face, who clearly wanted to say, Luce gently turned her head away.


“Then I’ll walk you home.”


“It’s okay, it’s raining a lot so stay home.”


“Then wouldn’t it be right for you to stay a little longer It’s raining a lot.”


Anyway, he only says the right things.

So instead of rebutting, Luce agreed to be escorted by him.


The sound of rain falling on the umbrella was loud.


Luce was still thinking about why she suddenly wanted to distance herself from him today, but the sound of rain interrupted her thoughts every time.


Why does it rain so much What if there’s a landslide 


She looked back a few times to see if Rev’s house, located in the middle of the mountain, would be okay, and a voice caught her eye.






Dominic stood on the way home.

What is he doing here


Luce chuckled, wondering if he was trying to show off what he had made in the blacksmith’s shop again.


Without knowing that Rev was examining her expression. 




“How come you just came back now I’ve been waiting for a long time!”


“So why”


“The roof of your house is pierced again!”


“Ack, really! The roof of this man has no normal day!”


Villagers used to fix roofs that were often broken.

Somehow, she heard it was raining heavily, and the roof broke again! 


She was grumbling when Dominic approached her and grabbed her wrist.


“So my mom told you to sleep at my house tonight.

So hurry up…”


It was then. 


“…Are you going to go”


Rev’s body temperature overlapped on the other hand.


He asked again in a low voice.


“Are you going, Luce”


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