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It didn’t seem strange to say that the gate was open all the time, unknown monsters popped out, and people were in a world where they used superpowers.

‘If it’s a regression, then I…’

The door opened and the nurse came in.

So-Won quickly snapped out from his thoughts and looked at the nurse.

“Congratulations on waking up as an A-class guide, patient Lee So-Won.”

Whether when returning or dreaming, So-Won was still an A-class guide.

“I thought you weren’t feeling well, so I moved you to the Guide Association overnight for an examination, and there was no major abnormality.

Is there anything uncomfortable about you You can leave the hospital right away, but since you’re here at the Guide Association, it’ll be convenient for you to have a wavelength test.

Would you like to go home after the examination”


So-Won followed the nurse to the wavelength examination room without saying anything.

It was a test So-Won did 8 years ago, so his memory is hazy.

When he arrived at the laboratory and saw large machines and researchers, So-Won feels like his memory is coming back.

When he lays down on the machine under the guidance of the employee, the machine moves alone and started the inspection.

Cold metal touched and So-Won feels it in his body, the researchers then attaches something to him.

So-Won was tested for wavelength and tried to revive some of his past memories.

So-Won’s awakening as a guide, at the age of 22, was quite late compared to the usual guide awakening as a teenager.

Class-A guides were very rare because it only makes up 3 percent of the few guides.

When awakened as a guide, after conducting a wavelength test as it is now, the matching rate with the Espers in the database would be checkes to decide who to pair with.

So-Won was matched with Kang Tae-Woo, an S-class Esper, but most of them were matched with Esper with the same grade.

Will he match with Tae-Woo again

So-Won thought quietly.

Eight years ago, Tae-Woo and So-Won had a matching rate of 65%.

So-Won thinks that there could be a different result this time.

If Tae-Woo and himself don’t match…

He thought he might be happy.

“ Be happy.”

So-Won was surprised by the voice that sounded like a hallucination.

As soon as he remembers Tae-Woo’s last words, guilt weighs down on So-Won.

The view of the operating room, cold hands and glimmering eyes, and his own howling in the pool of blood came to mind.

So-Won, who thought of his future without Tae-Woo for a moment, was just endlessly ashamed of his ugly heart.

When he was going to die, when he was feeling guilty watching him turn cold, he regretted it like that….

He wants to hide somewhere because of his ugly selfishness.

So-Won wants to apologize to Tae-Woo.

Even if he doesn’t remember him.

‘Isn’t this regression for that’

The wavelength test was over with the sound of the machine.

The researchers said they could take the machine off So-Won’s body and he could go home.

“Kang Tae-Woo.”

So-Won closes his eyes tightly.

So-Won could now accept that his death was entirely his responsibility.

Now it was time to take responsibility for him.

Finally, the determined So-Won opened his mouth.

“I’d like check the matching rate for a specific esper.”

“Oh, do you know anyone If so, we can check the matching rate first after mutual consent.”

“Please check the matching rate with Kang Tae-Woo, S-class Esper.”

“What Kang Tae-Woo”

The researcher asks back in great surprise.

“S-class Esper Kang Tae-Woo, are you going to apply for a matching test with such a monster”

Anyway, the researcher had to check the matching rate with Kang Tae-Woo, who did not have a guide yet.

However, they never imagined, let alone heard of someone who wants to do a matching test with Kang Tae-Woo first, even though they still needs do a matching test with Kang Tae-Woo just in case it would match him.

The researcher scans the guide in front of him.

Although he was an adult, he looked young, and with round eyes and good and innocent eyes, he feels like he would be eaten right away when he stood in front of the monster.

So-Won, who was looking at the researcher’s shaking eyes, nods.

So-Won also expected this reaction.

However, he couldn’t sit still and wait until a week after the results came out.

Kang Tae-Woo must still be suffering now, he had to help him get out of the pain as soon as possible.

So-Won made up his mind.

He’ll treat him not as a monster but a human being.’

He won’t avoid him and he’ll do his best to guide him.

Even if he dies, he can die in the form of a clean person, not in a state in which the curse-like dark red veins cover his whole body.

“First of all, I will contact Esper Kang Tae-Woo, and if he agrees, I will contact you after conducting a matching test as the first priority.”

The researcher reluctantly accepted So-Won’s firm attitude, but while speaking, he was not sure if he was doing the right thing.

The researcher just bowed his head and looked at a small guide leaving the examination room.

After the examination, So-Won returns to his home with his family.

The house that he came back after a long time was the same as the house in his memory eight years ago.

Every detail was so identical that he realizes once again that this was not a dream.

He always spent time looking at the empty space in Kang Tae-Woo’s large house, but looking at the small but full of junk makes him feel comfortable.

The surprise party in the evening was so similar to So-Won’s memory that it was amazing.

A mouth-watering chocolate cake, seaweed soup, and loud firecrackers.

It was completely out of place, but this combination will make someone smile.

So-Won spends the evening with his family, chatting loudly and laughing.

Just like eight years ago, when he didn’t know he would match with Kang Tae-Woo.

After the chaotic day, So-Won blinks, holding back his sleep, lying on a small bed in a room with the lights off.

He was afraid that if he closes his eyes and opens them, He would go back to the day Tae-Woo died.

It seemed that he could still see the operating room covered with blood when he closes his eyes.

The blood-soaked Tae-Woo and the faint feeling of wavelength that seems to break at any moment bothered So-Won.

When will the matching test result be released

He knows that it was roughly long.

It took a week last time.

It took quite a while to compare it with the entire A-class Espers, but it eventually matched Kang Tae-Woo.

This time, he’ll match it with Kang Tae-Woo first, so wouldn’t it take about two days at the earliest

So-Won suddenly became worried.

Even if Tae-Woo, who had been seeing him for eight years, got used to it to some extent, So-Won still trembles when he faced Tae-Woo.

He wasn’t confident that he wouldn’t be nervous at the first meeting with Tae-Woo.

What does Tae-Woo thinks when he sees him

He had never spoken to him, so he dares not anticipate his thoughts.

He appears in his dream that night.

He was dying, but So-Won’s body was so stiff that he didn’t move.

Tae-Woo’s deep, dark eyes stares at So-Won.

When So-Won closes his eyes, the high tinnitus of the machine rang.

The tinnitus of the machine soon became a ringtone.

So-Won’s eyes opens wide, frowning.

After falling into the deep and dark water and feeling he wakes up and then he receives a phone call with the ringing sound.


“Are you Guide Lee So-Won”


“The results of the matching examination with Esper Kang Tae-Woo came out.”

As soon as Kang Tae-Woo’s name came out, So-Won jumps up and kneels down.

“No, already”

It was yesterday afternoon when the wavelength test was conducted and the designated match was applied, but he didn’t expect the results to come out the next morning.

‘65%, 65%, 65%’

So-Won wished it to be at least 65% matched with Kang Tae-Woo.

What if it doesn’t match Anxiety crosses So-Won’s mind.

“100% matching rate.

It’s our first time seeing a 100%… I did the test again, but it’s still the same….

Just in case, I think you should come to the association and do a guided test with Esper Kang Tae-Woo”

So-Won’s eyes widens.

100% instead of 65% 100% was an impossible number, aside from the difference in results from the past.

The highest matching rate record so far was a B-class Esper and Guide in the United States, but even that did not exceed 95%.

In addition, the matching rate could not be high in the relationship with the grade difference.

Perhaps there was an error in this inspection.

The somewhat convinced So-Won calms himself from the surprise.

“When and where should I go”

” Esper Kang Tae-woo is always at the headquarters, so the guide can come to the headquarters of the Esper Association regardless of the time.”

“Thank you,”

He is glad, anyway.

So-Won is very relieved about the result, because he is worried for a while about what if it didn’t match Tae-Woo.

So-Won, who finished the call, checked the time.

At 10 a.m.

It would take atleast 20 minutes to arrive at the Esper Association even if he use the fastest public transportation.

To arrive before lunch time, So-Won scrambles to get ready to go out.

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