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403 Coercion

Jiang Xiaoyan was about to go crazy.

She looked around for the monk, but she couldnt find him anywhere.

While Wang Ru was in the mansion, Hu Futan never left her side.

It was as if he was protecting a priceless treasure.

This behavior was more hurtful to Jiang Xiaoyan than anything else.

It was obvious who he was guarding against.

Jiang Xiaoyan was both in pain and also strangely amused.

She did not do anything, but Hu Futan was already guarded against her.

Wang Ru swaggered around and provoked her, but Hu Futan turned a blind eye to it.

Wang Ru was like a thorn in her eye.

If Jiang Xiaoyan did not pull it out, she would die.

Jiang Xiaoyan knew that if she wanted to get rid of Wang Ru without anyone knowing, she had to find people with psychic abilities.

But where could she find one

Jiang Xiaoyan thought of Liu Sanniang.

She was unwilling to visit Liu Sanniang again, but she had no choice.

The famous psychics in the capital were all working for the powerful.

They were not people she could meet casually.

Even if she did, they would not help her.

Only Liu Sanniang had no power or influence.

Jiang Xiaoyan knew that she couldnt wait any longer.

She got someone to prepare a horse and left the mansion.

When she came to the small courtyard again, she raised her hand and knocked on the door.

Liu Sanniang was drawing talismans.

She was getting better and better at it.

When she heard a knock on the door, she went to open it and looked at Jiang Xiaoyan calmly.

“Madam, come in.”

Jiang Xiaoyan walked into the courtyard and found that Liu Sanniang was alone.

Her expression darkened.

Liu Sanniang was just a girl.

Even if Liu Sanniang had some ability, she was still not a match for a few grown men.

If she kidnapped Liu Sanniang and threatened to kill her, would Liu Sanniang agree to help

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As soon as this thought appeared, she could not shake it away no matter what.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at her back.

“Miss Liu, are you home alone”

After Jiang Xiaoyan asked her, she felt inexplicably nervous.

However, Liu Sanniang did not seem to notice anything and replied calmly.


Chu Yan has gone out to buy groceries.”

Jiang Xiaoyan took a deep breath.

This was a chance given to her by the heavens.

She opened her mouth and said, “Miss Liu, please help me.

You can ask for as much silver as you want.

Name a price.

As long as I can afford it, I will.”

Jiang Xiaoyan stared at Liu Sanniang.

If money could solve the problem, she did not want to use force.

Liu Sanniang turned around and looked at Jiang Xiaoyan.

“Madam, how do you want me to help you”

Jiang Xiaoyans heart tightened.

“Do you know how to make an array formation An array formation that can change a persons mind and make him fall in love with me.”

Liu Sanniang looked at Jiang Xiaoyan.

“It seems that you still havent thought it through.”

Jiang Xiaoyans expression gradually turned cold.

“Miss Liu, its not like Im harming anyone.

Cant you help me I just want him to be with me forever.”

Liu Sanniang said truthfully, “Madam, your marriage is over.

No one can change something thats preordained.”

Jiang Xiaoyan could not accept this result.

She looked at Liu Sanniangs calm expression and knew that she had a way to help her.

A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Jiang Xiaoyans eyes.

“Miss Liu, are you really not going to help”

Liu Sanniang looked at Jiang Xiaoyan.

“Madam, youre forcing it.

Ive said it before.

No one can go against the heavens.

If you force it, it wont end well.”

Jiang Xiaoyan gritted her teeth.

“I dont care.

If you dont help, dont blame me for being rude to you.”

Liu Sanniang looked at Jiang Xiaoyan without changing her expression.

“Madam, do you want him to have you in his heart at all costs”

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Liu Sanniang and said firmly, “Yes.”

She forced a smile and continued.

“You have no idea how much I love him.

I gave up everything for him.

I love him so much, but he doesnt have me in his heart.

Do you know how sad I am”

Jiang Xiaoyan felt as if her heart was frozen, making her feel suffocated.

If Wang Ru did not appear, she and her husband would continue to live together in peace.

Even if she knew that he did not have a place for her in his heart, she did not mind because she was the one who would accompany him for the rest of his life.

It was enough that she was the one who lived and died with him.

Why did Wang Ru have to come back She could see Wang Rus ulterior motives clearly, but he seemed to be blinded and could not see anything.

She was just defending what she had and not letting others take it away.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Liu Sanniang coldly.

“If you dont help me, I wont show mercy.

But if you help me, Ill pay you 50,000 taels of silver.

I wont let you work for nothing.”

50,000 taels of silver was a fortune that many people could not earn in their lifetimes.

An ordinary family would only earn a few or ten taels of silver a year.

50,000 taels of silver was not a small sum.

Liu Sanniang looked at Jiang Xiaoyan and the black aura on her body.

Her expression was calm.

“If you want him to have you in his heart, the price is that you have to die.”

Jiang Xiaoyan was stunned.

She felt that Liu Sanniang was making fun of her.

If she was dead, how could she be with him

Jiang Xiaoyans expression was cold.

“Looks like Miss Liu is forcing me to use other methods.”

With that, she shouted coldly.


She did not come alone this time.

The coachman and two maids who were waiting outside came in when they heard the voice.

They looked at Jiang Xiaoyan and the person in the lead asked.

“Madam, what can I do for you”

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Liu Sanniang.

“Take her away.”

Liu Sanniang was not tall and looked like a weak woman.

The man called Chu Yan should be the most difficult to deal with, but fortunately, he was not around.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Liu Sanniang and softened her tone.

“Miss Liu, dont resist, in case I hurt you.

I dont want to hurt you.

I just want your help.”

“My dogs at home.” Liu Sanniang said flatly.

General Black lay motionless in his bed and did not make a sound, so Jiang Xiaoyan didnt notice him.

However, at this moment, General Black had already woken up and walked up to her.

The coachman and maids were stunned.

It shouldnt be a problem for them to capture Liu Sanniang, but it was a little difficult for them to fight the gigantic dog.

Looking at General Blacks cold eyes, their hearts trembled involuntarily.


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