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The Mate Of The Alpha King The Urges

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Jumping through the teleportation gate saved a whole week of traveling, as it took the fleet thirty minutes to reach their destination. As soon as they entered the packs borders the invisible link of the marked territory had been broken. It was like a guitar strings that got stretched until a bang sound could be heard. Just like a silent alarm turned on warning the crossers and the inhabitants of intruding.

Xavier breathed deeply in a, in and out rhythmic movement. Focusing his senses and spreading them into the land to connect with it, becoming in a swift touch; one with nature and one with all. The process was similar to a new machine being turned on for the first time. He can swear that he can feel the movement of electric current linking him with every entity through this province.

He was able to see everything, to feel everything, something that usually helped him to understand. However today he become restless. For no reason at all his body started to shake like a fish out of water. He couldn breathe, he couldn focus. He just wanted to tear himself into pieces. He laid himself on his knees as a desperate try to hold himself together. He is starting to get out of control he realized.

"But why" He chanted repeatedly inside of his head. Trying to solve the situation as soon as possible He couldn let him get berserk he reminded himself, as the consequences will be dire. This was strange, so strange. As he can feel his wolf stirring inside of him, wanting to be let out. If he can be described in a picture or a scene. You will be finding a reddish, black demonic wolf, sitting with ears piercing and tail waving, bumping into the floor leaving a hole in each side of him. With the amount of eagerness he had, the possibility of him getting loose will probably create a pool of blood in his trek.

The situation has become worst by the second. Even the two man sitting in the front can feel the leaking aura their Lord is implementing.no one dared to move as Xavier struggled to keep himself in control. It was mere nightmare, as his nails become longer and skin contracted back and forth. The sound of bones breaking can also be heard loudly. It wasn abnormal to have shifting scenes within werewolves, the abnormal part was that their king was shifting. Knowing exactly that the after match of his wolf coming out cannot be controlled. No one was able to survive to even tell the stories.

The car kept going in deadly silence with the a occasional grants from the back as a sign of struggle. The smell of fear, sweat and anger swept the space to the point of vomiting.

"What was going on?" The same questions kept rolling around by all of them, until finally they begun to feel the aura of the alphas king started to decelerate.


The cars have taken a side road, to avoid crossing the pack directly. Following the flat landscape, the fleet had come to a stop when the forest became dense and the Humvees were unable to proceed. All soldiers got down quickly, to stand in structured formation, waiting for orders. When their leader stepped out few minutes later, disheveled and pale. He was quickly followed by his beta and the driving soldier. Looking at them carefully they understood that something must have happened. They even can swear they saw the driving mans legs shaking, barely holding himself up and not fainting.

Feeling it deep inside they knew that some of them may not go back home in one piece today.

Their steps were heavy when they cut their paths through the closed off forest. Everything were unusually still, hearing only their walking song breaking the sinful dread. They weren any men that could be summoned to escort the alpha, their ordinary day conjured blood and flying flesh.

Every step they took Xaviers heart thumbed inside his chest faster than the festivals drums. He was shaking like a leaf in the mid of autumn, having the intense urges to consume the white powder drugs. Excited at the verge of dying, or as experiencing withdrawal symptoms crying endlessly remembering God at the churches slums. They weren just signs, but a mode the longer he was inside, the harder he would be able to leave.



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