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C223 – Breaking Through the Town

If there’s only one mage, it’s not a big threat.

Using the Detection from afar, the opponent’s head was at the Gold Level.

The icicle from before was actually a Third Grade Magic.

Its advantage was its long range.

Its accuracy was high, but its weakness was that it wasn’t as powerful as an ordinary Third Grade Magic.

The remaining nine Wind God Winged Insect quickly arrived above the enemy’s head.

Just as every soldier raised their weapons and prepared to engage in close combat, the monster above their heads tossed down tiny black dots.

Just as Lo Ya had expected, the explosions, coupled with the bombardment, caused the enemy fleet to suffer a fatal blow.

Lo Ya felt that it was not good to be so pure, so she made the Battleship Insect stop and deliberately let the enemy chase after them.

In fact, the flagship captain was a little regretful about the chase because he realized that the boat on the other side was even faster than the crystal boat on his side.

One chase, one escape, it was like playing with a kite, completely meaningless.

“Return to the shore, turn around!”

No more fighting.

Although these boats would be blown up after docking, there were still people who could survive.

When Lo Ya saw this, she immediately ordered the entire boat to chase after them.

Explosion, bombardment… Double the power brought about double happiness.

The enemy’s ships seemed to have been toyed with as they sunk all the way until they reached the shore.

There were only nine ships left.

The surviving soldiers all jumped off the ships in a sorry state and rushed to the shore.

Lo Ya’s bombardment did not stop.

When they were close to 500 meters away, more Bullet Insect loaded “mortars.” With a few bangs, countless cannonballs were fired at the enemy ships and land.

Boom! Boom! Bang!

The explosions continued without stop.

A few regular soldiers who did not belong to the navy rushed over from afar.

When they saw this scene, they looked at each other in dismay.

“What the hell Where are the cannons Why aren’t there any naval artillery”

The commanders on land were at a complete loss as to what to do when they saw the empty hill next to them.

When the Insect Girl Clan ship confirmed that all the enemies had escaped from the ship, it stopped bombarding and rushed towards the shore with all its might.

The soldiers on the shore tried to block the landers who were about to land, but the powerful cannons soon landed on their heads.

When the round grenade launchers from the cannonballs landed beside their feet one after another, the roaring airwaves immediately filled with a bloody stench.

In less than a few seconds, the soldiers lost their fighting spirit.

As the ship at the front crashed into the shore, a small number of beetles and Bullet Insect boarded the shore.

A few fearless warriors rushed up, and the small beetle immediately went up to meet them.

A few of the Explosive Beetle were at the front, and as soon as they got close, they exploded.

Seven or eight people were killed on the spot.

The rest of the soldiers were stunned for a moment.

When they came back to their senses, the black armored insects also attacked with their pincers.

Behind them, before the cargo ship could open the boarding gate, the Sickle Insect on top of it jumped into the water and rushed towards the shore.

The average attributes of these insects had already reached the Gold Level.

Therefore, after the first three ships dropped 150 Sickle Insect, it was equivalent to 450 Gold Level warriors who did not know combat power rushing towards the human soldiers.

They were either Black Iron Level warriors or Bronze Level warriors.

Even if all the energy in their bodies erupted, they could not resist the sharp sickle.

Although the weapons in their hands could cause damage to the insects, they were always dodged.

Therefore, the remaining dozens of people were defeated in the blink of an eye.

The countless workers and civilians at the port were so scared that they fled.

No one dared to stay in such a dangerous place anymore.

A group of insects rushed to the land in disorder and started to form units of 10 teams.

Along the way, They slaughtered the people who carried weapons along the way.

A total of 5000 bugs jumped down in a short five minutes.

In exchange, the city in front of him was in chaos.

Lo Ya also brought Chiang Ya to the shore.

Both Little Insect Girl were above level 40, especially Lo Ya who was at level 49.

Adding the original bonus, the Strength’s attributes were as high as 169 points, and the Spirit and Magic were respectively 138 points.

5 points and 202.3 points.

Such attributes meant that her Magic’s lethality was double that of humans of the same level.

Even if she used a First Grade Magic, its power would be nearly 20 times that of a Black Iron Level Magic Master.

Chiang Ya was not much weaker than Lo Ya, and her Magic’s value was also above 100 points.

“Hmm, do you think 5,000 Gold Level insects are enough If it is just a city, it should be able to defeat it easily.”

Emico Island, this 50,000 square kilometers island, there must be quite a number of people living on it.

Lo Ya was prepared to test the strength of this city briefly, and then let the fleet return home so that they could mobilize a new batch of insects to assist.

However, ordinary Sickle Insect did not lack the strength to continue the war.

They could plunder food to produce their tails and carry out long-term war of attrition.

Just as Lo Ya transformed into a human form and placed Chiang Ya on her shoulder and used an illusion to make her invisible, the insects rushing at the front suddenly encountered a ring-shaped blue high wall.

Its height might be 20 meters.

The high wall seemed to have divided the city into two parts, inside and outside, with many cannons installed on it.

When the group of Sickle Insect at the front rushed up, the dozens of Magic Masters and a few cannons at the top opened fire and turned them all into minced meat.

Lo Ya had no choice but to sit on a bug and accelerate to the vicinity.

“What a tall wall.

Only a few stairs can go up”

There were many soldiers on both sides of the stairs, all of them archers.

If he used the Wind God Winged Insect, he might be shot down by the Magic Master.

Lo Ya then released a chain of fire dragons and bombarded the target.

At this time, the fire dragons had already leveled up.

The power and range of the fire dragons had doubled.

To the warriors above, it was simply a nightmare.

After the bombing, the swarm started to run up the stairs.

The archers and crossbowmen on both sides kept shooting down, but because the bugs were too fast, their accuracy was pitifully low.

Even if they hit, they wouldn’t be able to kill them.

As the hundreds of bugs arrived at the top of the stairs, hundreds of sword-shield soldiers with average strength of Silver Level had gathered in front of them.

The swarm of bugs crazily crashed into them.

Although the enemy’s weapons and equipment were very hard, they still had no chance of winning against Gold Level monsters.

After losing more than 30 of them, the army started to attack along the streets of the inner city.

Further ahead was the huge palace area.

There were many tall buildings that looked like churches.

There were also statues that were dozens of meters tall, holding cups of water in their hands.

The waterfall was over a hundred meters high, and there were also lights that adorned it, as if it was a work of art.

The city was very big, but it was indeed unable to withstand the swarm of insects.

There were many Magic Masters along the way, and most of them were water element mages.

However, when faced with the siege of Gold Level insects, these mages also became victims.

A few hours later, the swarm of insects attacked the interior of the palace, and began to raid the corridors and rooms within the building.

In the evening, the weapons in the city were basically removed.


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