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C62 – DLC Expansion Package (last Part)

They entered a huge building in the center of the area, which was also one of the few places in the village church that had the entrance to Origin Space.

“Welcome, dear professional.” A dignified-looking young priestess with blue crystals inlaid on her staff smiled at Luya as she stood on the side of the prayer room.

The Church could be said to be one of the safest places.

The nobles of the kingdom would do their best to maintain the security here and forbid anyone from causing trouble.

Even the rebel army would not take the initiative to attack the Church because of their beliefs.

They would even pretend to be ordinary professionals and pray.

As a result, several individuals were claimed to have been arrested here.

“Hello, this is 10 silver coins.”

Luya handed the money to the other party.

“Please come in.”

She walked into a small hall and closed the door.

Suddenly, a mysterious water door appeared.

Lo Ya stretched her head out from Luya’s chest and looked at the magical water door from a distance.

“Can we just go in”

“Yes, but unfortunately, only one person is allowed to pass.

You can go in.”

Luya placed Lo Ya on the ground while she stood aside.

Lo Ya hesitated for a few seconds and slowly wriggled over.

She then took a deep breath and passed through the water door.

A feeling of weightlessness came over, and the next moment, Lo Ya appeared in a dark tunnel.

The water door behind her also disappeared.

An emotionless voice sounded next to her ear, but she couldn’t tell the gender at all.

[Welcome to Origin Space.

I will start creating a character for you.]

[Creation complete.

Producing initial level 0.]

[All items you have obtained in this space need to be paid in Ballard currency to bring them back into reality.]

Lo Ya suddenly felt like she was playing a game.

It was actually very similar to a game because a projection screen appeared in front of her eyes with a gift bag floating inside.


[Received “Beginner Sword”]

There were no other notifications, so the air went silent.

“Is it really a game”

She moved forward with a shocked expression on her face.

After a few steps, Lo Ya saw something familiar in front of her eyes again.

[Detected the deep rules of this world, you can spend 500 evolution points to unlock the DLC.

Do you want to use it]


Lo Ya knew that the thing that jumped out this time was her own ability.

“DLC What’s the use of unlocking it” She glanced at her evolution points, which were barely over a thousand.

After pondering for a while, she tried to click confirm.

In the next second, a familiar notification appeared on the screen:

[DLC Expansion Package A activated.

Obtained the following functions: (1) Experience value is 2 times, (2) the number of times the equipment has been used is 2 times, (3) HP upper limit 100, (4) All weapons proficiency 1, (5) Item space 1000, (6) Divine Art Scroll – Nature Goddess’ Protection x 3, (7) Upgrading additional attribute points by 1 unit, (8) Spirit 1, strength 1, luck {Hidden Attribute} 1 and (9) Dark Magic Book {F Rank Magic: Corrosive Mucus Arrow}.]

“This is unbelievable.

Is this space created by the Gods”

Lo Ya tried to take things like leaf balls out of the item space, but they were all prohibited.

However, she was able to take out the bronze axe that she had obtained from the thieves.

She tried to drop the Beginner Sword into the inventory.

But her attempt didn’t succeed.

“Forget it.

Let’s try to explore it first.”

With that said, Lo Ya held the Beginner Sword tightly and walked forward.

Not long after, a blinding white light appeared.

She stepped over the entrance of the cave, and her vision went black again.

When her vision returned, she found herself in a wooden attic.

It was late at night, and it was pouring outside the quaint windows, with a flash of lightning flashing from time to time.

Suddenly, a deafening thunder shook her ears.

Lo Ya stared about in a trance.

After a few seconds, the notification from Origin Space popped up again.

[The mission: Stay Alive.]

[Mission Objective: Survive for 10 minutes.]

[Difficulty: F]

[Reward: 100 Ballard Copper Coins, God Blessing Weapon: Bronze Spear]

“Survive for 10 minutes”

Lo Ya shrunk her neck, feeling that this was a standard paranormal game scene.

But she took a deep breath and carefully hid under the bed.

The sound of messy footsteps came from downstairs less than two minutes later.

There were also sounds like “get out” and “let me kill you.”

[Detecting disguise in language.

It costs 100 evolution points to decipher.

Do you want to spend it]

Lo Ya’s ability popped up again, and she stretched out her hand and chose to spend.

The next moment, those rough voices such as “get out” and “let me kill you” suddenly turned into conversations between several people.

“Where is this damn NPC (non-player character) hiding I’ll take care of it so I can eat it later.”

“Don’t think about it.

You’ve already completed the seventh round of the mission.

If you retreat now, you won’t die.”

“Shit, where do you think the wild monster in this house comes from”

Lo Ya raised her eyebrows, feeling that the things were a bit ridiculous.

Just like that, the sound of footsteps showed that they went upstairs.

A few seconds later, three terrifying giant octopuses covered in pustules slowly emerged from the shadows.

[Visual camouflage detected.

It costs 100 units of evolution points to decipher.

Do you want to spend it]

“Yes.” Lo Ya took a deep breath and said to herself.

After Lo Ya had made her choice, the terrifying scene distorted for a while and turned into two men and one woman.

The two men were holding swords and shields while the woman was holding a staff.

They all had health bars and LVs above their heads, and they were not the same as what Lo Ya saw in reality.

“Visual camouflage… Does this mean to make me see illusions Why is it so… Is this really a game I am acting as an NPC, and these are players”

The more she pondered it, the more ridiculous she found the situation to be.

Lo Ya carefully moved towards the bottom of the table, not far away, because she knew that if she hid under the bed, she would be discovered by these people.

Unfortunately, a head stretched out of the bed before she could move a few more centimeters forward.


Lo Ya let out a scream in surprise.

“Haha, I found it.” The male swordsman who lowered his head laughed loudly, “It’s a super cute one.

God, this game is absurd.

It actually let us kill this one.”

“What” The girl squatted down as well, but when she saw what greeted her, she covered her mouth in surprise, “Wow, how can there be such a strange NPC Is this a bug Not a useless human”

Lo Ya’s tiny body was dumbfounded as she stared blankly at the individuals who were strangely looking at her.

She realized she couldn’t release her skills and couldn’t use anything from the real world in this world.

“Oh right, there is also DLC.”

She immediately remembered the DLC package she’d purchased.

‘DLC was obviously a stand-alone game, right’

But it didn’t matter anymore.

Because when Lo Ya hesitated on which to use, one of the men said as he raised the sword in his hand, “It is a C-level mission after all.

I am afraid this little thing would be dangerous.”

As she saw the man raise his weapon and she was about to be cut off, Lo Ya immediately shouted, “Wait, before killing me, please allow me to tell you a story.”


“I am very pitiful.

Please let me finish my story,” Lo Ya said as she pretended to cry.

“Yes, let her finish.” The female player nodded immediately, “She is really pitiful.”


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