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“Luce, I checked the number of people standing, and it’s probably over by now.

I don’t know if it’s already started.”


Luce replied lightly as she looked at Rev with his eyebrows lowered.


“It’s all right, I’ve signed up for it!” 


“Is that so” 


“Yeah, I thought you went to the bathroom for a while because you weren’t there, so I wrote down our names first.

But I couldn’t see you even after waiting for a while, so I went to look for you to see if something was wrong.”



I couldn’t keep my promise.”


Luce smiled brightly when she tapped him on the sad shoulder. 


“No, that’s fine.

It’s better to break your promise with me than to leave the child alone.”


His conscience was stabbed.


Luce stood at a crossroads, leading Lev, who could not answer and hesitated.


“Besides, I succeeded in applying, so it shouldn’t be a problem.



“Next time, I won’t break my promise no matter what.”


“Yes, yes.” 


‘I guess he was really sorry.

It’s really fine, though.’


Luce, who thought it was a normal word for his promise, turned to the right. 


It was the booth where was held.




“Why are you going there, Rev” 


Rev, who was turning left, asked the same thing.


“This is the booth, Luce.”


“No, that’s the 〈Mr & Ms.

Rodante contest) booth, right”






They both paused for a moment and realized they had misunderstood each other at exactly the same time. 


Soon she burst into laughter.


“What is it, Rev, are you trying to be Mr.



“That’s all I could see on the flyer you gave me.”


“Even though you are, why am I going to the Ms.

Rodante contest~!” 


“I also wondered why you wanted me out here.

I think it’s a competition that only suits you.” 


Luce grabbed Rev’s hand while smiling for a long time and wiping her face. 


“You, you’re really stupid.”


He didn’t hate affectionate criticism. 


He didn’t hate being teased as a fool.

On the contrary, he liked it.


It’s a strange thing.

With a clumsy smile, Rev followed Luce’s lead so that her disparaging words would sound good. 


The competition had already begun when they arrived at the booth.


There were 14 teams of kids on the stage above the booth, and one of the seats was empty. 


She approached the female staff who was checking the list of applicants and made a fuss.


“Ah, it’s already started, but what should I do if you just show up now”


“Is there no chance”


She took a deep breath as she looked up at her with a most pitiful face.



It’s hard to let you in right now, and there’s a break after they solve three questions later, so go in then.

You know you’re late, so there’s nothing you can do about the penalty, okay”


“Yes, that’s fine.

Thank you.”


Luce, who responded warmly, whispered.


“I was worried if they didn’t let us in, but I’m glad they did.”


Rev thought it was all his fault that Luce, who said that getting second place was her goal, missed her chance to answer three questions.


It would be natural for her to blame him, but Luce doesn’t even say one word to blame him.


Rev, who was still holding her hand, whispered.


“If we get all the remaining questions right, we’ll be in second place.

So I’ll do my best.”


“It’s okay if you don’t.

The goal is to be the second place but the process is also meaningful.

Let’s not feel pressured and just enjoy it.”


Luce, who spoke in a mature tone, released her hands and stretched.


It was a shame to let go of her hand, but Rev didn’t show it.

Instead, he asked.


“What’s the prize for second place”


“Prize money.”


“Is there anything you want for the prize money”


“Well, there’s nothing I want to have, but I’m going to buy my mom’s shoes and clothes, and she’s frugal and easy-going, so she sews all the old clothes until the end.

It’s not like we don’t have money at home, but I don’t know why she always do that.”


Luce, who had been grumbling, naturally held his hand again.


Rev thought after carefully holding Luce’s warm and soft hand.


Luce always seems to think of others first.


‘Prioritizing the safety of children over competitions, and thinking about what to give to her mothers more than what she want… to be considerate of me.’


A kind and sweet child.


She’s not simply being generous; she’s a child who was born with warmth. 


While reflecting on Luce’s actions, she suddenly talked to him.


“By the way.

I thought you were getting tired of it because you were always around it, but you mistook it for a different competition!” 


She had a peculiar mischievous expression on her face.


“You did that to me, didn’t you The contest seems to be only suitable for you, and if you go out, you will be able to win 1st place or something like that.”




“Did I look okay today You thought I was suitable for the Ms.

Rodante contest!” 


Luce, who was fluttering in a one-piece skirt, smiled proudly. 


She’s sure he’ll say something like, “I didn’t mean it,” and blush in embarrassment, right


She said it to make fun of him because he looked funny when he was shy, but Rev’s answer was really surprising.


“…You’re always pretty, Luce.”


“H, huh” 


“But it looks more like a spring flower today.

Spring flowers bloomed beautifully on the bright grass.”


Then he smiles as if melting. 


It was Luce, not Rev, whose ears turned red. 


“W, why are you so serious when saying that! It looks like you’re sincere.” 


“I’m serious.”


“You need to know how those words will sound to others!”


“I see.”


After thinking for a while, he drove a wedge.


“Then I wonder how it sounded to you, Luce.”


This guy, he’s very—.


‘Isn’t he actually a high-level trickster’


She didn’t seem to be able to get used to watching him say ticklish things with that innocent face.


‘No, don’t get excited about this, it’s just his habit.’


Luce suddenly stood up and made a promise to herself.


It looked like it was time for a break.

The staff beckoned.


“Let’s go, Rev!”


“Aren’t you going to tell me”


“It’s secret!” 


Luce used her hands and feet to get out, found a seat, and sat down. 


Not far away sat the Lord of Rodante, who hosted the competition.


‘He look very tired.’


Since the old Lord, who was looking for talented people, was tired after only three questions, it seemed like no one stood out. 


There is still hope.

Luce clenched her fists and looked around.

Then a loud voice was heard. 


“Isn’t the problem too difficult”


“I know.

The kid who answered one question will win first place.”


The girls who looked happy just by looking at her back were shrugging as if excited.


The bell rang, and they announced the first of the seven remaining questions.


‘What is that Is it a painting or what’


As soon as she saw the question, Luce put the pen down, but Rev seemed to have a different idea.


“It’s a formula.

Divide the closed section into three equal parts…”


Win, win, win, a good win.

It sounded similar to Luce. 


The answer provided by Rev, who gave explanations that she listened to but didn’t understand, was clear.


“The answer is zero.”


“It sounds really great, but I can’t praise you because I don’t know what it is.

Please understand me.”


Eventually, Luce gave up and put her face down from exhaustion after hearing the number, and Rev wrote ‘0’.


Surprisingly, there were 4 teams with the correct answer, excluding Rev and Luce.


She understood about Rev, but how did everyone know it Is this basic common sense in this world


Luce was puzzled but realized when she heard whispers around her.


“If you don’t know what it is, it’s either 0 or 1.” 


“I thought about it between the two, but you did a good job, Paul!”


Oh, I know that feeling. 


Unlike Luce, who nodded to show she understood, Rev wrote down the answers to each of the following questions.


“The question gets harder as time goes on.”


“I was relieved that the first question was easy!”


Unlike the children who were complaining, the question about the historian’s name was written before the question was over, and the question about when the philosopher’s discourse came out seemed to be wrong, but it gave her goosebumps.


In the middle of the journey, they deliberately wrote different answers — Luce was in charge of the wrong answer — but the two of them ended up in second place.


She stared blankly at Rev, and he smiled slightly.


“Because I promise to do my best.”


This smart guy is my friend, everyone. 


Luce resisted the urge to brag to her neighbors and listened as the host revealed the last question.


“Okay, one last question! Long ago, it is said that there were several wizards in the Vladin Empire.”


She could feel Rev standing tall next to her and stopping.


“However all the wizards were killed when the former Emperor started a huge holy war.

His Majesty, who bought the last wizard who fought even though it was a good fit, was merciful and let him keep his name.

A monument is also left in honor of him in the park west of the capital.

What is the name of this last wizard” 


Luce looked at Rev. 


His expression, which blinked slowly, was somehow strange.




“Ah, yes.”


The noises of the surroundings were mixed.


“The Last Wizard Who is that”


“Wasn’t everyone just dead…”


“I know right, I knew they were all dead, but I didn’t know there was a wizard who resisted to the end.

How do we know his name”


“The difficulty level of the question is too high.

This is for you to get it wrong!”


Everyone was grumbling.


But Luce was somehow certain.


“Do you know the answer, Rev”



I know.” 


Rev, who had been stiffened, immediately smiled faintly.


“But if we get the answer right, we will get the first place.

So let’s not get it right.” 


“Others kids might know, right”



I don’t think anyone knows.”


Then she heard the countdown of the host.


Luce, who was looking at the blank sketchbook, asked softly.


“What is the answer”


“5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

The correct answer is!”


Rev opens his mouth.




“It’s Radanum! Unfortunately, there are no correct answers.”


How did Rev know about the last wizard, who no one knew and who only left a tombstone on one side of the capital


No matter how smart is he, is it possible


‘What made his expression stiff as soon as he heard the question’


Luce, who had been thinking about it, was immediately led by the host’s hand and got up.

They are ranked 2nd place.


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