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Not An Outsider

Luo Cheng didnt panic when he heard the other partys words.

No one knew the safety of the house better than him, so he stared at the other party and attacked.

These people still had poison in their hands. He had to end this quickly.

With that in mind, Luo Cheng took the thing out of his sleeve and pressed the mechanism.

In an instant, needles as thin as fur were fired.

The scar-faced man and his brother were anxious to capture Luo Cheng, so they stood in front of him.

They didnt expect Luo Cheng to have such a hidden weapon on him. When they realized that something was wrong, they had already been hit and were paralyzed on the ground.

After dealing with these people, Luo Cheng walked over and pinched their cheeks. After carefully checking that there were no problems, he walked towards the big tree where Li Xiaoran was.

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Seeing that Luo Cheng had arrived, Li Xiaoran shouted anxiously, “I saw someone going to our house. Hurry up and help my father!”

“Our house” For some reason, Luo Cheng felt better when he heard that.

With a leap, Luo Cheng came to the tree and wrapped an arm around Li Xiaorans waist.

“Dont worry! With Big Yellow and the others around, the other party cant enter the residence, nor can they hurt Father-in-law!”

With that, Luo Cheng jumped to the ground with Li Xiaoran.

After falling from a height, Li Xiaoran suddenly felt her heart tighten and almost stop beating.

Her abnormality naturally caught Luo Chengs eye, but this wasnt the place to talk, so he didnt ask anything.

“What are we going to do with these people” Li Xiaoran asked.

Luo Cheng looked at her and smiled.

“Well give them to the authorities!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she frowned.

“Will the authorities care”

Perhaps knowing what Li Xiaoran was worried about, Luo Cheng said confidently, “Dont worry, the government will take care of it! Lets go and pick them up!”

“What about these people” Li Xiaoran looked at the few people on the ground.

“Dont worry, they wont be able to escape after being drugged by my anesthetic!” Luo Cheng pulled Li Xiaoran and left without looking back.

Zhao Xiu, who had already packed the chicks and taken a lot of vegetable seeds, was wondering if she should call someone back to bring the letter when she saw her daughter and son-in-law standing at the door of Granny Huangs courtyard.

“Its Xiaoran! We can go home now!” Zhao Xiu said with a smile.

Li Xiaoqing, who was talking to Granny Huang, heard her mothers words and ran to the window to take a look.

As expected, her sister and brother-in-law were here.

“Sis, why are you and my brother-in-law here” Li Xiaoqing quickly ran out and asked with a smile.

“Little Huzi came to tell us what happened at the Li familys house. I was worried about you guys, so I came to pick you up with Luo Cheng!” Li Xiaoran replied with a smile.

With that, Li Xiaoran looked at Zhao Xiu, who was carrying a basket on her back, and asked.

“Mother, is it done”

“Its done! Were lucky that Granny Huang has a lot of chicks here. We were able to bring them back to raise!” Zhao Xius face was filled with anticipation as she said happily.

“Alright, lets go home!” Li Xiaoran smiled and nodded.

When she turned around and saw Granny Huang, Li Xiaoran took the initiative to greet her.

“Granny Huang, thank you for what you did today!”

Granny Huang didnt expect Li Xiaoran to take the initiative to talk to her. She was stunned for a moment before she smiled.

“Youre welcome! You guys paid for the little chicks. As for those vegetable seeds, theyre not worth much!”

“Thats because youre a good person, Granny Huang. Thats why youre willing to share it with us! Then we wont disturb you anymore. Well leave first!” Li Xiaoran replied with a smile.

“Alright, take care!” After saying this, Granny Huang thought of something and pointed at the Li familys house. “Take a detour from here! Dont go that way!”

The group immediately understood and nodded, then left.

When they were gone, Granny Huang smiled.

“Sigh, the little girl who used to be like a stuffy gourd has become more cheerful after experiencing those things these few days. It can be seen that Old Master Li did a good thing! I think this marriage is worth it!”

With that, Granny Huang turned around and went back into the house to do her own thing.

Luo Cheng first sent Li Xiaoran and her daughter home safely, then brought Big Yellow to deal with the people who had trespassed earlier.

Li Shun heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his wife and daughter had returned safely.

“Im glad you guys came back safely! I was so worried!”

“Father, I saw someone sneaking into our house. Where is he” Li Xiaoran recalled what she had seen previously and asked.

“A few people came. Before Little Huzi and I could figure out what to do, we saw Big Yellow rushing out with his brothers. I dont know where theyve gone!” Li Shun was also confused and didnt know what was going on.

Li Xiaoran recalled how Luo Cheng wasnt worried at all and understood.

It seemed that Big Yellow and the others were very powerful.

Luo Cheng first followed Big Yellow to the place where the beast trap was placed and saw the unlucky people with their feet pinched.

Since this group of people had scattered the powder earlier, Luo Cheng didnt approach them. Instead, he took out the powder he had made and sprinkled it over.

The victims closed their eyes and slumped to the ground.

After making sure that there was no one around, Luo Cheng called someone.


“Ziyang, come out! Send these people to the authorities!”

Soon, a figure appeared beside Luo Cheng. He looked at the men on the ground and couldnt help but ask.

“Young Master, arent we going to interrogate them ourselves”

Luo Cheng waved his hand and said calmly, “Whats there to ask Just leave it to Luo Han! Theyre just a few people who want to take advantage of me!”

“Young Master Luo will definitely complain that you dont treat him as an outsider!” Zi Yang thought of something and said happily.

“Ive never treated him as an outsider! Go! Be careful!” Luo Cheng instructed.

Ziyang nodded, then waved to his buddies in the dark and began to deal with it.

“By the way, there are also a few people in the forest over there. Take them away! Let Luo Han deal with them! Just make sure they dont provoke me again!” Luo Cheng thought of something and left after saying this.

Luo Cheng had just returned. Li Xiaoran, who was waiting in the courtyard, stood up when she saw him walk in.

“You handled it”

“Yes! I asked someone to send those people to the authorities! Dont worry! They wont dare to come again!” Luo Cheng nodded and walked towards the room where he had fainted in.


“What are you doing” Seeing this, Li Xiaoran quickly followed. “Dont faint inside again!”



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