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Ch74.2 - Song Zhi Xu is crying

“Oh, Lin Mu has left.

He said that since he came in such a hurry yesterday and that he still has some things to deal with in company, he has to go first.

He told me to tell you and little Ran Ran that he would come back next time when he had time.” said Mu Qingting


Song Zhi Xu paused as he didn’t say anything anymore and hung up the phone.

What happened back then had also been a wound in Lin Mu’s heart, probably because it was suddenly brought up so he didn’t know how to face Lin Ran, only then he left.




“Has Gege left” Lin Ran vaguely heard a little so he was not sure, that was why he asked again.

Seeing Song Zhi Xu nodd, his eyes showed some disappointment, “It’s all because Ran Ran slept too much.”


It was so rare for his Gege to make a visit.

He had been sleeping and not with his Gege.



Song Zhi Xu walked over to Lin Ran’s side and reached out to touch the top of his hair to comfort him.



“Your Gege still has some things to do and he’s also busy.

If I have time, I’ll take you to see him again.”


Lin Ran nodded his head, still kneeling on the sofa as he leaned over to hug Song Zhi Xu and rubbed against him gently.



“Ran Ran likes Gege and also likes Song Zhi Xu.

Ugh, I still want to live together with Song Zhi Xu.”


Although he also liked his Gege but formerly, in those past years, he also often could not see his Gege yet he also did not miss him very much, but if he could not see Song Zhi Xu, then he would especially especially miss Song Zhi Xu.


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Although Lin Ran was not a picky eater and since Song Zhi Xu had lived with him for so long, he still could find out what food that Lin Ran particularly liked.


So he cooked a table of Lin Ran’s favorite food for lunch.

Lin Ran smelled the smell of food coming out of the kitchen, he was already swallowing his mouth.

As soon as the last dish was brought out by Song Zhi Xu, Lin Ran immediately rushed up with an eager or impatient look.



Song Zhi Xu had a smile on his face as he used his chopsticks to feed him a piece of meat, which Lin Ran bit into and swallowed.

He couldn’t help but lick his lips; his eyes shining brightly.


“It’s delicious.” He was basically already hungry.

Moreover, what Song Zhi Xu cooked was Lin Ran’s favorite food.

Lin Ran just needed to wait for his meal.


Song Zhi Xu put him into a chair, handed him the express delivery food, served him another bowl of rice, and gave him his favorite dishes.


“Okay, eat first if you’re hungry.

I’ll be out in a minute.” Lin Ran nodded his head, Song Zhi Xu turned around and went back into the kitchen to clean up the things he had just messed up while cooking.


Lin Ran’s habit of tidying up after eating could not be changed, so Song Zhi Xu had no choice but to clean up the kitchen himself after cooking, so that Lin Ran would not be in such a hurry to tidy it up again later.


Because he knew that Lin Ran was already hungry, Song Zhi Xu cooked quickly.

The kitchen was so messy that he didn’t have time to tidy it up, therefore he cleaned it up first before he ate, saving Lin Ran from having to work after he finished eating.


Song Zhi Xu finished cleaning up before he came out and ate with Lin Ran.

Lin Ran was really hungry so he ate in a hurry.

After eating, he sat at the table and looked at Song Zhi Xu with his chin propped up.


Song Zhi Xu also didn’t say anything as he continued to eat gracefully.

Only after Song Zhi Xu finished eating did Lin Ran stand up to clean up the table and take the bowls into the kitchen to wash it.


Song Zhi Xu went over and wanted to help, but just as he picked up the bowl Lin Ran was washing, Lin Ran stood next to him, stretched out his hand and looked at him with somewhat at a loss, as if Song Zhi Xu had taken his job so he didn’t know what to do.


Song Zhi Xu had no choice but to give the bowls back to Lin Ran as he stood behind him, taking the bowls that Lin Ran had already washed and placing them one by one in the cupboard.



After finishing his lunch, the two of them leaned back on the sofa again for a while.

Lin Ran suddenly pulled Song Zhi Xu’s sleeve, looked at him and whispered, “Song Zhi Xu, Ran Ran wants to go see the little kitty, is that okay”


Ever since the kitty accidentally scratched his hand last time, Song Zhi Xu had never allowed him to look at it again, but in the hospital, Lin Ran wanted to hug the little kitty again.


Song Zhi Xu frowned as he heard him out.


“Ran Ran, you got scratched last time.”


Although Mu Qingting had said that the cats that were kept in the hospital are very clean, yet it had hurt Lin Ran, so Song Zhi Xu still didn’t want to let Lin Ran hold it anymore.

Lin Ran acted spoiled as he shook his head and gently tugged on Song Zhi Xu’s clothes.


“Ran Ran wants to go see the kitty.”


Song Zhi Xu had no choice but to change Lin Ran’s clothes and then carried him all the way to Xiao Nanyu’s office.


Xiao Nanyu was in the hospital almost every day therefore when the two went over, they immediately found him in his office.


Xiao Nanyu saw the two of them, he was somewhat surprised that Song Zhi Xu spoke directly, “Ran Ran wants to play with the cat for a while.”


Xiao Nanyu looked at Lin Ran, nodded and bent down to lift the big white fat cat from under the table and handed it over to Lin Ran.



Lin Ran hugged the cat and sat on the sofa, stroking the fat cat’s belly, one person and one cat playing together.


As Song Zhi Xu watched, then after a while, he turned to Xiao Nanyu and lowered his voice,


“The reason why Ran Ran became like this is because he fell into the water.

Is it possible for him to return to normal like other people”


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