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Problem with the Wounds

“Yes, yes, yes. Big Yellow is extraordinary!” Li Xiaoran said with a smile.

Luo Cheng, who happened to come in with two buckets of water, heard what Li Xiaoran said.

Li Xiaoran also heard the commotion and turned around to see that Luo Cheng had returned. She was immediately surprised.

However, when she noticed the two buckets of water on the ground and the handkerchief in Luo Chengs hand, she understood.

“Ill do it myself! I saw Big Yellow coming back with a wild rabbit in its mouth and was talking to it!” Li Xiaoran explained.

Luo Cheng had actually heard Big Yellow barking outside the window, so he nodded and started wiping it with a handkerchief.

Seeing this, Li Xiaoran ignored Big Yellow and quickly walked over to take the handkerchief from Luo Chengs hand.

“Let me clean up the room myself!”

Luo Cheng saw Li Xiaorans outstretched hand and raised the hand holding the handkerchief.

“Youre still injured. Ill apply the medicine for you later! Dont let your guard down. If your head is really injured, youll regret it in the future. This chair has been wiped. Sit down on the stool and rest first! You can lie down and rest after I make the bed!”

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Li Xiaoran didnt expect to hear Luo Chengs words of concern instead.

Looking up, Li Xiaoran looked at Luo Cheng, who wasnt far away.

At this moment, there was a sudden painful sensation on top of her head.

Li Xiaoran subconsciously covered the painful spot with her hand and cried out.

“Look, your head is hurting again! Hurry up and sit down!”

Luo Chengs voice sounded. Then, when Li Xiaoran was covering her head, Luo Cheng had already forced her to sit on the chair.

Then, Luo Cheng turned around and went to wipe other places.

When Li Xiaoran felt the pain on her head dissipate, she realized that the place where she had a headache wasnt where she was injured.

Seeing Luo Cheng, who had been busy, Li Xiaoran immediately realized something and glared at Luo Cheng angrily.

This guy dared to sneak up on her head.

Oh well, seeing as hed done it to give her a break, she wasnt angry with him.

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoran leaned back in her chair and looked at Luo Cheng.

It probably echoed the saying that diligent men were the most attractive.

At this moment, Luo Cheng was focused on tidying up the room. His busy figure actually mesmerized Li Xiaoran.

At this moment, Li Xiaoran really wanted those people who said that Luo Cheng had a violent personality to come over and see for themselves. Could such a person be considered a violent person

Luo Cheng could also sense the gaze that had been on him. Although he tried his best to ignore it, he gradually realized that the heat brought by the gaze was getting stronger.

Finally, after Luo Cheng wiped the bed clean, he turned around and faced Li Xiaoran.

“I suppose youre pleased with my face!”

Li Xiaoran was originally focused on Luo Cheng, but unexpectedly, Luo Cheng suddenly turned around and said this to her.

In an instant, Li Xiaorans face turned red. Then, she flew into a rage out of humiliation and said stubbornly, “How did you know that I was looking at you if you didnt look at me”

Luo Cheng suddenly smiled when he heard Li Xiaorans words.

She had to admit, he looked even better when he smiled.

“Look at me again and Ill knock your head again!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she came back to her senses and quickly looked away.

God! Help!

She had seen countless handsome men, so why was she so defenseless against this smile

Previously, her friends had always said that they were willing to give their lives to whoever they saw smile.

At that time, she had secretly mocked this friend for being a lovesick fool, but after seeing Luo Chengs smile, she finally understood how that friend felt.

Unfortunately, even if Li Xiaoran knew that she was wrong, she wouldnt have the chance to go back to the modern world and apologize to that friend!

While Li Xiaoran was distracted, Luo Cheng had already taken out the things from the cabinet and made the bed.

“Come here! Let me see your wound!”

Li Xiaoran heard Luo Cheng calling her and subconsciously walked over.

Seeing how obedient Li Xiaoran was, Luo Cheng was delighted.

However, he didnt show it. He turned around and returned with a pot of hot water.

After washing his hands with hot water, Luo Cheng untied the white cloth wrapped around Li Xiaorans head.

Actually, Li Xiaoran hadnt seen the wound on her head ever since she woke up. It was just that she didnt feel any pain.

However, when Luo Cheng saw the wound on Li Xiaorans forehead, he frowned and anger appeared in his eyes.

“How did you get hurt so badly Didnt your parents take you to the doctor” Luo Cheng suppressed his anger and asked in a low voice.

Li Xiaoran was stunned for a moment. Sensing that Luo Cheng was angry, she immediately searched the Hosts memories.

“Ive seen a doctor. Wasnt medicine applied”

Luo Chengs mood worsened when he heard this.

“This is called applying medicine Do you know that your wound is already red and swollen If you continue to delay, even if it is cured in the future, there will be some sequelae!”

With that, Luo Cheng turned and walked out.

“Wait here. Ill get you some medicine!”


Seeing that Luo Cheng had left, Li Xiaoran was a little curious about why he was suddenly so angry.

Just as she was wondering if she should go check her wound, Luo Cheng walked in with another small wooden box.

He carried the small wooden box to Li Xiaorans side and opened it.

Li Xiaoran took a look and was immediately stunned by the porcelain bottles in the small wooden box.

“There are so many things in your small wooden box” Li Xiaoran asked in surprise.

Luo Cheng pursed his lips and didnt reply. Instead, he took out a clean white cloth and opened a small porcelain bottle. Then he poured some medicinal liquid onto the white cloth strip.

Soon, a wave of pain came and Li Xiaoran couldnt help but cry out.

“Cant you be gentler It hurts!”

“You feel pain now If I dont treat your wound, youll become an ugly monster in the future!” Luo Cheng said angrily.

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she was shocked.

Wasnt it just a bump on the head Why did it suddenly become so serious


What Li Xiaoran didnt know was that her forehead was indeed not seriously injured. The medicine that the doctor applied was also correct.

However, the medicine she applied at the back was mixed with something unclean, which caused the wound to worsen.

The person who harmed her was none other than her cousin, Li Yan.



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