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C113 – I’m Very Troubled

The three of them accepted Lo Ya’s mission, which was actually impossible for them to gain any benefits.

Of course, these poor players did not know that from today onwards, they were destined to be free part-time workers, helping Lo Ya do all kinds of weird things.

Both parties agreed to come here every seven days to hand in the quest items.

After that, the players reluctantly left.

After the few of them disappeared, Lo Ya quickly left.

She took out the map in the Origin Space’s inventory and looked at the note.

She was prepared to spend a few days to reach the largest location in the middle of the map.

Unfortunately, when she put away the map and prepared to go to the shops nearby, Two men, one in front and one behind, blocked her in a narrow alley.

“Little girl, what are you doing here alone Why don’t you play an interesting game with me” The bearded uncle who was walking in front of her let out a mischievous laugh.

At the same time, he was swinging a sharp knife in his hand.

He had a threatening look on his face.

Lo Ya turned her head and realized that the man behind her also had the same tone.

She could only helplessly pat her forehead.

“This is really troublesome.”

To be honest, compared to the natives, her attributes were not considered high.

If she wanted to beat these two men, she would have to use some special means.

As the Magic in reality was severely restricted in this world, Lo Ya could only rely on the violent acid and Electric Shock.

Unfortunately, the two men did not seem to realize how dangerous this beautiful and pure girl in front of them was.

They walked up with an evil smile on their faces.

When they were more than ten meters away, Lo Ya opened her mouth.

A sharp and sharp Insect Fang was revealed.

The uncle’s expression froze.


The acid was spat out and directly hit his head.

A miserable scream immediately rang out within a hundred meter radius.

The man behind him was shocked, he quickly took out a card from his body and threw it onto the ground.

After a burst of light, a big red fish covered in scales jumped towards Lo Ya.

Red Braised Fish, 1 Star, Water Race.

“Red Braised”

The big monster jumped in front of Lo Ya, opened its mouth, and spat out a mouthful of flames.

“Damn it.”

So it was not a braised fish, but a braised fish.

Lo Ya hurriedly rolled to the side, but her left arm was still burned by the flames.

Fortunately, her clothes were not burned, otherwise she would have really experienced the taste of being roasted.

She agilely circled to the right side of the braised fish and spat acid at the man.

At the same time, she used both hands to send high-power Electric Shock to the big fish.

Crackling sounds rang out, and the fish was charred in an instant.

The poor braised fish jumped up from where it was standing, its tail wildly swinging in all directions.

Lo Ya grabbed the top of the wall and flipped it up to avoid being hit on the wall.

At this moment, the two men not only destroyed their faces but also felt the pain of despair.

They did not dare to fight with Lo Ya anymore.

They reached out and shouted, “Wait for me!” and ran away like a wisp of smoke.

“Phew.” Lo Ya blew on her burnt left hand and felt a little regretful.

“In the future, issue a mission to eliminate them.” The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it made sense.

She could not always do things by herself.

The best way to use the Strength by her side was to use it well.

Calculating the time, it seemed like there was not much time left for her legs to transform.

Lo Ya directly withdrew from Origin Space and returned to her territory.

Hojo Kingdom, Count’s Territory, Doomberg City.

Another victory in the arena was won, and the crowd was filled with enthusiastic cheers.

The man in black standing on the platform couldn’t help but frown and turn his head.

He whispered to the man beside him, “Count, the insect in her hand seems to be the one we fought against.”

“I know” The count nodded expressionlessly.

As long as one had participated in that battle, no one would not recognize this type of bug.

Not only did that battle not succeed, it also attracted dangerous Devil Beast Lord.

It would be a lie to say that they weren’t afraid.

But now, there was actually someone with an unknown origin who treated the Sickle Insect as a pet.

This was too uncomfortable.

Luya, who had once again earned a fortune, knew that the income from fighting a battle was already very little.

Because in most situations, as long as the Sickle Insect appeared, the odds would become very small.

Even if the entire audience bet a lot of money, she would not be able to earn much.

It would only be about two or three silver coins.

After the match ended, the Sickle Insect suddenly squeaked.

The sound was very urgent, as if it was the sound of her body leaving the area.

In a hurry, Luya sat on the insect’s back and ran out of the city as fast as she could.

When she was very far from the city, she asked in disbelief, “Why are you in such a hurry to leave”

The Sickle Insect could not answer because this was Lo Ya’s order.

“Forget it.

Since we are already here, we might as well get down to business.”

Slapping her forehead, Luya entered the forest in front of her.

She did not know how Insect Girl Clan was living in the forest.

Not long ago, she heard that the count had sent troops into the forest and lost nearly a hundred people.

She did not know who she had fought with.

She touched her pocket and found that many of the coins hanging around her waist had been exchanged for gold coins.

Luya prepared to exchange for another batch of Sickle Insect so that she could provide support to the increasingly powerful rebel army.

Arriving at a quiet area, she took out the communication paper on her body and gently tore it apart.

She squatted in a small pile of grass.

In a short few minutes, a large group of Sickle Insect appeared nearby.

Lo Ya, who was sitting on top of the bug’s head, seemed to have grown bigger, but she still looked cute.

“Luya, have you met with trouble” Lo Ya asked straightforwardly.

“Yes.” Luya nodded her head, “It’s just a small matter.

There’s nothing to worry about.”

“That’s good.

However, we are here to ask you a question.

Has the rebel army thought of forming an alliance ” Lo Ya went straight to the point.

Luya raised her eyebrows, “An alliance”

“Yes, the enemy of the enemy is a friend.

If the rebel army is willing to provide some benefits, I don’t mind supplying a powerful Sickle Insect army to you.

Furthermore, it is an evolved version.”

After Lo Ya finished speaking, she pointed to the side and a Black Wolf Beast walked out of the forest.

It was almost 1.2 meters tall, with scarlet eyes and strong muscles.

Even the Tibetan Mastiff that Lo Ya had seen in her previous life was far less impressive.

“And it, the Black Wolf Beast.

It is a super monster that can form the Wolf Cavalry.

Its weight is 5 times that of the Sickle Insect, super obedient.

Luya took a deep breath.

” Lo Ya, you… I mean, where did you find such a loyal magic beast”

For such a small Little Insect Girl to be able to make such a terrifying big monster listen to her, could it be that Lo Ya had already evolved into a Devil Beast Lord

However, she knew that was impossible.

After all, a ready-made lord was nearby.

It was not only a black dragon, but also a high-level life form that had left the mortal world.

Then she looked at Lo Ya.

What the hell!

“Sigh.” Lo Ya sighed slightly.

“Actually, I don’t want to get involved in the war between humans, but the earl deliberately came to attack my territory.

This makes me very distressed.”


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