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402 The Weak Needs Protection

Hu Futuan felt that Jiang Xiaoyan must be up to something.

She didnt like Wang Ru to begin with, so how could she be so kind to her

However, no matter what she was planning, she could forget about hurting Wang Ru.

Hu Futans distrust towards her deeply hurt Jiang Xiaoyan.

She could barely control her emotions and was about to break down.

She turned around and hid the tears that were rolling down her face.

“Let her stay in the main courtyard for the time being.

Take care of her.”

After saying this, Jiang Xiaoyan left.

She was afraid that if she didnt leave now, she would break down.

She thought that she could suppress Wang Ru, but she had forgotten that it was never Wang Ru who made her heart ache.

When she saw Hu Futan carefully feeding Wang Ru the chicken soup, Jiang Xiaoyan knew that she had lost the battle.

Hu Futans vigilance, suspicion, and distrust made Jiang Xiaoyan feel like she was being dismembered.

After being married to him for more than ten years, she still couldnt replace Wang Ru in his heart.

Wang Ru was Hu Futans childhood sweetheart.

As long as she came back, Hu Futan would immediately forget how badly he was hurt by her back then.

After Jiang Xiaoyan left, Hu Futan heaved a sigh of relief.

He wanted to have a good talk with Jiang Xiaoyan, but she looked like she came with a murderous intent.

He was really worried that Jiang Xiaoyan would do something to Wang Ru.

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Wang Ru tugged at Hu Futans sleeve.

“Brother Hu, did I put you in a difficult position”

Hu Futan shook his head.


Wang Ru said softly, “Brother Hu, dont worry.

Ill be very obedient.”

Hu Futan smiled.

“You just need to get better soon.”

Wang Ru sighed.

“But Sister Jiang doesnt like me.”

Hu Futan stroked Wang Rus hair.

“Shes always been like that.

You dont have to worry.

Ill convince her.

I only treat you as my sister.

Ill tell her that you have no one to rely on.

No matter what, I wont let you suffer.”

Wang Ru was touched as she looked at Hu Futan.

“Thank you, Brother Hu.

Youre the best.”

Hu Futan felt his heart soften and turn into a puddle.

Just like before, Wang Ru was always weak and needed his protection.

She was even weaker now than before.

After experiencing the destruction of her family and having no one to rely on, she had to fend for herself.

Hu Futan comforted Wang Ru.

“Rest well.

Dont think about anything else.”

Wang Ru nodded.

Hu Futan stood up and left.

When the servants saw him, they lowered their heads.


Hu Futan asked coldly.

“Wheres Madam”

The servant replied softly.

“Madam went to the study.”

Hu Futans face darkened as he strode towards the study room.

There were many things that he had hidden in the study room.

He did not want Jiang Xiaoyan to see those things.

Hu Futans footsteps became hurried.

He pushed open the study door and saw Jiang Xiaoyan sitting quietly on the edge of the desk.

He heaved a sigh of relief and took a deep breath before walking over.


Jiang Xiaoyan remained silent.

She did not know what she should say or what she could say.

She seemed to have a lot of things on her mind, but in the end, she could not say them.

She was afraid that once some words were said, there would be no turning back.

She and Hu Futan had been married for more than ten years, but Hu Futan had never drawn a portrait of her.

Once a thought was formed, the more one thought about it, the more afraid one would become.

Hu Futan sat down beside Jiang Xiaoyan and said lightly, “Wife, what do you plan to do Ru has no family to rely on now.”

Hu Futan felt that Jiang Xiaoyan was using the same tactic on him which she used to deal with outsiders.

She was silently pressuring him, which made him feel uncomfortable.

He felt that Jiang Xiaoyan was too cold-blooded.

Wang Ru was just a weak woman who could not do anything to harm Jiang Xiaoyan.

However, Jiang Xiaoyan could not tolerate her.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Hu Futan.

“Husband, you asked me what I plan to do, but will you agree to what I plan”

What did she plan to do She wanted Wang Ru to disappear.

She wanted Wang Ru to die, but could she do it just because she planned to do so

Hu Futuan looked at Jiang Xiaoyans cold expression and his expression turned ugly.

“Why cant you tolerate her”

Jiang Xiaoyans heart ached so much that she could not breathe.

She looked at Hu Futan and said, “Its not that I cant tolerate her, but she cant tolerate me.

Havent you thought about her purpose for coming back Cant you see her schemes”

Hu Futan frowned.

“You think too badly of her.

Shes not so vicious.

You think of her like that because you dont like her.”

Jiang Xiaoyan almost went crazy.

“In your eyes, am I such a vicious and petty person For so many years, have I ever stopped you from doing anything Even if you want a concubine, I wont say anything.


Hu Futan frowned and interrupted Jiang Xiaoyan.

“Wife, I dont need a concubine.

Im a loyal person.

I will only have you in my life.

There wont be anyone else.”

Jiang Xiaoyan gritted her teeth.

“Youre lying.

Are you telling me that you dont have any other motives for keeping her here She has no one to rely on, so you brought her back.

She needs warmth, so you give her your embrace.”

Hu Futan stood up angrily.

“I cant talk to you.

I only treat Ru as my younger sister.

The past is in the past.”

He had already made it clear to Jiang Xiaoyan, but Jiang Xiaoyan still brought up the past.

She even said that she could accept him taking a concubine.

This was clearly an insult to him.

If he was that kind of person, he would have had countless wives and concubines.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Hu Futan.

She knew that as long as Wang Ru was still around, everything she had would be taken away.

She knew it too well, even if Hu Futuan did not admit it.

Hu Futans expression darkened.

“Wife, I hope you can try to put yourself in Rus shoes.

Shes not what you think.

Shes different from you.

You are smart, powerful, and capable.

You despise a timid woman like Ru, but shes really not as bad as you think.”

Jiang Xiaoyan was very capable and intelligent.

In this aspect, Wang Ru was really inferior to her.

However, Wang Ru was not one of those women who would harbor evil thoughts.

Jiang Xiaoyan forced a smile.

“In your eyes, she is a snow lotus, pure and innocent.

Obviously, how can you see the black and rotten heart inside her”

Hu Futan frowned.

He looked at Jiang Xiaoyan with disappointment in his eyes.

He had already said so much, but she still wouldnt budge.

There was simply no way to get his thoughts across to her.

Hu Futan said coldly, “Regardless of whether you accept her or not, I wont let her leave.

She has no one to rely on.

Letting her leave is equivalent to letting her die.”

With that, Hu Futan went out of the study.

Jiang Xiaoyan was left in despair.

It turned out that in Hu Futans heart, Wang Ru was a flower that needed to be carefully protected, and without his protection, she would die.

But how could that be She had hands and feet.

How could she die Jiang Xiaoyan bit her lips hard.

What could she do to keep him and this hard-won marriage

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