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C91 – The Magical Effect Of A SEAL Silver Coin

Lo Yu said with a frightened expression, “Lo Ya, this monster is so scary.

I can’t even bite it.”

The Sickle Insects jumped onto the tree’s face and madly attacked with their sharp blades without a pause.

Red blood gushed out from the surface of the face.

Seemingly sensing the lack of number on this side, another team of bugs rushed over, brandished their weapons and attacked the trees.

The entire forest had a circumference of 20 meters and each tree was only a meter tall.

Facing the branches and leaves that were crackling in preparation for attack, Lo Ya immediately thought of using the 3D thinking hypnosis tissue to construct the illusion of Insect Girls disappearing.

This magic directly disrupted the intuition of the trees.

Lo Ya took this opportunity to release even more Dark Melting energy and finally killed this Silver Level magic beast in half a minute.

She instantly gained more than 200 experience points.

A big translucent chest was also dropped which was glittering like a gem.

“Wow, I got a treasure.”

Seeing this, Lo Yu could not wait to open it.

[Opening Diamond Treasure Chest.

Congratulations, you have obtained the Poison Oath Growth Device.]

[Oath Generator.

Special badge made according to a certain God’s ability.

It can be used automatically when the enemy makes a Poison Oath.

It has a wonderful effect.

This item can only be used once a day at most, and it is ineffective against those who are stronger than oneself.]

“This is the diamond chest”

Lo Ya felt that it was somehow a bit strange.

She didn’t know what this thing was for, so she directly threw it into the inventory.

Next, it was time to taste the delicacy.

Unfortunately, the beast in the happy forest did not taste good nor did Lo Ya obtain any evolution points.

Only a piece of bark was dropped.

Lo Ya furrowed her eyebrows and said, “What’s with the bark What do I need it for”

She obviously did not want such an ugly piece of skin which was also most likely to be useless.

The insect tail was already enough to attract woodpeckers.

If it was wrapped with a layer of bark, wouldn’t it be a pill for them

“Lo Ya, we lost two Sickle Insects.”

Although the entire tree was given as a good to the Sickle Insects, it was still not enough to replenish the two adult bodies that they had lost.

At least, it stored the energy that they consumed daily.

“Let’s find some more wild beasts.

We will go back after killing them.” Lo Ya made a decision.

The drizzle was continuous and the forest was swaying along with the breezy weather.

Moving on the hazy ground, Lo Ya unexpectedly found a wooden attic not far away.

The attic stood alone in the dense forest.

It was quiet and so old that it had almost merged with the surrounding nature.

“Is that a wooden house built by humans”

Lo Ya approached the window from the side and carefully poked her head in to take a look.

At this moment, the sound of two men talking could be heard from outside.

“Damn it! The third experiment also failed.

Why can’t I concoct a suitable grace potion I want to live, I don’t want to miss the last chance to survive.”

“Teacher, please calm down.

The recipe obtained from the ruins must be correct.

Perhaps, you should pay attention to your own mentality more.”

“Pay attention to my mentality Fa Lu, you know that I don’t have many years left to live.

Only the grace potion can save me.

Damn it, you’ve been learning from me for so many years, can’t you be a little anxious for me Your teacher doesn’t want to die so quickly.”

“This… maybe, we can ask for help from the Gods above.”

“Shut up! Don’t talk about these unrealistic things.

Just focus on concocting the medicine.”

Lo Ya was slightly surprised to realize that there were people in this abandoned-looking attic.

As soon as she heard the voice, she saw an old man and a young man in his twenties.

There were a lot of strange items piled up in the room.

There were also many transparent glasses in the room, which contained a lot of unknown colorful liquids.

Lo Ya did not expect that when she poked her head in, the young man who had his back to her suddenly turned his head around and caught a sight of her.

A few seconds later, the man blinked his eyes and patted the old man’s back.

“Teacher, I saw a strange thing.”

“What is it” The old man asked impatiently as he held the test tube.

“A very, very small… girl.”

“How is that possible You must have gone crazy thinking about women.”

“No, what I saw is true, super cute.”

Lo Ya had already retracted her head and blinked her eyes, showing an expression as if the other party did not just catch a sight of her.

“It’s over.

One of them is Bronze Level and the other is Silver Level.”

While she was thinking about this, the old man had already left his seat and was walking towards the window.

Lo Ya immediately jumped down from the windowsill and landed on the ground.

After that, she used all her strength to run towards the grass in the distance.

However, for the level of these humans, she was too slow.

The old man quickly noticed her.

The old man was astonished.

“Eh There really is a rare seed that I don’t know about in this vicinity”

The old man who was originally dispirited immediately revealed an interested expression when he saw Lo Ya’s adorable appearance.

The young man behind also said excitedly, “Teacher, what I said is right.

This must be the will of God.

Who knows, maybe she can bring you a breakthrough in alchemy.”

The old man said excitedly, “Let’s go and catch her.”

The old man walked out of the wooden door at the side while the man flipped out the window and looked over at Lo Ya.

Then, he chanted pleasantly, “Fireball Spell.”

He threw out a scroll, and instantly, a scorching fireball flew over with a trail of flames behind it.

Lo Ya also sensed this and quickly shouted, “Earth Wall!”

With a loud bang, a wall blocked the fireball from touching her.

Along with a series of explosions, half of the Earth Wall shattered and the fireball lost its power.

“It really is a devil monster.” The old man stretched out a palm and began to chant an incantation.

Then, a piece of ice with a diameter of half a meter condensed in midair, then with a swoosh, it flew up into the sky and flew over in a parabola shape.

“Damn it! This is too much!” The ice weapon was flying over with a speed she could barely beat, so Lo Ya made up her mind and directly let the earth wall rise from beneath her.


Her tail was hurt and her body was lifted up a few meters into the air.

Nevertheless, the sharp ice smashed into the wall below her and a huge pile of rocks was formed as a result.

“Ouch, my tail is swollen.”

While running, Lo Ya rubbed the bottom of her tail which was in great pain.

Upon turning her head, she saw that the young man was about to use an even more terrifying spell.

Gritting her teeth, she quickly opened her inventory.

In a moment of desperation, a flash of inspiration occurred in her head.

Lo Ya took out a silver coin of the SEALs and threw it at the man.


Suddenly, a silver coin shining with silver light flew over, and the man instinctively caught it directly in his hand.

“Hahaha, idiot, this thing has a curse.” After reassuring that he really caught it, Lo Ya immediately laughed.

“Damn it.” The man hurriedly threw the silver coin onto the ground.

[Seal member silver coin dropped, facing upwards.

Triggering effect: Receives concentrated attack from the enemy within 10 minutes.]

In an instant, a funny expression appeared on the man’s face.

Then, he agilely put his hands on his hips and laughed arrogantly.

“Dear teacher, let me tell you some good news.

Actually, I have concocted a super rare Grace Potion yesterday and it’s awesome! But you just can’t concoct it.

It can’t be helped since you don’t have much talent in this aspect.

What’s more, refining medicine also requires luck.

It’s useless if you’re not convinced of your own character.

Come and hit me if you have the ability, you boot-licker.


After saying that, he raised his butt towards his mentor and patted it shamelessly.

“Pfft, he deserves a beating.

I want to hit him.” Seeing the situation unfolding, Lo Ya finally understood what unknown SEAL member’s silver coin was.

She was glad that she did not lose it.

When the old man heard this, he was stunned for a few seconds before his face turned green and he shouted angrily, “What You said you refined it You little rascal! You… You’re so ambitious! And you dare to insult me.

Damn you! I’ll beat you to death!”

After saying that, the furious teacher sent a ball of ice towards the young man’s butt.

“Huh, wait!” The man suddenly came back to his senses once he saw his teacher’s action.

He slapped himself hard as he begged, “Teacher, I didn’t mean it.


It was already too late as the ice hockey ball hit his body.

Then, the teacher lifted up his walking stick and rushed forward, beating him hard on the butt.


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