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C56 – Hired by the Devil Monster


The atmosphere was heated and animated, with a violent scene, and the situation was in a deadlock.

Two-thirds of the thieves had already been killed in the surprise attack.

The scar-faced man was wounded, and the other young man had not been assaulted, but he was the weakest among all.

“Magic beasts, these are magic beasts!” The expression of the young thief changed drastically.

The size of the Sickle Insect was not big, yet it was extremely strong and flexible.

Furthermore, Luya still had the ability to resist.

Thus the victory of the battle was snatched away from the group of thieves.

“You bastard, did you make a deal with the Evil God to get these monsters to help you” The scar-faced man took two cautious steps to the side, the battle-axe in his hand emitting a cold glow.

He jumped and attacked Luya once again.

His attack this time was different from before.

The powerful force contained in the hit appeared to have transformed the bronze weapon, making it sharper and heavier.


The impact of the hit caused Luya’s hand to grow numb and lose all sensation.

The bones made a cracking sound, and the dagger fell to the ground.

Luya groaned as her legs wobbled.

She leaned against the tree behind her.

“Crap! Why didn’t my blessed axe cut you in half” After his attack failed, the scar-faced man immediately retreated.

At the same time, his eyes were wary of the five insects surrounding him.

Previously, he swung his axe with all his strength, hoping to kill Luya, the biggest threat of the current situation.

But he didn’t expect this little girl to be so skilled.

With a small twist of her arm, she took off most of her strength.

Lo Ya saw the weak girl leaning against the tree and used natural healing on her.

The fractured arm began to heal itself under a holy and peaceful green light full of forest aura.

“This is… the treatment” Luya raised her head in shock and looked at Lo Ya, who was standing quietly on the tree with a surprised expression.

The expression on the scar-faced man’s face was unprecedentedly solemn.

He knew that with his strength, it was already very difficult to escape from danger.

He furrowed his brows tightly as though his mind was working on something.

After a few seconds, his eyes widened, and he laughed as he added, “I didn’t expect this.

I was negligent today.

Who would have guessed that a young girl like you would sell your own body to the devil monsters”

Lo Ya ordered the insects to attack the man again while laughing hysterically.

But this time, she activated the madness skill on the insects.

The scar-faced man’s battle axe flashed with a cold light as he swung it like lightning again.

However, when faced with insects in large numbers and with a significant speed advantage, his back was quickly penetrated by the sickle.

Then his neck was cut, his arteries shattered, and he fell completely to the ground.

The group of thieves was completely wiped out, and several shining items exploded on the ground.

Lo Ya sent a Sickle Insect to pick them up.

[Received Beginner spiritual power Recovery Potion and 5 units of the common currency.]

[Discovered Profession Blessing Weapon: Bronze Axe]

[Blessing Weapon: Bronze Axe]

[Strength: 3]

[Usage: 3 / 10]

[Occupation: Warrior]

[Proficiency level: F]

[Note: A weapon blessed by a goddess from Origin Space.

It can be used to obtain hidden power.

If the number of uses is 0, the weapon will be damaged.]

“What is this”

It was the first time Lo Ya had seen a weapon that was used a number of times.

However, she soon realized that this number of times referred to the kind that activated the hidden power.

In other words, the number of uses would not be reduced if this axe was used as an ordinary axe without the 3 power attribute bonus points.

The other two Sickle Insects also began to search for the other items that had dropped.

In the end, they found two Leaf Balls.

Obviously, the swords and bows used by the thieves were also useful to the Insect Girl Clan.

This was because the Undead Insect, at the size of a human, could handle these special types of equipment well (the bones were also very flexible).

“When will there be a weapon that suits my size”

Lo Ya spoke out her thinking as she walked to the back of a Sickle Insect that was climbing a tree, and she let it jump down with her body on its back.

At this time, Luya had already stood up from the ground.

“Thank you… thank you,” she stuttered.

“No need to thank me.

This is our deal.”

Lo Ya was just around 10 centimeters in length at the time.

Even though her legs had been transformed, she was still a tiny and cute creature.

Luya, who was supposed to be afraid of devil creatures, felt a sense of intimacy as a result of this.

It could not be helped.

It was not just women.

Most people naturally had a favorable impression of those cute creatures.

The sound of grass swaying sounded in the surrounding forest, and a group of Sickle Insects crawled out of it.

This practically indicated Lo Ya’s status as a “high and mighty” person.

“Why were you attacked” Lo Ya sat on the back of a Sickle Insect, dangling her transformed white legs.

She quietly looked at the girl in front of her.

“The kingdom encircled and suppressed the rebels.

I had no choice but to escape into the forest.

In the end, I encountered thieves.”

“You are a part of the rebel army”

“No, my brother used to be, but now, my family is no longer around.” As she said this, her expression changed slightly, and she silently cursed herself, ‘Why did I tell her this’

“That means you are now homeless” Lo Ya said, her eyes beaming.

“Um… No, I am not.” Luya vigilantly took half a step back, only to hit the tree trunk.

‘What does this monster want to do Asking if I have family members Why’

“Emm, that’s a pity.

If you didn’t have anybody to rely on, I wouldn’t mind supporting you… Ahh, I mean, I’ve always been interested in the human world.

I don’t mind hiring you to work for me.”

Lo Ya knew that the Insect Girl Clan would come into contact with humans sooner or later.

Even if they didn’t take the initiative to find humans, they would inevitably be found in the future.

The overlord of the planet or Xenophobic species.

Lo Ya, who was a human in her previous life, knew what kind of cruel and terrifying creatures they were.

When they were kind, they would sacrifice themselves.

But when they were evil, they would kill each other.

A war could turn millions of people’s lives into ash, and a single improvement could save thousands of people from the catastrophe of illness.

Compared with passive acceptance, human beings who actively understand the world had to do it.

Luya was taken aback when Lo Ya said that.

This was undoubtedly the first time in history where humans were hired by the devil monster.

If this spread out, this would probably become the biggest news.

“Are you… are you joking”

After all, she was the one who saved her life.

Luya didn’t dare to be disrespectful.

“Why would I Don’t you think that humans are the cruelest in the world”

“You are talking nonsense.” Luya gritted her teeth.

“Humans are not… the cruelest.”

She felt like she was lying to herself.

Her consciousness then reverted to the reality that she had escaped to the dangerous forest to avoid being chased by humans.

Luya’s voice suddenly froze.

“Let’s not talk so much anymore.

If you need something, I can still help you next time.” Lo Ya shook her legs, her long black hair hanging down to her chest, “Just like you humans made it, I can also provide it to you.

The only difference is that my subordinates are devil monsters.

But they will never break the agreement.”


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