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C224 – The Diplomat in Jail

“Oh, the efficiency is too high.

There’s no resistance to the Strength so quickly” Lo Ya was really becoming more and more satisfied with her swarm.

The civilians in the city were all in panic.

Most of them hid at home and observed the situation outside.

The swarm was divided into hundreds of small teams and patrolled the streets.

Over a hundred teams followed Lo Ya into the palace.

Because the attack was too violent, not a single official was left inside.

To the locals, this sudden attack was without warning and unbelievable.

After all, the attackers were magic beasts, and most of the magic beasts were in the distant Fresnel Forest.

There was no reason for them to cross thousands of miles of sea and come here, not to mention taking a boat.

“Lo Ya, is this place ours”

Although she was a bit in disbelief, this water city was too beautiful and spectacular.

It was simply a work of art.

When the two Little Insect Girl arrived at the top of the central tower, which was 150 meters tall, they could clearly see the scenery of the entire city.

“Yes, this is the ruler of mankind.”

It was so huge that even standing there, it felt as if it was looking down on everything, as if it was high and mighty.

“Speaking of which, it seems like there’s someone locked up in the cell below.”

Lo Ya suddenly thought of something and let the Sickle Insect bring her to the underground of the building.

In the cell, a man lying on the railing behind a metal door looked at the insects that were moving back and forth in disbelief.

He looked at the corpses of the dead soldiers on the ground.

He did not understand what had happened.

“This city was breached”

It was indeed filled with a sense of crisis.

Instinct told him that the insects running outside were very strong.

The Bronze Level soldier guarding the dungeon did not even have the ability to resist.

He was instantly pierced by the sickle.

Blood splashed into the cell and almost hit his body before.

After the bug went back and forth for an hour, two special little things finally arrived in front of him.

“You look different.” Lo Ya sat on top of Sickle Insect’s head and looked through the iron bars at this luxuriously dressed man.

“It shouldn’t be someone from this city, right”

“Yes, I am a diplomat from Yir.” The man nodded.

“Why are you locked up here”

The diplomat was stunned for a few seconds and hesitated to tell the truth.

Seeing the bug outside, he weighed it and said, “I am here on behalf of Yir to invite Island Lord Emico to join the alliance.”

“Alliance, what is that” Chiang Ya crawled to Lo Ya’s side and blinked her eyes as she asked.


The two little things were a little cute.

The diplomat really could not link the ferocious Sickle Insect underneath to this kind of half-human Magical Creature mother.

“Speak.” Lo Ya said, “Maybe we will be allies.

If you don’t say, how will we know whether we are friends or enemies.”

The diplomat’s face twitched.

He did not dare to say it because he was afraid of enemies.

He was silent for a few seconds and decided to tell the truth.

“The countries on the sea are expanding.

At present, except for a few forbidden areas and islands, they are expanding.

There’s no new world to explore.

So a few strong sea countries have started to target us small countries, especially the Empire… The Empire is very close to here, but there are no enemies in our area that can stop them.

“So the main purpose of this alliance is to fight against the Empire” Lo Ya supported her chin with her hands and asked in a low voice.


This time, I will represent Yir and invite the leader of Emico Island to participate in the maritime confrontation meeting.

I hope to form an alliance.”

The enemy of an empire would always be more than friends.

Moreover, that country even hated exotic beasts.

That was why the diplomat dared to make such a bet.

“I understand.” Lo Ya nodded.

“No matter what purpose the former Island Master had for doing such a thing, I will agree to your proposal now.”

“Really But…”

He said, “Yes, you did not mishear.

This city is mine now.

I will control the entire island in a very short period of time and build a stronger fleet at the same time.”

The official took a deep breath: “But which force do you represent”

“Do you know about the Feinen Continent That’s it.” Lo Ya said.

“That newly developed place” The diplomat exclaimed in surprise.

Then, he had an expression that said, “No wonder.

It makes sense now.

The Empire is already powerful enough.”

Lo Ya’s eyes lit up and she asked in puzzlement, “Why do you say that Is it because it is powerful that it went to occupy Cefinnea”

“It is just that.

In fact, no one knows the reason behind it.”


Lo Ya took out the universal key from her inventory and opened the cell lock.

This was obviously a high-leveled area and there were not many people locked up inside.

Other than a few tens of meters, there was a woman who looked outside eagerly.

There were many wounds on her body and her eyes were deathly pale.

“The difference in treatment is really huge.”

Lo Ya also let that woman out.

“Thank you, thank you.” The woman laid on the ground and expressed her gratitude indistinctly.

“That’s it, then.

You can leave here.

By the way…” Lo Ya turned her head to look at the diplomat again.

“When are you going to attend your so-called alliance meeting Do you mind if I participate”

“Of course not.

The more allies, the better.

The specific time will be in eight days.” The diplomat nodded.


Lo Ya nodded.

Participating in the Alliance Conference was not to fight against the Empire.

To go to war with that country now felt like courting death.

Her goal was to understand the overall situation of this world as soon as possible.

The world surrounded by the waterfall might not be as big as Earth in her previous life, but if the waterfall was further away in the endless abyss… As well as the miraculous colossi that looked like ancient ruins, the size of this planet would be a bit terrifying.

Of course, no matter how big it was, to the entire universe, it was just a drop in the ocean.

“In eight days, let’s nurture even more fleets.”

At this moment, thousands of kilometers away in the Fresnel Forest, the leader of the fleet was born.

A little Little Insect Girl slowly climbed to the boundary of the territory control area.

This place was already close to the Northern Charax Empire.

Because there was almost no danger in the surrounding area, the bug swarm allowed little Little Insect Girl to come here.

The little cutie crawled around in the grass, constantly rummaging through the pile of grass, wanting to find some delicious bugs to eat.

Suddenly she saw a hole in the tree, and immediately ran over happily with her mouth wide open.

When the Insect Girl Clan was just born, many dangers were avoided by hiding in the trees.

Therefore, their genes also had the element of liking the tree hole.

Little Insect Girl slowly climbed up the tree trunk.

Her tail and furry rabbit legs kept swinging.

Finally, she came to the side of the cave.

She stretched out her head with all her strength and looked inside.

A bird that was pecking wood turned its head.

There was still half a bug that had not eaten up in its mouth.


Startled by this scene, Little Insect Girl revealed a frightened expression and fell from the tree trunk with a swoosh.


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