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Its Hers Now

“Young Madam, the boss heard that youve taken a fancy to this store, so he asked me to bring the management rights of this store here. These are the relevant documents; as long as you sign your name, this store will be yours,” he said.

Everyone in the store was dumbfounded when they heard Zhang Wens words.

Xi Wan was stunned for a moment before she smiled. “...Im so embarrassed.”

As she spoke, she quickly signed the papers. Actually, shed originally planned to wave a huge check around just to intimidate these two women. She dared to bet that they would definitely not dare to compete with her in terms of wealth without knowing the depth of the situation.

She did not expect that Zhang Wen would run over to play support for her despite her perfect plan. No matter how Su Xun had found out about this, he had taken the initiative to come to her door, so there was no reason for her to refuse.

Anyway, it was their own business, so there was no difference whether the store was under Su Xuns name or her name, right

[Youre just greedy! ]

Xi Wan ignored the system and put on a mask of elegance as she said, “Well, if he took the initiative to send the documents to me, it would be impolite if I didnt accept.”

Li Yue sneered. “This mans pretty good at acting. Where did you find him Did you go out of your way to find him just to make your act more convincing”

Xi Wan ignored the two of them and handed the signed document to Xiao Chen. “Ask your store manager to come out. Does this store belong to me now ”

Xiao Chen was shocked, but still called the store manager over while in a daze.

Twenty minutes later, the store manager rushed over. After confirming the documents, he was extremely respectful to Xi Wan. “Madam, this store is yours from now on. We will transfer the income to your account on the 15th of every month, along with the corresponding bill.”

Li Yue and Lin Sheng naturally knew the manager of the store, so after seeing the managers attitude towards Xi Wan, the two of them immediately understood that Xi Wan had really become the owner of the store.

“You…who exactly is your husband” Li Yue asked in disbelief.

She had a bad feeling in her heart, which was only intensified when she saw Xi Wan smile. “Its a coincidence that I happen to be Su Xuns wife. Ive always wanted to keep a low profile, but you guys are bullying me like this, so I was forced to pull rank. Besides, my husband definitely knows about what happened today. Youll have to be careful from now on~If your familys business has any problems, dont blame it on us.”

Xi Wans words seemed to be trying to clear things up, but in fact, she was reminding the two of them that if this matter was not resolved properly today, she would get Su Xun to hinder their familys businesses.

Both of them felt that Xi Wan was too sinister and petty, but it was indeed them who had looked down on Xi Wan first and even said some unpleasant things. Now that Xi Wan had made herself clear, they would have to apologize on the spot as long as they did not want to suffer any losses.

“Im sorry, I said something bad before, but you cant blame me for it. My husband has a mistress who happens to be in the entertainment industry, so I dont have many positive feelings about the industry. I really know that I was wrong now. Miss Xi Wan, youre so kind. Youll definitely forgive me, right” Li Yue immediately apologized, her attitude having taken a 180 degree turn.

Lin Sheng cursed Li Yue in his heart for changing her attitude so quickly, but she still followed up, “I know I was in the wrong. We were too rude today, and we sincerely apologize to you. I hope you can forgive us.”

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Xi Wan did not speak immediately.

The two of them were thinking that it was over. Xi Wan must be holding a grudge against them.

But then she smiled faintly. “Well, since you know youre in the wrong, thats it. Ill be the owner of this shop from now on. Remember to spend more.”

The system replied, [Host, you just said you wanted to cancel their membership!]

“Its all in the past. What matters now is the present. Didnt you see what Zhang Wen said Now that this store is mine, why would I chase away my customers This is an opportunity to make money.Besides, even though they said some things that made me unhappy, its because of them that Im able to own this store. Im in a good mood now, so Ill be magnanimous and not argue with them.”

The system was rendered speechless by Xi Wans words.

What kind of logic was this Never mind, it shouldnt have even tried to guess Xi Wans thoughts. It would never be able to process them properly.

Li Yue and Lin Sheng immediately nodded when they heard Xi Wans words. Dont worry, well definitely come and spend more.”

Xi Wan was in a good mood now as she took a random piece of clothing she liked and left. After all, the store was hers now; she naturally didnt need to pay for the clothes in her own store.



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