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C222 – Cannon Pierce Bug Attack

“[Unknown ship approaching] All soldiers aboard, get ready for battle!”

Only God knew why so many warships had suddenly appeared.

The warships were not large, but they were all equipped with cannons.

Everyone had helpless expressions on their faces.

A small naval ship first sailed to the ocean surface.

Then, the soldiers on it waved their eye-catching red flags, attempting to send a message to Insect Girl’s fleet.

“What are they talking about Forget it, it doesn’t matter.

Fire directly.”

Lo Ya was too lazy to even talk.

She ordered the majority of the warships to spread out, and then the Launcher Insect with the furthest shooting range aimed at different iron ships, preparing to shoot.

As for the ordinary wooden warships, they could wait for the distance.

She used the Explosive Beetle to bombard them at a closer distance.

The distance between the two sides slowly closed.

Because this batch of Undead Insect was equipped with the equipment of the former Noble Army, if one did not look carefully from a distance, one would think that they were human soldiers.

“The other party did not reply.

It might be pirates.” The man who waved the flag put down the things in his hands and turned to the crew.

“This is crazy.

Where did these pirates who don’t care about their lives come from”

The messenger on the ship waved a few flags at the other soldiers at the port.

Soon, warships left the shore and headed towards Insect Girl Clan’s fleet.

Both sides had large fleets, but Insect Girl Clan’s ships were obviously much smaller.

What gave Lo Ya confidence in fighting was not the quantity, but the long distance Launcher Insect on the ship.

On the opposite side, tall masts rose from the magnificent ships, and the white sails danced in the air.

Lo Ya focused her attention on the opposite side.

Simply counting, there seemed to be 18 ships.

Nine of them were over 40 meters long, and the rest were close to 30 meters.

The largest flagship was 80 meters long, and there were so many cannons on it that it looked like a hedgehog.

“This is too big.

If it was a normal fleet, we would definitely lose.”

Lo Ya saw the strength of the enemy and could not help but curse.

The distance of the fleet quickly closed to two kilometers.

The crew of both sides could see the face of the other side.

Only then did the humans realize that the people in front of them were all skeletons.

“It’s an undead creature, could it be the legendary cursed ship”

Seeing the slowly approaching Battleship Insect, the bald commander on the flagship frowned.

He raised his monocular and cursed in a low voice.

More importantly, there were many large insects on the opposite ship.

From afar, they looked quite ferocious, like the Magical Creature of calamity.

A few seconds later, ten light explosions sounded from a second-grade ship across from them.

Accompanied by thick smoke, the cannonballs instantly left the launchers on their backs and flew above the surface of the water at high speed.

Although it looked like a rocket launcher, in reality, apart from the initial thrust of the cannon, the remaining time was dependent on its own inertia to fly forward.

Because the diameter of the cannonball was not large, the trajectory of the cannonball could not be seen from afar.

The flagship captain could only barely catch a black dot that flew past at high speed even with all his eyesight.



A cannon fired from such a long distance, was he seeing things

Very quickly, two of the cannonballs hit an iron armored ship one after another.

Accompanied by a deafening sound, the expanding black smoke surged out.

The entire ship seemed to have received a terrifying force as it tilted to one side.

Fiery light and shock waves penetrated the cabin, and the terrifying explosion instantly killed half of the crew members inside.

Even the deck was hit by the impact, and it caved in a little.

Not all of them, because even more cannonballs fell into the water nearby, causing the entire ship to shake violently along with the waves.

The splashing seawater hit the deck, completely wetting the crew.


The bald captain was stunned.

The key point was that these two shots were very lucky, they both hit.

In the midst of the rolling black smoke, half of the ship that was hit had been seriously damaged.

But luck was still good, for the time being, no signs of sinking could be seen.

It could only be said that the previous shot had been very fierce, and the degree of damage it had caused to the ship had also been unbelievable.

“The Borini, what happened to the Borini” The bald captain immediately sent a messenger to ask the other side.

Not long after, the ship on the other side replied.

The messenger saw the flag signal and his face turned pale.

“Captain, the location of the explosion was not good.

There was a leak down there.

Many people died.”

“Damn it.”

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

In the distance, one ship after another lined up and began to fire even more long-range artillery shells in this direction.

When the artillery shells that pierced through the air hit even more ships and water surface, the entire battlefield immediately displayed its cruel side.

Boom! Boom!

“Run, the ship is sinking!”

A ship that had been hit three times and had even caused the explosion of the gunpowder chamber began to sink at a very fast speed.

The people on the ship ran out in panic.

Many people jumped off the deck and started swimming towards other ships.


The distance was still getting closer, and five ships were hit one after another.

One of them sank, and the other four seemed to have suffered some serious injuries.

The swarm had fired at least 60 to 70 cannonballs.

If it wasn’t for the low accuracy, the outcome of this battle would have been determined.

“There’s no time to retreat.

Charge forward.”

The captain knew that even if they avoided the battle, they wouldn’t be able to protect the ship, so he might as well charge forward and take a few more with him.

The warship began to accelerate.

Lo Ya discovered that there were a few ships on the opposite side with astonishing defensive power.

It could be seen that their long-range cannons were not invincible.

If they did not hit places like the gunpowder room, they might need more than ten cannons to sink one ship.

“Luckily the firing speed is fast enough.”

The Eye of Truth could clearly see the flustered faces of the crew members.

With the speed of both parties, it was possible that they would engage in close combat in less than three minutes.

This was not what Lo Ya wanted, so she ordered all the ships to retreat and only let the artillery insects fly kites.

A few of the Wind God Winged Insect crew members who had stopped on the cargo ship began to take off.

They brought dozens of Explosive Beetle and flew towards the enemy’s ship.

“Damn it, those enemies still want to engage in close combat”

There were only ten flying bugs in total, and they were flying at a height of less than 50 meters.

This distance was to accurately bombard the enemy’s ship.

A Magic Master on the enemy’s flagship chanted an incantation.

Very quickly, a 100 centimeter long icicle slowly condensed in the air.

With a wave of his staff, it flew towards one of the Wind God Winged Insect with a swoosh.

“Roar ~ ~ ~”

Because the firing speed was too fast, the enormous body didn’t even have time to dodge before it was pierced through.

In a few seconds, the huge body began to fall down, along with a lot of small beetle.

“Looks like the enemy still has anti-air Strength.”

Lo Ya’s mouth twitched, looking at the second wave of cannon fire, and lightly exhaled.


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