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401 Bringing Her Back (Part 2)

After an unknown amount of time, Jiang Xiaoyan wiped her tears and stood up.

She said coldly, “Someone, bring me water.

I want to wash up.”

She was Hu Futans wife.

Wang Ru was nothing.

She wanted to go back and confront Wang Ru head on.

Wang Ru was not a good woman.

When she was ten years old, she took all the Hu familys wealth and abandoned Hu Futan.

Now that she had returned, it was impossible for her to have no ulterior motive.

She wanted to go back and expose Wang Rus lie so that Hu Futan could see what kind of person Wang Ru was.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at herself in the mirror and combed her hair meticulously.

She inserted two gemstones into the exquisite and luxurious red hairpin and changed her clothes.

Only then did she leave the courtyard.

“Lets go back.”

It was already dark outside.

When Jiang Xiaoyan returned to the mansion, it was already late at night.

When she came, she had already thought about it.

She wanted to intimidate Wang Ru and make her feel ashamed of herself.

When the servants saw her domineering aura, they all lowered their heads.

In the main courtyard, Hu Futan sat by the bed.

Wang Ru leaned against the pillow and listened to Hu Futan read.

Wang Rus face was pale.

Hu Futan read paragraph after paragraph.

He closed the book and said, “Are you feeling better now The chicken soup is still warm.

Ill get some for you.

You have to drink at least some of it.”

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Wang Ru nodded.

“Then, then I want Brother Hu to feed me.”

Hu Futan smiled and brought over a bowl of chicken soup.

“Youre injured now.

You cant even carry the bowl.

Of course, Ill feed you.”

Wang Ru smiled.

“Thank you, Brother Hu.”

Hu Futan blew on it before feeding it to Wang Ru.

“You havent changed at all.”

In the past, Wang Ru loved to listen to him recite poems and read books.

She listened with relish.

In just a few hours, Hu Futan felt that the memories he had buried deep down inside him were brought back.

He looked at Wang Rus pale face and thought that no matter what, he had to make Wang Ru stay.

No one could stop him.

When he heard the sound of a maid outside, Hu Futan was stunned.

“Madam is back.”

The maids voice entered Hu Futans ears, and Wang Ru also heard it.

Wang Ru looked worried, as if she was very afraid and uneasy.

“Brother Hu, I…”

Hu Futan patted the back of Wang Rus hand.

“Dont be afraid.

Im here.”

Jiang Xiaoyan did not like Wang Ru, so it was normal for Wang Ru to be afraid of her.

The entire Hu Mansion was managed by Jiang Xiaoyan.

Wang Ru could only rely on Hu Futan.

If he did not give her the support she needed, who else could give it

Jiang Xiaoyan pushed the door open with a cold expression.

Before she could speak, Hu Futan spoke first.

“Wife, I didnt mean to hide it from you.

Ru has no one to rely on.

Im her elder brother.

I cant watch her suffer.”

After Hu Futan finished speaking, he saw that Jiang Xiaoyans expression had turned even colder.

He could not help but frown.

He looked at Jiang Xiaoyan even more firmly, silently conveying the meaning that he would protect Wang Ru regardless of whether she agreed or not.

Wang Ru timidly looked at Jiang Xiaoyan.

“Sister Jiang.”

Hearing the fear in Wang Rus voice, Hu Futan turned his head and comforted her.

“Brother Hu will protect you.

Dont be afraid.”

Jiang Xiaoyan seemed to have heard the sound of her heart shattering, and she felt like a clown.

Before she could say a word, Hu Futan was already on guard against her.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Wang Ru with an extremely cold expression.

She could see the smugness in Wang Rus timid face.

Jiang Xiaoyan clenched her fists tightly and said, “This is my bed.”

Wang Ru was leaning against Jiang Xiaoyans pillow, looking as weak as a porcelain doll.

However, her gaze was clearly provocative, as if she was saying,Im sleeping on your bed, so what

Jiang Xiaoyans nails had already dug into her palm, but she didnt feel any pain.

She didnt know why Hu Futan couldnt see it.

She looked at Hu Futan and saw the vigilance in his eyes.

Was he afraid that she would hurt Wang Ru, so he was so guarded against her

Jiang Xiaoyans heart ached.

Hu Futan gulped and said, “Ru is injured.

I was too anxious, so I brought her here without thinking.”

Hu Futan couldnt help but frown.

He wanted to have a good talk with Jiang Xiaoyan, but Jiang Xiaoyan didnt give him a chance.

Her coldness made Hu Futan feel very uncomfortable, as if he had done something wrong.

Hu Futan frowned and said, “Arent you going out for some days Why are you back so soon”

Hu Futans rhetorical question had turned into countless steel needles that stabbed at Jiang Xiaoya, leaving her riddled with holes and bleeding profusely.

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Wang Ru.

Wang Ru reached out and grabbed Hu Futans sleeve.

“Brother Hu, Im already much better.

Id better leave first.”

Hu Futan immediately looked worried.

“Your wound is so deep.

The doctor said that its best for you to not walk for the time being.

Besides, you have no one to rely on now.

Where can you go”

Wang Ru bit her lips and remained silent.

Hu Futan looked at Jiang Xiaoyan.

He frowned and said, “Wife, I thought you were a reasonable person.

After all, Ru grew up with me.

I treat her as my younger sister.

Shes in trouble now.

As her elder brother, how can I not care about her well-being”

Jiang Xiaoyan looked at Hu Futan.

“Husband, are you saying that Im not tolerant enough”

To what extent did she have to be tolerant Did she have to give up her position as Madam to be tolerant

Wang Ru was already challenging her and declaring that she was the rightful madam of the Hu family.

Why couldnt Hu Futan see it

Or could it be that he had never had a place in his heart for her.

Jiang Xiaoyan was unwilling to admit it.

The corners of her mouth twitched into a smile.

“What happened to Rus family Wheres her husband”

Hu Futan frowned, feeling slightly uneasy.

He had been putting off asking this question, but Jiang Xiaoyan beat him to it.

Hu Futan turned to look at Wang Ru, feeling a little nervous.

Wang Rus eyes turned red.

“Im the only one left in the family now.

I dont have any relatives…”

Hu Futan reached out to hold Wang Ru.

“Its fine.

You still have me.”

Hu Futans heart ached for Wang Ru for losing all her relatives, but at the same time, he heaved a sigh of relief.

Wang Ru leaned against Hu Futan and sobbed softly.

She secretly looked up at Jiang Xiaoyan from the corner of her eyes.

When her eyes met Jiang Xiaoyans, her lips curled up slightly.

In Hu Futans heart, she was and would always be the most important.

Jiang Xiaoyan bit her lower lip hard.

She was about to go crazy.

She wanted to tell Hu Futan that Wang Ru had an ulterior motive.

Wang Ru was smug and provocative, but she couldnt say a word because she knew that even if she did, Hu Futan would not believe her.

Jiang Xiaoyan lowered her eyes to conceal the sad painful expression on her face.

She said lightly, “Since you want her to stay, then stay.

If shes injured, treat her well.”

Hu Futan looked at Jiang Xiaoyan as if he did not believe everything that he just heard.

There was no joy on his face and his voice was cold.

“Since my wife has said so, Ru, stay here to recuperate.”

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