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C217 – Little Insect Mom and Bullet Bug

After walking around the territory and looking at the Sickle Insect who were chatting and playing around, Lo Ya’s mood became better and better.

Perhaps it was because the meat was roasted too much, Little Insect Girl no longer sat in front of the barbeque rack and waited for food to eat every day.

Instead, she returned to the initial state of recuperation.

Of course, the adult Little Insect Girl was also rearing with them.

Don’t look at how they were already very mature.

In the end, they were still children.

They would always seize every opportunity to play.

Lo Ya continued to observe the situation of little Little Insect Girl’s life.

This time, she was paying attention to a very special little fellow.

That little fellow was born a few days ago, so its body size was already close to 9 cm.

Just like the previous one, she relied on her own ability to discover the mysteries of mental communication.

Very quickly, she established a connection with a creature with a different way of thinking.

It was a 0.5 centimeter long bug, in front of them, Little Insect Girl was really a huge monster.

She lay on the ground.

It was like a huge mountain with two terrifying black eyes.

She looked down in confusion.

There were only a dozen or so small insects.

They were the insignificant creatures of the era that had yet to evolve into exotic beasts.

Lo Ya sneakily opened the link and began to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two parties.

“Enemy… many waves, many waves.”

The little bugs ran wildly in a certain direction.

They ran with all their might, but to Little Insect Girl, she only needed to wriggle her tail a few times and swing her rabbit legs to easily catch up.

“Many waves, many waves.”

This kind of insect that was called many waves would only let out multiple waves of cries.

Even the Spirit’s communication channel had many waves of voices expressing their tone.

The content of these words was very simple.

It was similar to the words “heaven,” “I’m going to f * ck you,” “heaven,” and so on.

There was no special meaning to them.

They brought Little Insect Girl to the front of a few other strange looking ticks.

Why was it strange It was because there was a small round opening on the back of those ticks.

When they were close to a distance, they would half-squat down.

The opening was tilted forward, and then there was a bang.

A round black ball shot out from the inside and exploded dozens of centimeters away.

“Eh, a mortars”

The multi-wave bug was asking Little Insect Girl to help chase away this group of enemies.

Yes, there was a war between the two bug swarms.

The individual strength of the polymerized worms was very weak.

Many of their companions’ small worms were beaten until they ran all over the ground.

Little Insect Girl happily rushed up and stuck out her tongue to lick the ticklish insect into her stomach.

“Phew, good food.

I hate ticklish worms.” Lo Ya nodded affirmatively.

Although the power of the explosion of the round ball was not small, it was comparable to firecrackers.

But to the young Little Insect Girl, it was no longer a threat.

Now, even if it was an adult Ant Eater, it did not have the ability to defeat the young Little Insect Girl.

This was the improvement brought by continuous evolution.

The tickling worms that released the cannonballs began to escape, but little Little Insect Girl had already determined that this kind of food was very delicious, so she wriggled her huge body and began to eat non-stop.

She chased all the way to the front of the other party’s nest, dug with both hands into the soil, and a nest that was similar to a beehive with a hole in the white with a red color was revealed.

Countless larvae and adult black cannon ticks lived inside.

“Wow.” Little Insect Girl happily wagged her tail and began to use her hands to grab the bugs.

The multi-wave bug also happily called over because of the great victory.

Unfortunately, because the difference in level of the creatures was too great, these ticks could no longer provide tools for Little Insect Girl.

Lo Ya tried to let a Sickle Insect pass and dug out a piece of soil with black cannon ticks.

Then, she brought it to the side and slowly chewed it.

Originally, she did not expect to obtain genes.

Who knew that after a few minutes, Lo Ya heard a new evolution notification.

[Received special gene.]

[Due to the effect of this gene being too weak, it is automatically modified to produce a new bug seed: Bullet Insect.]

Bullet Insect: A special bug that is 60 centimeters long and has a long and narrow ejector on its back.

Its appearance is similar to a tickle-shaped bug.

It can rapidly produce spherical cannonballs with special activation devices through swallowing Magic crystals.

When the cannonballs slid into the firing port, they would produce a powerful propulsion force and would be shot to a distance of 300-500 meters.

The production cost of each bug was 50 Sickle Insect.

Each cannonball was equivalent to 1 / 30 of the cost of growing the Sickle Insect to adulthood.

“Eh, isn’t this the mortars”

Lo Ya found that the swarm of bugs really liked to send out artillery, artillery, and other things.

That Sickle Insect began to evolve in front of Lo Ya.

Its outer appearance really did become a tickle bug in a short one hour.

Lo Ya called it to the side and gave a large piece of level 2 crystal to the bug.

After about half an hour, a spherical shell rolled out from under its body.

“One in half an hour”

It could produce about 48 shots a day.

Lo Ya picked up the small ball and put it into its small opening.

Six seconds later, with a bang, thick smoke came out of the opening.

An invisible black shadow had already pierced through the air.

She hurriedly looked into the distance.

Very soon, an explosion that was half as powerful as the Leaf Ball appeared in the distance.

There was no sign of flames soaring into the sky, but there was a lot of thick smoke.

It was like a grenade had exploded.

“Not bad, not bad.

You’re quite accurate.”

It was only two meters away.

If it was not a coincidence, then this kind of artillery shell was quite meaningful in actual combat.

The disadvantage was that its firing speed was not as fast as most of the mortars.

Of course, Lo Ya tried to touch the tube and found that the temperature inside the firing port was not too high.

It proved that the high temperature caused by continuous firing could be ignored.

“Sir should produce 120.”

Don’t look at how small this thing was.

The cost was really high.

500 Sickle Insect’s nutrition was only able to produce 100.

The manufacturing of each cannonball required energy.

Once the battle started, it would be finished with a swoosh.

However, these were very good weapons for warships in the navy.

They were mainly used to kill the soldiers on the enemy’s deck from a long distance.

The key was that they could provide a stable firing speed.

“Then let’s build four 30 artillery regiments and then supply them to the navy.” Lo Ya nodded in satisfaction and let this guy go to the food area to eat and produce food.

Other than creatures like Battleship Insect, most of the insects were mature for 2-3 days.

Therefore, no matter what kind of army it was, as long as there was sufficient food, it could be built up in a very short period of time.

When he turned around to look at Little Insect Girl, he found that the little thing was trapped on a spider silk.

It was a level 2 Trio cloud poisonous spider.

This poison was no longer harmful to Little Insect Girl but Lo Ya also wanted to see what the cute little thing was going to do in this dangerous environment.

A few seconds later, Lo Ya saw the little guy’s body arched upwards.

He opened his mouth, bit the bottom of the thread, and ate it bit by bit.

The poisonous spider climbed down a distance and suddenly felt that something was not right.

It blinked its eyes and suspected that it had met its natural enemy.

Then it realized that it seemed to be Little Insect Girl’s food, so it quickly climbed up the tree.

However, Little Insect Girl had already eaten up one bite at a time.

“Gluttonous insect.”


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