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His Painstaking Efforts

Aunt Li also knew what the person beside her was thinking and revealed a scheming smile.

“Husband, dont worry. Your son is filial!”

At this point, she stopped talking.

However, Sr. Li already understood the meaning behind it.

At this moment, Sr. Li no longer hesitated.

He had to get the tiger bone. He didnt have many years to live, but he still wanted to live healthily and painlessly.

Now that the pain in his body was unbearable, with the tiger bone as a medicine to relieve the pain, he could live like a normal person. How good would that be!

Therefore, his interests won out and Sr. Li agreed.

“Sure, this matter is decided!”

Luo Cheng got the answer he wanted and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

On the other hand, Li Shun stared at his father in disbelief.

Previously, Li Shun didnt say anything because he felt that this matter was too ridiculous. His father definitely wouldnt be willing to.

He and his wife were so diligent. His father definitely wouldnt bear to part with them.

However, reality proved him wrong, making him unable to believe all of this.

“Father, you really agreed” Li Shun couldnt believe it and couldnt help but ask again.

“Think about me too! Your father is in pain all the time. It doesnt feel good. As long as he has the tiger bone, your father wont have to suffer from pain anymore. If youre really filial, marry him. Come back often to visit your parents in the future!” Aunt Li quickly comforted him.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she immediately sneered.

As expected, the Li family didnt intend to let them off.

Not only did they not ask if they were willing, they even agreed without asking if her parents were willing.

At the thought of this, Li Xiaoran walked over and stared at her father. Then, she asked, “Father, how do you feel now Think about it carefully. How do you feel now How did I feel when I was forced to marry someone else!”

With that, Li Xiaoran ignored her parents thoughts and looked at her sister, Li Xiaoqing, who was stunned on the spot.

“Xiao Qing, what are you waiting for Our family has been sold by Grandpa and Grandma. Pack our things and leave!”

Luo Cheng looked at Li Xiaorans angry expression and suddenly couldnt help but laugh.

“In that case, theres no time like the present. Ill come over tomorrow to pick them up! Of course, Ill also ask the village chief to come over tomorrow to write the marriage contract. At that time, sign it in front of everyone, and then Ill bring the tiger bone to you!”

Sr. Li had already made up his mind and naturally wouldnt object. He nodded.

“As you say!”

After Luo Cheng heard this, he looked at the house Li Xiaoran had entered.

“I still have some words to say to my fiancée. I wonder if its convenient”

When Sr. Li heard this, he opened his mouth but didnt say anything in the end. He only nodded.

Seeing this, Luo Cheng walked straight into the house where Li Xiaoran was.

Li Xiaoran could hear what was happening outside clearly in the house.

Therefore, when Luo Cheng walked in, Li Xiaoran looked at her sister and said, “Xiao Qing, go out first!”

“No need, let her stay here. That way, others wont gossip!” Luo Cheng walked in and said, “I have a few words to say to you. Ill leave after that.”

With that, Luo Cheng looked at the calm Li Xiaoran and couldnt help but explain.

“You should know that there are some things that I can do better than you. Youre very smart and should know what I mean. The place I live in is very big and has everything. You just have to pack some clothes and go over. You dont have to bring anything else. Of course, there are still some things that you have to fight for. Even if you cant get them, you have to seek benefits for yourself! Remember, my wife is not to be bullied!”

With that, Luo Cheng turned around and left.

These words explained why Luo Cheng did this and gave Li Xiaoran a reassurance.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran finally understood why Luo Cheng would do this.

It turned out that he would rather take on infamy than let her be criticized.

According to Li Xiaorans previous plan, this matter would eventually force Grandpa and Grandma to split up.

But this way, her reputation would be ruined, and the matter wouldnt be completely resolved.

Even if they had split up, the Li family could still use blood ties as an excuse to control her parents.

With her fathers filial personality, he would most likely still be ordered around by the Li family.

Therefore, Luo Chengs method was a good way to take drastic measures once and for all.

As for the villagers, when they laughed at the Li familys third branch, most of them would only pity their family.

On the other hand, the other members of the Li family would have a bad reputation and would be criticized by everyone.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran suddenly realized that Luo Cheng was really powerful. He handled everything so well and didnt forget to come in to comfort her before he left.

With such a person around, she felt very assured!

Li Xiaoqing wasnt stupid. When she heard Luo Chengs words, she understood something.

To be honest, at the thought of leaving the Li family, Li Xiaoqing felt relaxed.

Perhaps their family would have a new beginning!

After Luo Cheng left and the Li family finished watching the drama, the surrounding people gradually dispersed.

Sr. Li, who originally wanted to teach Li Xiaoran a lesson, glanced at his third son and his family. He wanted to say something, but his bones started to hurt again.

Sr. Li had no choice but to ask his wife to help him into the house.


Li Yan didnt hide the gloating expression on her face. She looked at the Li familys third branch happily and smiled before entering her own house.

Li Qin and Li Yuan were also led back to their respective houses by their respective mothers.

The courtyard fell silent, leaving Li Shun and Zhao Xiu standing there.

After a while, Li Shun came back to his senses and looked at his wife, Zhao Xiu, who had been standing beside him.

After walking forward, Li Shun held his wifes hand with his slightly cold hand.

“Come on! Lets go back to the house too!”

Despite hearing footsteps, Li Xiaoran didnt turn around and continued to pack her clothes with his sister.

Li Shun came in and saw this scene. He felt very upset and walked towards the wooden bed that the couple usually slept on.

Perhaps it was because he had experienced such a huge blow and was mercilessly abandoned by his biological father as his daughters dowry that Li Shun felt very uncomfortable.

So Li Shun took off his shoes, got into bed, and lay down.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoran didnt say anything, but she was pondering inside.

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