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C124 – Rhinoceros

Lo Ya was slightly different from the life in this world.

It was just that she inherited a tiny bit of the memories of her past life.

The memories told her that the earth was round and there was a starry sky outside the universe.

Every star was a world.

She knew that matter was made up of tiny basic particles, and many of the daily mysterious phenomena could be explained with a whole set of theoretical knowledge.

Perhaps this mysterious world also had a set of theories that could explain it.

“Lo Ya, are we going to the east to explore now”

Lo Xin knew that Lo Ya had already sent 10 Sickle Insect squads to scout the way.

Along the way, there had already been many small-scale battles, but the outcome was basically the Insect Girl Clan’s victory.

The benefits of living in groups were vividly displayed in this kind of battle.

Many monsters were clearly much stronger than the Sickle Insect, but they could only die miserably under the crazy siege.

For example, they found a second tiger somewhere.

Although this tiger was alone, it brought along a baby tiger that had yet to grow up.

The little tiger seemed to have just been born not long ago.

It swayed as it walked.

When the tiger’s mother was surrounded, it could only let out a sorrowful cry.

The Sickle Insect brought the little tiger that was still alive to Insect Girl and the others.

Comparing the combat strength of both parties, Lo Ya realized that the little cuties had a pretty good playmate.

Perhaps they all had the genes of tigers.

This ignorant little thing did not seem to reject Insect Girl.

In contrast, the little Little Insect Girl whose brain was full of food always wanted to eat the little tiger into her stomach.

The relationship between the predator and the prey seemed to be reversed.

The big guy who was supposed to be the king of the forest was now just a pitiful little cutie.

He was always forced to a corner by Little Insect Girl.

Of course, a tiger was still a tiger after all.

This “child toy” under Lo Xin’s care would be killed before it became a threat.

It was only because it could bring unnecessary danger.

On the eastern front line, the Sickle Insect had already encountered a few more troublesome enemies.

First was a terrifying rhinoceros.

In terms of combat strength, a real rhinoceros was stronger than a tiger.

As a Silver Level, this monster’s body was covered with thick armor, and its head was covered with spikes.

When it went berserk, it could even break a tree.

When it first met a group of insects, this rhinoceros chose to avoid them.

However, in order to evolve, the Sickle Insect would never give up such a meaty food.

Thus, when faced with the repeated attacks of the group, the clumsy body of the rhinoceros burst forth with astonishing speed.

With a rebuttal, it sent a certain Sickle Insect flying into the air.

After that, it fell to the ground in a miserable manner.

At the beginning, the Sickle Insect had slashed the sharp blade at the back of the rhinoceros monster.

However, under its exaggerated defense, most of the attacks had lost their effectiveness.

It was only when a certain Sickle Insect pierced through the rhinoceros’ anus that it fell into a state of complete despair.

After fighting for half an hour, more than ten Sickle Insect had died.

The rhinoceros’ characteristics made it harder for them to deal with groups of attacks during battle, and it was also easier for them to be injured.

In the repeated battles, this big monster was like a boss that was constantly being grinded.

It roared in pain time and time again, retaliating against more and more astute players.

In the beginning, it could still cause damage to the players, but in the end, it only had a pile of equipment left.

“It’s good, it’s good.

The insects’ hunting instincts are pretty good.

They can gain experience from fighting.”

This rhino was much stronger than a tiger.

Lo Ya originally thought that the insect swarm would suffer heavy losses, but she didn’t think that they would end up like this.

When the big black clumsy monster turned into a corpse, the insects began to work together to transport the two-ton mountain back to the territory.


Little Insect Girl happily rushed up.

The Sickle Insect used a saw to slowly cut open the back of the rhinoceros.

Then, a bunch of cuties climbed onto the flesh and started to bite the flesh.

Lo Ya also went up to eat.

[Evolution points 28]

The taste was delicious, at least to Little Insect Girl, strengthening the Insect Fang to deal with the rhinoceros beef was not difficult at all.

[Evolution points 28]

[You have received a chance to draw cards.] ]

The silver card was full of temptation.

Lo Ya took a deep breath and quickly clicked on one of the cards.

[Congratulations, you have flipped to 4 stars (SR)] Racial Ability Card: Water Elemental Control ]

Level 1 Water Elemental Control: Basic Water Elemental Magic, Highest Level 3.

The Strength that can control water can increase swimming speed and underwater agility, as well as increase the power of the Water Elemental Magic.


“Another Elemental Control This way, all four major elements are present.”

The earth, water, fire, and wind felt as if they had been arranged.

Lo Ya tried to use the ice needle and found that the strength of her skill had increased by at least 20%.

Moreover, the continuous flow of water elements controlling the Strength had reduced the consumption of the ice needle’s Spirit by a certain amount.

“Looks like the current attributes are already pretty good.”

Lo Ya opened the personal panel that she had not opened for a while and took a quick look at the situation.

Magical Creature: Lo Ya (Insect Girl Clan)

Level: 17

Experience Points: 107 / 1700

HP: 147 / 147

Endurance: 75 / 100

Strength: 20 8, Spirit: 28 Magic: 38, Agility: 23.


Vitality: 18.


Components: Strengthened Insect Fang (Beast Level, Attack 9), Colourless Skin (Beast Level, Defense Hearing Strengthener (Enhanced hearing), Electric Membrane (Beast Level, Attack 30), Spiritual Communication Receptors, Fire Elemental Elemental Crystal (Storage of Fire Element, Accelerate Casting) Muscle Set (Tiger, Beast Level, Attack 120, Defense Eye of Truth, rooted in cells.

Skill Card: None

Active Skill: Wind Elemental Control Level 1, Earth Elemental Control Level 1, Fire Elemental Control Level 1, Earth Spike Level 1 Wind Blade Level 2, Dark Melting Level 1, Nature’s Healing Level 1 Skeleton Summoning Level 1, Darkness Transformation, ice needle Level 1 (Second Grade Magic) Water Element Control Level 1

Passive Skill: Frost Add-on Level 1, Physical Reflex Level 2, Beginner Magic Immunity

Rating: Magical Creature (High Class Beast Branch)

Evolution points: 3750

Item space: 176 bottles of Basic Healing Potion, 25 bottles of Basic Spiritual Power Recovery Potion, 24 Enrichment Pills, Bronze Dagger, Flame Resistance Pill, Double Legs Transformation Certificate.

General currency 32 units, Skeleton Summoning Fragment 2 / 10.

Dark Fragment: 1 / 20.

Bronze Axe (3 / 10).

Bronze Spear (10 / 10 blessed weapon), Crown Command (chapter 66), Memory album, Toxic Oath Growth Machine, Star Observer, Wolf Man Stone (Bronze) 146, Mini Scout Puppet, Lower Magic Contract (chapter 101)

Card: Demon Blade Little Dragon (1 star, Demon, Upper Bronze), Black Demon Loli (1 star, Lifesteal Ghost), Vine Ball (1 star, plant)

Money: 10 gold coins and 85 silver coins (100 copper coins are 1 silver coin)

Ballad Currency: 5 silver coins

The individual situation was getting more and more detailed.

Correspondingly, it was getting harder and harder to level up.

Now he had to consider personally going to the dangerous east and hunting stronger beasts with the help of the insects.

Of course, the adult Insect Girl also needed to be brought along.

If he could not level up, he would level up himself.

The current number of species had actually reached 32, but there were only 8 adult (including Lo Ya), and the rest were 17 young and 7 new tails.

Little Insect Girl’s future was still worrying.

The current level situation was as follows:

Lo Xin (Level 13), Lo Lo (Level 11) (Chrysalis successful) Lo Yu (Level 12 mutated spider) Lo Lee (Level 9, Chrysalis successful), Lo Jing (Level 9, Chrysalis successful), Lo Wen (Level 8, Chrysalis failed), Lo Bing (Level 8, Chrysalis failed)

Currently, only Lo Wen and Lo Bing had failed in the chrysalis transformation.

It was just that to Lo Ya, Lo Bing, who had already obtained the support ability, had actually become a “powerful crutch.” What she was truly worried about was Lo Wen, who was very difficult to achieve.

If she could not obtain any stronger abilities, then she might really be left behind by the other Little Insect Girl.

“I don’t know when my chrysalis transformation will happen.”

Lo Ya knew that her body was not an adult yet, so she was not in a hurry.

In terms of individual combat strength, Lo Xin, who should have been second only to Lo Ya, had already been pulled apart by Lo Yu, Lo Lo and the rest.

These little things all had the ability to fight with human Magic Masters.

Unfortunately, they were limited by their size.

Everyone’s skill range still needed to be increased.

Lo Ya thought of this and let the Sickle Insect go up to the Gnawing Rhinoceros body.

Then… evolve!

[Sickle Insect obtained the rhinoceros gene.

It has strengthened the horn of the Sickle Insect and all the other branches of the race.


[All Insect Girl’s Strength has increased by a small margin.

With the naked eye, it had become stronger.

Indeed, after the evolution probability increased, the probability of obtaining genes through eating meat increased.


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