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The Hunters Lucky Little Lady Chapter 13

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Youll Regret It

The next morning, Li Xiaoran, who had a good nights sleep, opened her eyes and looked around.

After a while, memories surged up and Li Xiaoran realized where she was.

Sigh, she still wasnt used to it!

However, she would take things as they came. Li Xiaoran sat up and began to put on her coat.

The house was quiet now. No one was around.

Instinctively, she looked out of the window. The sun was already shining.

Did she get up late

Thinking of this, Li Xiaoran quickened her movements and got up to put on her shoes.

As soon as she walked out, Li Xiaoran saw her father, Li Shun, walking over with the village chief and a few other respected elders in the village.

“Dad!” Li Xiaoran shouted.

Seeing that Li Xiaoran had woken up, Li Shun asked with concern, “Does your head still hurt”

Previously, she didnt notice it, but now, Li Xiaoran suddenly remembered that she was injured.

After carefully sensing it, Li Xiaoran waved her hand.

“Im much better already!”

Li Shun looked at his thin daughter standing in front of him and felt guilty. He said firmly, “Alright, rest well in the house today! Leave the rest to me!”

Li Xiaoran sensed her fathers determination and suddenly smiled and nodded.

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Perhaps she should give her pushover father a chance. There might be an unexpected reward.

Li Xiaoqing had disappeared early in the morning. Li Xiaoran looked around but couldnt find her.

Could it be that this girl was hungry, so she went to Little Huzis house for breakfast

Before Li Xiaoran could figure it out, she saw her sister walking out of the kitchen with a big bowl of food.

Looking at the black mush in the big bowl, Li Xiaoran raised her eyebrows and asked, “You went to cook”

Li Xiaoqing laughed when she heard her sisters words.

“How unexpected! Early in the morning, Grandma cooked these hoes and asked me to go over and get them. I thought that since you were injured, these cooked hoes would be better than that disgusting paste! So I brought them back!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she looked at the group of people sitting in the central room and immediately understood.

This Grandma of hers was actually someone who knew how to keep up appearances!

They hadnt been given any food last night. Today, when they saw the village chief and the villagers coming, they became a little more generous.

However, she didnt care about these things. In any case, they would be leaving the Li family in the future. It would be considered a gain if they could eat more delicious food.

“Since its from Grandma, lets eat it! Wheres Mother” Li Xiaoran glanced at the corner of the clothes revealed in the kitchen and immediately said with a smile.

“Mother collected a lot of clothes and blankets early in the morning and went to the river to wash them. Mother said that she was busy with work and didnt have time to wash the clothes and blankets at home. Now that were going to be married off, we should leave cleanly when we leave, so she went to wash the clothes and blankets!” Li Xiaoqing explained her mothers intentions.

When Li Xiaoran heard her sisters words, she had a better understanding of her mother.

It seemed that her mother wasnt really a pushover. She was actually a person with a temper!

While talking, the sisters went into the house.

When the two of them were gone, the person who had been eavesdropping at the kitchen door finally walked out.

This person was none other than Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqings granny, Aunt Li.

“Hmph, arent they just two little girls Theyre so easy to coax. I just had to cook a pot of taro to get rid of them.”

After saying this, Aunt Li looked into the central room. She thought of something and put away the smug expression on her face. Then, she quickly walked towards the central room.

Li Xiaoran didnt know what had been said in the central room and didnt want to know.

However, from time to time, they could hear some quarreling sounds from the central room and Aunt Lis wailing.

Li Xiaoran suddenly felt a little worried about her father.

“Do you think with our fathers personality, he can withstand the double suppression of Grandpa and Grandma” After eating two cooked taro, Li Xiaoran felt that she didnt have much of an appetite and stopped eating.

Seeing that Li Xiaoran wasnt eating anymore, Li Xiaoqing ate the last bite of the hoe in her hand and stopped eating.

After thinking seriously for a moment, Li Xiaoqing looked at the central room again and said, “According to Dads personality in the past, it might be a little difficult! But after experiencing so many things, I feel that Dad seems to have changed into a different person!”

As soon as she finished speaking, a loud bang came from the central room.

When Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing heard the commotion, they subconsciously ran towards the central room.

As soon as she ran in, Li Xiaoran saw that his fathers forehead was red and blood was dripping down.

“Father!” Li Xiaoran and Li Xiaoqing exclaimed at the same time and quickly went over to support Li Shun.

Li Shun heard his two daughters voices and immediately saw his daughters running over. He actually smiled.

“Im fine! Were already separated from them. The agreement has been stamped! Little Ran, keep this well!” As he spoke, Li Shun handed over a piece of paper filled with words.

Li Xiaoran looked at the piece of paper and nodded. Then, she put away the agreement.

“Lets go home!” Li Shun looked up at the sky with relief.

After decades of living, this was the first time he had seen the blue sky and white clouds outside. He felt that he had something to look forward to in life.

Without looking at the people inside, Li Shun pulled his two daughters away without looking back.

Old Master Guo, who had been smoking in the house, stood up and glanced at Old Li, who had an ugly expression on his face.

“Old Master Li! I really didnt expect you to be such a person! Dont you feel like youve been slapped hard in the face You really deserve it! Tell me, if you had the slightest bit of affection towards Li Shun, the Li family wouldnt have ended up like this today! Take care! Youll regret it in the future!”


The other people Li Shun had invited over stood up as well.

“Luo Cheng also asked us to come over as witnesses, so lets wait in the courtyard outside first.” After saying this, Old Master Guo led the others to move stools and then went outside to sit in the courtyard.

If it werent for the fact that they still had things to do, they really wouldnt want to stay any longer.

On the other side, after Li Xiaoran helped Li Shun into the house, she thought of something and quickly left the house. She ran to the roadside to pick some grass.

After cleaning it with water, Li Xiaoran kneaded these fresh herbs into a paste in her hand. Then, she found a leaf, packed it up, and ran back to the house.



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