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29 She Really Owns a Bank

The antique shopkeeper didnt dare to speak.

Sharon found it funny and couldnt help but ask, “Is this how you treat your customers I want this medal. Is there a problem”

“Take a good look at this place.” Winnie sneered. “We are indeed doing business, but we only do business with the rich. Those who cant afford it must not come and join in on the fun!”

Sharon frowned slightly as if she had heard a joke. “How can you tell that I cant afford it”

“Hmph! Do you know that this Victory Medal is from World War II Just the production cost is one million dollars, and the additional value is even higher. I know women like you too well. Do you want me to take it out for you to take a photo with it when Im not paying attention before posting it to show off Hmph, your little tricks can be used in some other luxury shops. Dont even think about it with me.” Winnie crossed her arms and lifted her chin high, looking as if she was the most amazing person in the world.

Her face was filled with contempt. “If you cant afford it, then dont buy it. Hurry up and make way for others!”

“Thats right. I dont think shes old enough to know the value of thisVictory Medal. Wouldnt it be a waste to sell it to her”

“Let me tell you, there are many women like this nowadays!”

The people around them were all talking about Sharon, but Sharon didnt retort at all when she saw Winnies sneer. This woman is really interesting, so I want her to have a good look at what happens if she looks down on others!

Hence, Sharon took out her phone and called John. “Uncle John, do you have time now Ill send you the address later; bring six million dollars in cash.”

“No problem, Miss! Wait for me; Ill be right there.”

When Winnie heard Sharons words, she couldnt help but laugh out loud. “Youre such an interesting woman. Are you still acting even now Six million dollars in cash-you are really a country bumpkin. Id like to see where you can get so much money from. Do you think that your family runs a bank”

“Our family does own a bank.” Sharon was shocked, not expecting Winnie to really know how to read people. Im already very low-key, but she could still see through my family background!

“Hmph, its not your fault that youre poor. However, dont blame me for chasing you out if you continue your pretense.” Winnie sneered, having already thought of how to mock Sharon.

“Young ladies nowadays are really interesting.”

“I want to see what those six million dollars are like. If she can produce it, I will even kneel down and kiss her feet.”

“Come on. When the time comes, we have to seal the doors. Otherwise, this girl might run away at any time.”

Hearing that nobody present thought highly of Sharon, Winnie smiled smugly. I have to teach this child a lesson and let her know that she cant speak nonsense!

Within ten minutes, several Porsches suddenly appeared at the door. A few bodyguards then came down with small boxes.

Everyone was expressionless as they walked into the shop in an orderly manner. There were four armed bodyguards entering, and they looked terrifying.

This scene stunned everyone present. Exactly what sort of great figure would come here at this time And from the looks of it, it is definitely very ostentatious.

Even Winnie was shocked. Those people couldnt have been summoned by that woman, could they She really doesnt look like someone who would know such a high-profile person.

When John got out of the last Porsche and entered BDA, Winnie immediately welcomed him with a smile.

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However, John ignored her and stood beside Sharon. “Miss, Ive brought the money. What else do you need”

As John spoke, he waved his hand behind him, and the bodyguards opened the small black boxes.

There was green cash inside!

This was the first time the surrounding people saw so much money being taken out in public. They couldnt help but gasp! This lady was actually telling the truth. Does her family really own a bank

The people present might really have six million dollars, but being able to exchange all of it into cash in such a short period of time and display it here wasnt something an ordinary person could do.

The people present still wanted to take photos of Sharon, but Johns bodyguards stopped them and deleted the photos of her. Therefore, most people only managed to capture a blurry shadow.

“Havent you ever seen anyone use so much cash to buy things Now that youve seen enough, do you still think Im trying to raise my value”



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