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C178 – Ship Type Worm

Although the race is human, the appearance is indeed a ship.

A huge head that looked like a ram, a half-wood and half-metal indentation, Sixteen legs were like sixteen oar, and there were even things like sails and masts in the middle.

It could also be raised and down freely.

Lo Ya suddenly felt that these monsters might have been transformed from people being cursed, and not from the beginning.

Otherwise, the words “human” in the system prompt could not be explained.

“No matter what, this is a new gene.

We cannot let it go.”

Lo Ya wiped her saliva and ordered the 20 Sickle Insect waiting outside the cave to rush in and test the strength of these monsters.

The level of these people on the ship exceeded most herbivorous dinosaurs, and their bodies were stronger than before.

Hence Lo Ya did not dare to underestimate them at all.

These bugs were sent out without any hope of causing any harm, and were only used as’ cannon fodder ‘to discover the ship’s weakness.

Lo Ya sat on the back of the Black Wolf Beast and began to rush towards the cave.

The scene turned into the scene of three people chasing after a group of armored people and thousands of bugs.

As more and more beetles escaped through the small gap, one of the boatmen suddenly changed direction and blocked the entrance.

Thus, this damn place really became a sealed off place.

The beetles outside desperately tried to destroy the outer layer of wood on the side of the Gnawing Ship, but they could do nothing to the inner layer of the iron shell.

Although this ship was not big, it had a solid iron shell.

It could not even break through the defense without high-energy Dou Qi or Magic.

When the Sickle Insect came here, they used sharp insect blades to attack.

At most, they could only make a long dent on the outer layer.

Two hours later, when Lo Ya came to the cave, there were still over 400 small beetle and five armored men who were half dead tired in the deep pond space.

“Everyone, spread out.

Leave this place to me.”

Lo Ya had the surrounding small beetle retreat to a spot dozens of meters away.

She activated her Third Grade skill and summoned numerous fire dragons with shocking temperatures from beneath the solid rock.

Amidst a series of explosions, the boatman was thrown several meters away by the terrifying explosive energy and rolled several times.

The fire dragons passed through the opening and entered the interior of the ship.

They bombarded the body of the ship one after another, quickly blasting the target to pieces.

“Go up and eat.”

The group of Sickle Insect took advantage of the fact that the light of the explosion had yet to disperse and immediately swarmed forward.

They picked up the broken hull piece with their mouths and retreated to the outside.

Then, they swallowed the broken hull piece with their mouths (they couldn’t bite).

Digestive was more difficult.

The genes of the ship people were clearly more special.

Otherwise, they would not have produced this kind of half-metal, half-wood structure with animal flesh and blood.

Lo Ya rushed in herself and used the Dark Melting to make the last cut to the still intact head.

Only then could she be considered to have completely killed this monster.

There was only a square bone box that broke out on the ground.

[Congratulations, you have obtained the cursed ship’s embryo cells.]

[Curse ship embryo cells: After using the evil Magic to turn a person into a “ship,” they will experience endless pain.

Even if the cursed ship person dies, their consciousness will still be inherited into a child cell.

Finally, it will develop into a new “Suffering Ship Man.” This was a pitiful creature that would never live again.

Killing him was a form of salvation.


“So scary.”

Lo Ya muttered and opened the box.

There was a small egg inside.

“This is called… cell”

Lo Ya did not dare to eat this terrifying thing, so she called a Sickle Insect and gave the egg to it.

“Come, obedient baby, eat the egg.”

“Squeak, squeak, squeak.” The Sickle Insect happily jumped a few times.

Its two big red eyes were wide open, as if being able to be given food by Lo Ya was a very blissful thing.

With one bite, the taste of the egg immediately made the Sickle Insect dance on the spot.

“Looks like it is very delicious.”

It didn’t have any adverse effects.

Furthermore, the notification of evolution soon arrived…

[Sickle Insect obtained beneficial genes.

All attributes increased.

The genes have been used by all individuals in the tribe, including Insect Girl.] ]

[Due to the large scale of evolution, a new branch species has been created: Battleship Insect.

[Battleship Insect: A skeleton made of wood and metal, with a jet pushing structure at the tail.

Able to sail at 15 knots on the sea.

The size of the Battleship Insect is determined by the amount of food it takes, and five days after birth is the length of life.

If they ate continuously during the period of life, they could grow to an maximum of 80 meters long.

The third deck was filled with 2200 tons of water.


“It seems like something incredible.”

Lo Ya blinked her eyes and realized that this bug was about to split into Battleship Insect, so she ordered it to immediately leave this place and go outside to eat.

The surrounding bugs, including the small beetle, had a huge change in their body strength.

A faint golden color appeared on the black shell of the beetle, and the horns on the few Sickle Insect’s heads became harder and longer.

The strength of both legs was even greater, even the wings that were easily broken.

A powerful color appeared.

At this moment, because of the death of his companions, the two crew members in the deep pond had gone crazy.

They crashed everywhere, making an ear-piercing buzzing sound as if they were steaming air.

The malefics inside were really going crazy.

The string of explosions from before had yet to make them come back to their senses.

Now, the half-dead patriarch was really tired and scared.

He was about to become crazy.

At this time, Lo Ya slowly walked through the opening and wriggled in.

She saw the pitiful fiends running along the edge of the mountain wall.

They were shaken by the loud roars and their heads were buzzing.

“It’s really impressive to be able to hold on for so long.”

The scene was filled with broken limbs of small beetle.

After Lo Ya entered, a huge ship man suddenly rushed in her direction.

Hence, Lo Ya released another chain of Fire Dragon Magic, blooming crazily in the cave!

The rising flame lit up the darkness, piercing the eyes until it hurt.

The ship was directly killed by the explosion.

The heatwave spread out for dozens of meters, making Lo Ya feel as if she had entered a steamer.

“It’s so hot.

I can’t underestimate the Third Grade Magic.”

The last ship also failed to escape disaster.

It exploded into pieces under the impact of the fire dragon that descended from the sky.

The temperature was too high, and it caused discomfort.

Lo Ya stuck out her tongue and exhaled a few breaths.

She ordered the Sickle Insect behind her to rush up and eat the corpse on the spot while she picked up the broken ship egg.

After trying to eat a mouthful, she discovered that it was just a very ordinary egg.

There was a trace of consciousness left inside, but it was too weak, directly destroyed along with the change in material structure.

“With the Battleship Insect, it seems like I can build a powerful naval fleet.

Lo Ya heard that some of the nobles along the coast of the kingdom also had ships to trade with.

Some of the nobles also had warships.

But they are all relatively ancient wooden ships, and they mainly rely on ramming horns.

Or perhaps… They would engage in boarding battles, allowing the soldiers to seize the ships.

Lo Ya, on the other hand, already had a Phantom Ship in her inventory.

It was a genuine cannon.

It was almost comparable to the warships of the great maritime era on Earth.


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