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(note: Hello, I will change John to Yohan.) 




“Yes, Aide Yohan.”


“What did you do today”


“Are you checking my academic achievements You did that every time, so it always feels like I’m being judged.” 


Luce pretended not to hate his eyes and soon giggled.


Yohan, who quickly looked sullen, seemed to have a similar personality after spending a long time with his superior, Baron Felice. 


It seemed like only yesterday that she thought she would only file a complaint, but Luce wondered if this was a feeling if she had an uncle.


“I’m just curious.

How much have you learned”


“Today, I made a painkiller in short form.

I have to wait a little while for the herb to mature, but I’ll give you one when it’s done.” 


“I’m healthy and I’m fine, so I eat a lot, Lucette.

That, um, it must be hard every month.”


“Because of menstrual cramps”


“Uh, um, that.”


He’s definitely fun to tease.


Luce smiled and sneaked a look at his checklist.


Yohan, who seems to be a Lord’s expert, checked on Luce’s progress twice a week at the end of her medical lessons.


Before she knew it, his list had been crossed out quite a bit.


‘Learning pharmacology is fun.’


Although it is still in the early stages of painkiller production, she has already achieved her goal. 


No more holding on to her stomach and going to grandfather’s pharmacist anymore!


That alone made her proud.


‘The problem is that the teacher is a bit scary, but that’s all, well.’


The pharmacology teacher teaching Luce was Mrs.

Plum, a retired pharmacist who was invited from the neighboring estate. 


She wore black velvet at all times and was very strict and somewhat cold.


But she can’t blame the teacher’s character from the learning standpoint.


Since this class deals with human medicine, it seemed natural for her to learn it strictly. 


While taking painkiller samples, Luce secretly checked Rev’s checklist. 


‘Why are the lines so jagged Sometimes it’s checked, sometimes it’s not.’


While she was looking at it in deep thought, Yohan grabbed the notebook.


Luce grabbed his collar as he tried to go back. 


“Aide, Rev… No, I mean Revinas, how about Revinas” 


“Magic engineering Well, just like that.” 


It was difficult to find a pharmacology teacher, but it was much more difficult to find an expert in Magic Engineering, which Rev had decided to learn.


It is said that no one wants to become a teacher by teaching in an apprenticeship program.


Rev told Yohan, who was struggling with arranging a teacher that he would teach himself as long as he could find a book for him. 


‘There’s no way Rev just ‘like that’ I wonder if he doesn’t want to tell me just how far he learned’


Luce later found out why Baron was only interested in her. 


Because of the book the two bought. 


《Basics of Pharmacology》, chosen by Luce, and 《Application and Practice of Engineering》, chosen by Rev. 


Luce, who knew the situation, naturally knew that Rev bought the book sincerely to read it, but it seemed to feel a little different from the adult’s perspective.


‘There is no way a child who is not an expert would have bought such a difficult book to read… that’s what they think.

Rather, they think that I, who is trying to learn from the basics, know my level and study.

Actually, that’s not the case.’ 


She wanted to explain instead, but she thought that there must be a reason for Rev’s actions.


‘Since the misunderstanding has been cleared, I was going to say that Rev actually the one who knew the answer was Radanum, but Rev just shook his head without saying a word.

There must be a reason.

He’s used to studying quietly on his own without getting attention, maybe something like that.

Considering Rev’s personality.’


Luce, who was thinking, then asked.


“Then what about the combat skills” 


“I didn’t check that separately.

You can’t count how many scarecrows he slashed or swords he swung each time, can you”


Yohan, who had been passing words without hesitation, whispered.


“More than that, that kid Revinas, his personality is a bit picky, isn’t it” 


“Ung No way.” 


Unlike Luce, who laughs loudly, Yohan raises his eyebrows.


“I thought it would be difficult to play together.

But it’s not”


“It can’t be, he’s a very polite and kind friend.

I’ve never seen such a gentle guy in my 14 years of life.”


“Is that so…” 


Yohan’s reaction made Luce puzzled.


What does he mean by picky Simply by appearance, it is a modifier that doesn’t suit Rev.  Somehow, she felt responsible for defending her childhood friend.


Luce suddenly remembered Rev’s reaction to Dominic.


“I think you saw it that way because he is a little shy.

He’s actually very nice.”


“Well, if his close friend says so, it must be like that.” 



And even if he has a picky personality, it won’t be a problem.”


“It is, but….” 


“Whatever his personality, Rev is a good friend of mine.”


Luce, who shook her head, got up with her luggage.


To Luce, it was like Yohan’s small joke about Baron Felice. 


“It’s not Is the Lord, as a former musician, pointing out that when I hum, the notes don’t match So you shouldn’t hum, either.”


“Why are you humming at work in the first place—”


Yohan flinched at her very realistic point of view and sent her outside.


Luce, who was going down the stairs looking in the direction of the training ground where Rev was supposed to be, stopped her gaze.


The sunset was darkening the small training ground and the boy in it.




A few things have changed since the day she found him collapsed in the house.


The first is a new rule.

Never, ever drink Rev’s medicine. 


“Please, Luce.

You can’t drink this.”


It was a far stronger tone than when he told her not to go to the second floor.


“Promise me that no matter what situation I’m in, you won’t put this medicine in your mouth.



Somehow, it even felt desperate.


Rev relaxed a little and hugged Luce again, probably relieved that she nodded.


She remembered his body temperature holding her was unusually warm.


After taking medicine, she became drowsy, but Luce, who had no particular problems, didn’t understand why he was so concerned about it.


But his unfamiliar reaction surprised Luce, and she missed the opportunity to ask what the medicine was for because she couldn’t even dig into the awake child.


Is it a mixture of sleeping pills for him, who only sleeps three hours a day


‘Will I be able to find out when I study pharmacology’


The second was his attitude.






“My forehead keeps itching.”


“Your forehead Why”


“I think it’s because you keep looking at me.

Is it just my feeling”


Although she said it playfully, Rev’s gaze remained with her all day after that day.


When Luce drank water, turned a sheet of paper, and even when she was eating cookies as usual, he looked at her carefully as if there was something on it.


Of course, she didn’t hate it because it wasn’t the uncomfortably scrutinizing or penetrating gaze. 


It’s just a little embarrassing. 


“Why do you keep looking at me”


So she asked.


“…I miss you.”


She thought she had gotten used to his habitually caring words, but it seemed she wasn’t. 


Luce, who coughed, crossed her arms.


“You really need to know how such words will sound to others.” 


It’s a warm-hearted disease.

Rev, who reveals his true feelings, must have literally watched her because he ‘miss her’. 


Luce, grumbling inwardly, thought she should adapt to his gaze.


Stepping into the training ground, Rev raised his head.


“I’m here, Rev.”


“Ung, Luce.

I miss you.” 


Again and again.


Passing it over now, Luce approached him, sitting under the tree.


He must have grown taller again.

With his long legs draped over the exposed tree roots, he looked at Luce as she walked towards him.


Rev’s ears, which were staring at her thick lips, were red as if there was a sunset on them.


“What is this…The center of gravity when swinging a sword and the center of gravity when striking down are different…there is also an introduction to swordsmanship.”




As expected, Rev studies combat skills with books first. 


Rev gently grabbed Luce’s hand when she was curiously staring at the book with human body illustrations.


It was a familiar contact by now, so Luce willingly give her hand.

It was correct that she didn’t even notice him holding her hands. 


Therefore, Luce didn’t notice Rev’s heart beating so fast with her slightest permission. 


“My mom said that it would rain today.” 


“Do you like it” 


Her friend still has the habit of cutting off the object before asking.


“Ung, I like rain.

To be precise, I like to hear the sound of rain.



“…I think I’ll like it.”


He still smiled lightly even when he say meaningless things.


“Then, would you like to watch the rain today While drinking a tea.” 



I want.” 


“When Dominic came to my house to play, we did it before and it felt really good.

It’s also good to mix the scent of tea and the smell of grass in the rain.”


Unlike Luce, who spoke lightly, Rev’s face became dark.



Her friend who was cheerful, talkative, and blushing when he saw Luce. 


He becomes her friend longer than him. 


Of course, he knew it in his head.

That Luce would mention his name without any hostility. 


He doesn’t know that drinking tea while watching the rain feels good, so she just said it to explain to him. 


However, when he thought Dominic would know the side of her that he didn’t, he felt as if his heart was being torn. 






“Dominic is your friend.”


“Well, I guess.”


“I am your friend too.”


“That’s right” 


Luce, thinking about his intentions, smiled brightly.


He wanted to ask a little childish question ‘who are you closer to’, so the answer is, of course, fixed.


Luce’s expression, which was looking up at him while holding back the laughter that was about to burst out, hardened for a moment at Rev’s next words.


“If one of them disappears.”




“The remaining one, will it become more special to you”


Only then did Luce realize that the hand holding her was stronger than usual.


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