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Wei Nanxis voice was trembling.

“Madam, Madam, let me explain…”

He was not such a heartless person.

He just loved her too much.

Before he could die with her, she was going to die first.

The child he had been waiting for became the thing he hated the most.


Wei trembled slightly but did not open her eyes to look at Wei Nanxi.

When she thought about how she should have died 30 years ago and how she survived at the cost of her first born child, her heart ached.

She could not stop her tears from flowing down her cheeks.

She did not pull her hand back from Wei Nanxis grip because she did not have any strength left at this moment.

She really hated that she was still alive.

Wei Nanxi held Mrs.

Weis hand and kissed it gently.

“Madam, its my fault.

I didnt tell you because I knew you wouldnt agree.

You looked forward to his arrival so much that you would rather die for him.

I know you too well.”

Therefore, he was willing to bear the sin himself.


Wei sobbed.

Wei Nanxis eyes were red.

“I wanted to hide this from you for the rest of my life, but now that you know, I cant hide it anymore.

You can punch me or kill me, but just dont ignore me.”

He did not have many years to live.

He did not want to live these years, knowing that he was hated by his wife.

Wei Nanxi broke down.

“Madam, Yaoyao, can you say something”

Wei Nanxi only wanted Mrs.

Wei to talk to him.

He was too afraid, just like back then when he was afraid that she would go before him.

He did not tell her because once she knew, she would never agree.

Wei Nanxi looked like a panicked child.

He had even forgotten that Liu Sanniang and Chu Yan were still present in the room.

He took Mrs.

Weis hand and kissed it, begging for her forgiveness.

Even when he called Mrs.

Wei by her nickname, she still did not turn around.

Wei Nanxi did not know what to do.

He cried.

“Madam, Im sorry.

I know you hate me.

I know its all my fault, but what could I do How was I supposed to live without you Back then, wed only been married for a couple years.

I didnt want to lose you.”

He loved her to the core.

They had agreed to live and die together.

He was indignant that they were going to be separated by death so soon.

Tears streamed down Wei Nanxis face as he sobbed.

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao… can you forgive me”


Wei raised her hand and hammered her heart, sobbing in pain.

“Stop it…”

Every word he said was like a sharp knife stabbing into her heart, making it ache.

She couldnt blame him.

She blamed herself.

Why did she have to make her husband choose between her and the child It was all her fault.

Self-blame, guilt, and pain, all turned into the harshest punishment, lynching her.

Zhao Yuyao had never suffered in her life.

She married a husband who doted on her the most and gave birth to two sons.

Even if her legs were crippled, she still enjoyed undiluted love from her husband.

He protected her like a treasure and loved her to the core.

Why was the heavens so cruel to her

Her tears seemed to flow endlessly.

Wei Nanxi wiped her tears gently like the way he had been doing for decades.

His voice was filled with fear as he called her nickname again and again.

“Yaoyao, Yaoyao, forgive me…”

But how could she forgive him

Wei Nanxi panicked.

He grabbed Mrs.

Weis hand and slapped it on his face, trying to make Mrs.

Wei forgive him.

His voice was trembling as he said, “Madam, please dont ignore me.”


Wei slowly opened her eyes and looked at Wei Nanxi.

Her throat felt like it was on fire.

She said, “I dont want to live anymore.”

She just wanted to die quickly.

She was weak, but at this moment, she felt that her body was filled with strength.

She knew that this strength was given by the son who had sacrificed his life.

She hated herself.

Wei Nanxi felt his heart was bleeding.

“Madam, can you not say that”


Wei looked at Wei Nanxi and reached out to touch his cheek.

“Youre old.”

Wei Nanxi was choked with emotions.

“I know Im old and dont have many years left.

Can you stay with me for a few more years”


Wei smiled bitterly.

“When I married you back then, my father said that youre a stubborn person.

Once you set your mind on me, you wont change your mind.

My mother said that you wont have many concubines.”

Wei Nanxi did not dare to look into Mrs.

Weis eyes.

He lowered his head and trembled.

“Yaoyao, Ive never done anything wrong in my life.

Just this once.

Can you forgive me this time”


Wei replied calmly.

“I forgive you.

Can you let me die Although I gave birth to him, I havent fulfilled my responsibility as a mother.

How can I use his life to sustain mine I cant imagine how much he has suffered over the past 30 years.”

Wei Nanxi almost broke down.

“If not for him, you wouldnt have died.

He did it willingly.

I didnt force him.

I didnt agree and just did what that monk said.”

After Wei Nanxi finished speaking, he realized that he had said something wrong.

He looked up at Mrs.

Weis disappointed expression and grabbed her hand in panic.

“Madam, Madam.”


Wei pursed her lips.

“So it was that monk who gave you the idea to trade his life for mine”


Wei broke down.

Tears blurred her vision.

She looked at her already old husband and suddenly found him unrecognizable.

She took a deep breath and pressed her hand hard on her chest, but Wei Nanxi grabbed her hand.

He put down all his dignity and said, “If you want to hit or kill me, do it.

Dont hurt yourself.”


Wei cried.

“I really want to dig my heart out.”

Wei Nanxi looked at Mrs.

Wei with pain in his eyes.

“If Madam blames me, Ill take the blame without a grudge.

I also hate myself.

If not for the fact that I wanted you to give me a child, you wouldnt have died.”


Wei shook her head.

“I dont blame you.

I blame myself.”


Wei looked at Wei Nanxi.

“Dont continue to be wrong.

Let him go.”

Wei Nanxis eyes were sinister.

If he left, his wife would die.

He did not want to, nor was he willing to.

Seeing that he was unwilling, Mrs.

Weis heart ached even more.

“Whats the point of me being alive If I was unaware of the truth, I might have had the strength to live on.

But now that I do know, how am I supposed to go on living like nothing ever happened My heart is already dead.”

Wei Nanxi turned to look at Liu Sanniang fiercely.

“Miss Liu, if you didnt interfere, my wife and I wouldnt have ended up like this.

If you dont give me an explanation, I wont let you off.

I mean what I say.”

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