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C189 – Need a Cannon

Lo Ya hurried to the coast.

Although it was called a second-grade ship, the cost was actually equivalent to 300 Sickle Insect.

And half of the nutrients came from the soil.

Therefore… In fact, The cost of cultivating a level 2 ship was equivalent to 150 Sickle Insect (equivalent to 30 Black Wolf Beast).

It was not very high even if it was said to be high.

If a 25 meter battleship was equipped with a powerful cannon, it would be very powerful.

Correspondingly, a level 1 15 meter warship seemed to be more cost-effective because it did not need to be fed with flesh and blood.

It could grow just by relying on mud (its actual combat strength was much lower).

Lo Ya came to the Battleship Insect’s body and found that all the cabins were empty.

The ship itself did not have a place to pilot, so it drove on its own.

There were many holes where the cannons were installed.

There were about 20 of them, which meant that there were 10 on the left.

There were 10 on the right, and judging from the size, only 6-12 pounds of cannons could be placed.

“Speaking of which, there’s a boat.

I really don’t know where to get a cannon.”

Lo Ya supported her chin with her hands and thought for a while before deciding to go to the human world to buy.

Even the Lords of Hojo Kingdom had a way to buy the land cannons of the Empire.

There was no reason other countries did not have them.

Furthermore, in the last battle, Lo Ya had seized two of them.

It was too big and could not be installed.

“But if we take a boat out, we need to disguise the Battleship Insect.”

Lo Ya felt that the insect eyes and the various strange patterns on the body of the boat were a little scary, so she used wooden planks to place them in the most hideous positions and carried out the basic disguise.

After more than two hours with the insects, the big insect finally looked like a normal boat.

“There are no sailors.

It doesn’t look like they are going to dock directly.”

Lo Ya did not lack money now.

She had gotten a lot from the Duke last time, and she had earned a lot when she fought with the Noble Army after that.

In fact, she had nearly 16,000 gold coins now.

This was not an ordinary amount of money.

Thinking about the Duke’s pained expression when he bought the tail last time, and the fact that the rebel army had only bought thousands of insects even after fighting with all their might, she knew what 16,000 gold coins was.

If she used this money to buy cannons, she could definitely get a lot of money.

He made up his mind and set off right away.

Sitting on the back of the Battleship Insect, the ship slowly moved forward.

Because most of the limbs that were paddling were underwater, they were not worried about being discovered by others.

Looking up, the white sails of the ship fluttered in the wind.

At this moment, she seemed to have turned into a captain.

Standing on the deck, she spread out her arms, enjoying the wind in the drizzle.

After sailing for a while, the ship docked at the port that the rebel army had just taken control of.

A few soldiers wanted to investigate the things on the ship, but when they saw Lo Ya, they immediately changed to a respectful attitude.

“Where is Luya I want to find her.”

As soon as this request was made, Luya, who was sitting on the Black Wolf Beast’s back, rushed over in a hurry.

“Luya, find a few people to accompany me to the sea.

I want to go to the south and buy a bunch of cannons.” Lo Ya said.

“Buying cannons Where did you get this ship” Luya stepped onto the deck in disbelief.

She tidied her long brown hair that had risen due to unknown reasons and looked at the exquisite ship with a blank face.

“It was not easy to buy this from someone else.

Now I still need to buy cannons, assemble them into warships, and open up the landing battlefield on the sea.”

Actually, Lo Ya also had the idea of starting voyage trading.

Most of the world’s surface area was the ocean.

For example, the western side of the mountain range at the end of this world was an ocean with a shocking surface area.

The southern part of Hojo Kingdom was separated by a few countries, and it was also a boundless ocean.

Only by crossing the vast waters of the southern ocean and arriving at the opposite shore… It was the strongest empire in the human world.

Lo Ya felt that it was not a coincidence that she obtained the Battleship Insect.

The human civilization had actually developed a certain extent in terms of ocean shipping.

Otherwise, the distant empire would not have extended its tentacles to the kingdom and established a branch church with strong control.

Just in these few days, the Phantom Ship that Lo Ya sent out had sunk several merchant ships.

Furthermore, they learned that the nobles of Hojo Kingdom were indeed doing business with some of the countries in the south that had a lot of maritime transportation.

Some of the ships were equipped with more ancient and primitive gunpowder cannons, while others were driven by Magic.

The battle did not only happen between countries, but also between merchants and pirates.

Even the nobles of the same country had conflicts.

In fact, for most families, having a few ships equipped with crossbows and stone throwing cannons was already very good.

Therefore, Luya was very surprised by Lo Ya’s ambition.

“Maritime war, my God, you are really not an ordinary Magical Creature.

This kind of thinking… Why do I feel that you are more like a human than me”

It was no wonder she was shocked.

This Small was really too powerful.

Although it looked stupid on the surface, thinking about it carefully, was Lo Ya really stupid


An idiot would never do such a thing.

“It seems like I can’t underestimate you anymore.”

Capture ~

As she spoke, she lifted Lo Ya up and revealed a mischievous look, “Insect tail… is fat and big.

It is indeed a bug.”

Poke and poke.

“Wow, it’s so itchy.

Stop.” The tail hit Luya’s face.

The Small landed on the ground and rolled twice on the ground.

Then, it angrily turned its head away.

“Haha.” Luya laughed in a funny way.

She originally thought that the relationship between the two of them had become unfamiliar, but now, looking at it, Lo Ya still looked like that child from back then.

The only difference was that her body size had grown from less than 10 centimeters (roughly) to more than 25 centimeters.

According to Insect Girl’s size, if she grew another 10 centimeters or so, she would have a fully grown body.

It was too small!

Really, even if it was 35 cm, she would still be at the pet level, the type that was cuter than a human baby.

Lo Ya coughed awkwardly and said seriously, “Alright, let’s get down to business.

You have to know, if I buy a cannon, it will be helpful for the future war of the rebel army.

As far as I know, Noble Army has warships.

” That’s true.

” When the topic of the rebel army was mentioned, Luya went into a serious state.

“So serious.

Luya, why are you fighting so hard for the rebel army”

Lo Ya was shocked.

She went to her feet and threw a Healing Nature on her leg because there was an obvious wound there.

As a girl, she was obviously so young, but she still went to the battlefield.

To fight against powerful enemies.

Without the help of the insect swarm, the rebel army would have been in a terrible situation.

Perhaps they would have been completely wiped out by the Noble Army.

Luya did not know how to answer.

She just smiled and said, “If you are a human, perhaps you can understand.

That is my brother’s dream.

It is also for everyone to live a more comfortable life.”


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