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Ch75.1 - Taking Lin Ran back to meet his parents


“Falling into the water” Xiao Nanyu looked at Lin Ran carefully for a while before then turned to Song Zhi Xu and said, “Lin Ran’s condition is generally divided into two types, one is stressful, like he was already living a depressed life and was stimulated so he subconsciously closed himself and the other is pathological, that is, he fell into the water or was sick so he injured his brain nerves, therefore he became like this.” 


Song Zhi Xu nodded his head slightly, he could almost understand what Xiao Nanyu had said but he still asked again.




“So the first one has a chance of getting better, but the latter one is very difficult to cure, right” 



“That’s right ah, but I can’t really determine and I still need to do a detailed examination.”


Xiao Nanyu said again, after finishing he lowered his eyes, remained silent for a while and said, “Lin Ran is like this now, he’s actually quite happy.

Are you sure you want to remind him of what happened before”



Xiao Nanyu as a doctor and Lin Ran as a patient, of course he wanted to cure Lin Ran, however, as a psychiatrist, he might also know that Lin Ran living a bad life, but from a friend’s point of view, it might be a cruel thing to make Lin Ran remember about it.



“Ran Ran” Song Zhi Xu suddenly called out to Lin Ran.

Lin Ran turned his head to look at him as he heard the sound of his voice and blinked as if asking Song Zhi Xu what was going on. 


Song Zhi Xu just wanted to take a look at him so he made a sound, and only after a moment did he find an excuse then said,

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


“Tbe yf mjgfoei, vbc’a ifa atf mja rmgjamt sbe jujlc.” 


C rwlif jqqfjgfv bc Olc Ejc’r ojmf jr tf ragbxfv atf mja aklmf jcv rtbkfv la ab Vbcu Itl We.


“Ktf xlaas lr ubbv klat Ejc Ejc, la vbfrc’a rmgjamt Ejc Ejc.” 


Vbcu Itl We jirb tjv j rwlif bc tlr ojmf jcv cbvvfv ufcais, kjlalcu ecali Olc Ejc kjr mbcmfcagjalcu bc mjgfrrlcu atf mja jujlc yfobgf Vbcu Itl We aegcfv ab Wljb Rjcse jcv rjlv, “P kjca ab ajxf Olc Ejc obg j mtfmx-eq olgra, jcv kjla ecali atf gfreiar jgf bea yfobgf wjxlcu j vfmlrlbc, bxjs”



“This is fine, but it’s not recommended to do it here now, doing a brain CT is using radioactive, so since Lin Ran just get pregnant, so it’s not good for the baby in his belly.” 


Xiao Nanyu would not interfere with Song Zhi Xu’s decision, but would tell Song Zhi Xu everything truthfully.


Song Zhi Xu was not too sure about this, but since it was Xiao Nanyu’s word, he would not doubt it, so he could only wait until Lin Ran gave birth to the baby. 


Song Zhi Xu spoke to Xiao Nanyu a few more times and saw Lin Ran put the cat on his stomach before rushing over to pick up the fat cat’s fur on the back of its neck and lift it up, frowning slightly.


“Ran Ran, how can you put it on your belly It’s so fat, what if it pressed you” 


He didn’t know if it was because he felt uncomfortable by being carried or because he was angry at being called a fat cat, but the cat kicked his legs while he was in Song Zhi Xu’s hand and cursed and meow.


Lin Ran hurriedly stood up, took the cat into his arms again, and said in a low voice, 


“Ran Ran won’t put it on his stomach anymore, just hold it.” It was fine for him to put the cat in his embrace, but when he put it on his lap, it would easily step on his little stomach when it moved.


Song Zhi Xu also didn’t dare to leave again and sat by Lin Ran’s side to keep him company ever since last time when Xiao Nanyu had forced Lin Ran to cry in pain in the ward.

Lin Ran was still a little afraid of Xiao Nanyu, although Xiao Nanyu didn’t say anything, he had already seen it, so he didn’t go near Lin Ran for the time being to avoid making him nervous. 


Therefore, he did not treat Lin Ran during this period of time, and could only wait until Lin Ran had forgotten about what had happened before he started treating him again.

Song Zhi Xu took Lin Ran to play in Xiao Nanyu’s office here for more than an hour.

Lin Ran hugged the cat as he rubbed it all over his body with white cat’s hair, only then Song Zhi Xu finally couldn’t resist taking Lin Ran away.



As he walked away Lin Ran still had some reluctance to look back at the big white cat sitting on the sofa licking its paws.

He then asked Song Zhi Xu in a small voice, 


“Can we still come over to see the kitty tomorrow”


Song Zhi Xu’s footsteps didn’t stop as he turned around to pick Lin Ran up and walk out.

As he walked, he said, 


“You’ll have two more IVs to give when you get back later.”


Lin Ran’s body stiffened as he looked at the needle holes on the back of his hand came from yesterday and wilted, lying on Song Zhi Xu’s shoulder without saying anything.

Although he was very fond of kittens, but in the hospital he still had to get the injection so he never wanted to come back again. 


The two of them went back to the suite, Song Zhi Xu took off Lin Ran’s clothes and gave him a good soak in the bathtub, washed him and gave him new clothes.


Until Song Zhi Xu was done, he threw the cat’s hair-stained clothes into the trash. 


The nurse came up to hook up the IV for Lin Ran.

Lin Ran was still a bit scared so he shrank into Song Zhi Xu’s embrace.

His eyes red as he felt aggrieved and he asked in a small voice, “Song Zhi Xu, can Ran Ran not get the injection It hurts.”


The nurse took out the needle, so Song Zhi Xu could only shake his head as he strengthened his heart and pressed Lin Ran’s cheek into his arms, pulling his wrist with one hand to fix it so that the nurse could stick it in. 


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