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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 25 - Gong Lings Ability and an Erupted An Xiaoxue

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Chapter 25: Gong Lings Ability and an Erupted An Xiaoxue

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A fourth beast had mysteriously fallen when the modified human, AHu, was looking in the direction where Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, and the rest of his group were at.

This scene caused a merciless glow to flash past AHus eyes.


Almost immediately, AHu, who had been crouching on a small hill, ferociously jumped into the air. It was like a tornado as it pounced toward Xu Tui, Cheng Mo, and the rest of the group.

Xu Tui instantly trembled.

Darn it, I have been careless.

I havent maxed out my skill tree in caution yet!

To think that I attracted the attention of the modified human, AHu!

Cheng Mo stood up trembling once again. “Ill fend him off. You guys run!”

Xu Tui did not give Cheng Mo a reply. He did not have the time to reply. His mind was running wild.

Xu Tui did not notice it himself. He did not feel any fear during such a treacherous situation. Instead, he was calmly thinking about potential ways to deal with the emergency.

Xu Tuis impression of AHu had been derived from how it killed the security guard just now.

It had swiped off the guards head in one strike.

It was also immensely fast.

Instantly, Xu Tui had an accurate judgment of the situation.

“I have one chance to attack, but I cannot guarantee that Ill hit. You guys run!” Xu Tui said urgently.

Cheng Mo did not move. He snickered and took half a step forward. He raised his body gently and brought two battle shields together, then glanced toward the direction that AHu was assaulting them from.

“I…Ill help you!” Gong Ling, who was still startled, suddenly said.

War and death caused this girl to quickly mature.

Xu Tui nodded. He did not say anything more and started to focus.

He might miss his chance in the blink of an eye. The modified human, AHu, was extremely fast. They might not be able to run away even if they wanted to if he missed his opportunity.

There were afterimages of AHus body at the speed it was pouncing toward them.

On the other side, An Xiaoxue, who looked like a Shura bleeding from all of her orifices, was about to go insane from her anxiety.

The students would definitely suffer heavy casualties now that AHu was personally taking action.

Reinforcements should be here soon.

However, the students might not be able to last until the reinforcements arrived.


While AHu was pouncing toward them with its afterimages, it suddenly made a crafty turn.

It made a slight feint while it was pouncing toward Xu Tui to draw Cheng Mos body toward the side.

It then whipped its tail forward, fast as lightning.


Cheng Mo, who was holding two layers of battle shields, was sent flying backward like a severed shield. He bled profusely from his mouth. The first layer of the battle shields that he had been holding got instantly smashed to bits. There were also cracks on the second shield.

Cheng Mos pathetic cry caused Xu Tuis heart to shake.

However, that did not affect Xu Tuis immense focus.

Xu Tui saw AHus eyes within the 3-meter radius.

He flicked his right hand furiously.


Almost immediately after Xu Tui flicked his hand, the ears of the modified human, AHu, vibrated in a hurry.

It seemed like an instinct or a subconscious reaction. It tilted its head to the side.

A steel ball crashed into AHus forehead and instantly shattered.

The steel magnetic ball shattered.

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There was only a red mark left behind on AHus forehead.

Xu Tui let out a sigh of grief.

Not only was the reaction of the modified human extremely fast, but its head was also extremely hard.

It managed to react and avoid the attack from 3 meters away. It was too powerful.

Xu Tui knew that he might not have another chance to attack.

However, he did not give up.

AHu, who had sensed the threat and avoided the attack, had a merciless glare in its eyes.

Now, he finally understood why the beasts he controlled had died.

However, because of how it dodged the attack just now, AHus momentum halted for a moment. It planted its hind claws onto the ground.

It would be able to kill the young man in front of him once it pounced forward again.

However, just when AHu had planted its hind legs onto the ground, the grass on the ground that was about knee-high in length suddenly seemed like they were alive. They coiled around AHus hind legs and instantly locked him in place.

AHu once again took a pounding stance.

It only noticed that its legs were tied up by many short ropes when it was about to jump.

Not only did it fail to jump, but it was also pulled back to its original position. That feeling was extremely uncomfortable.

AHu had pounced forward with immense power. It uprooted the grass and vines that were coiling around its hind legs.

However, it was also severely affected by the vines.

The speed at which it pounced had become several times slower.

Originally, Xu Tui would not have been able to react to its charge.

However, now, AHu suddenly realized that the young man before him had flicked his fingers again.

Xu Tui did not have the time to consider the sudden change that occurred before his eyes. It might have something to do with Gong Ling behind him.

A chance…

Xu Tui knew that he had another opportunity to attack.

The sound of an object slicing through the air rang out.

It was too close.

The modified human had pounced toward Xu Tui. The distance between it and Xu Tui was less than a meter.

However, using either its instincts that it had developed through countless battles or its subconscious reactions, the modified human abruptly closed its eyes and lowered its head.

Its skin had a certain toughness.

However, at the same time, AHus gaze suddenly froze.

Its ear canal was in extreme pain.

At the next instant…

An Xiaoxue, who had forced herself forward by pushing back the bullets of the high-powered electric sniper with her invisible shield, suddenly let out a piercing scream.

An Xiaoxues ponytail crumbled inch by inch while she screamed. Her shiny, black hair stood.

At this moment, An Xiaoxue was bleeding from all of her orifices and had standing hair. She looked extremely harrowing!

The wave of bullets that were flying toward her at high speeds suddenly turned around when she screamed. They dragged along a blue electric tail as they flew back to where they came from.

“Oh, f*ck!”

Far away, a fearful shout had just rung out when the three electric bullets exploded into a flash of red and blue lights. The shout was extinguished by the bullets.

An Xiaoxue, who was like a Shura, did not look back.

She tossed out over 30 silver pills.

As she shifted her gaze, the 30-odd silver pills instantly pierced through the air and blasted at their targets.

A gust of wind assaulted their faces.

Within Xu Tuis senses, at least six of the silver pills pierced into the back of AHus head, neck, and other vital points.

All of these happened in a fraction of a second after Xu Tui had shot his steel ball into AHus brain through its ear canal.

It might not even have been a fraction of a second.

Xu Tui was shocked.

He started to pant violently. It was only at this moment that Xu Tui noticed that his back was covered in a cold sweat. His clothes were drenched.


Suddenly, Xu Tui realized something. He quickly ran toward Cheng Mo, who had been sent flying by the tail smack of the modified human.

Cheng Mo had been sent flying more than 10 meters backward.

“Please let there be no major problems!”

Xu Tui had just headed toward where Cheng Mo had landed when he saw Cheng Mo looking at him with a silly grin. Cheng Mo was coughing out blood and was lying there, unable to move.

Xu Tui could not help but heave a sigh of relief when he saw that Cheng Mo was still alive.

With the current medical technology, they should have no problem mending broken limbs as long as Cheng Mo did not die on the spot.

Suddenly, Xu Tui saw Cheng Mos eyes turn wide while he was still smiling. Cheng Mo was looking at the area behind Xu Tui with a startled expression.

Xu Tui was shocked. He turned around abruptly.

They would be done for if there was another modified human.

During the instant he turned around, Xu Tui saw An Xiaoxue, who had unleashed a great deal of power just now, flying rapidly toward him. She was suspended 2 meters above the ground.

Xu Tui was dumbfounded.

She could fly even without any equipment. Was she still human

The students who had been saved were also dumbfounded.

At this moment, An Xiaoxue was no longer wearing her mask. There were jarring streaks of blood on her fair skin and pointed nose.

Her light-colored top was also speckled with blood. Her hair was standing. She looked like a Shura descending upon the mortal realm when she flew.

“Fortunately, you guys are not dead!”

An Xiaoxue flew in front of CHeng Mo and swept her faze past him. She suddenly had a look of pain between her brows. She closed her eyes and her standing hair eased. An Xiaoxue fell out of the air.

A question suddenly flashed past Xu Tuis mind.

“Do I catch her or not Do I hug her or not”

At this moment, the sounds of the fighter jets rang out from far away.

The killing of the modified human, the fainting of An Xiaoxue, and the appearance of the emergency fighter jets had happened at the same time.

They all happened only one to two seconds apart.

The expression of the earth-element superb individual, who had been locked in combat with the tiger-like Liu Tianhu, turned ugly when he realized that AHu had died.

“Useless! You couldnt even deal with a woman but instead got yourself killed. You foiled our grand plan!”

Their mission had failed with the death of the modified human, AHu.

Far away, the beasts that had already captured a good number of students were suddenly freed from AHus control because of its death.

Some of them fled in all directions, while others started to attack the students.

They wanted to take the students as food.

While the earth-element superb individual was cursing, his expression became extremely ugly when he heard the fighter jets.

It had not been four minutes. It was closer to three minutes.

The emergency fleet of fighter jets had arrived a minute early.

This minute might not have meant much to anyone else, but it was the difference between life and death for the students.


How would Colonel Liu Tianhu allow them to leave that easily at this moment He battled without regard for his safety!

His opponent was a Level B Genetic Mutant as well as an earth-element superb individual. He was an important target.

“Implement emergency retreat plan three!” the earth-element superb individual roared.

Hearing his roars, four members of the traitor organization suddenly let out a shout of despair.

While they were shouting, the four members suddenly became four giant orbs of fire and exploded.

Four tiny mushroom clouds rose from level ground.

Under such a situation, even Liu Tianhu had to temporarily avoid the attack.

The earth-element superb individual brought along a few of the surviving members and took advantage of the opportunity to retreat.

Powerful bombs were detonated on the path of their retreat to deter any pursuers.

It was a well-thought-out retreat plan.

Smoke filled the air within the forest.

While the jets from the emergency fleet that had arrived quickly were still a thousand meters up in the air, several black figures jumped down and chased in the direction of the earth-element superb individuals retreat.

The smoke had not dissipated. The generals under Liu Tianhu wanted to pursue after the traitor organization but were stopped by Liu Tianhu.

“Relay my orders. Set up our defenses here.”

“Save and treat the injured. Search for and save the students.”

“Use our current heavy weaponry to set up a line of firepower.”

“Set up a temporary night-time defense base.”

“Await the arrival of the reinforcement forces.”

Liu Tianhu stabbed his spear into the ground and looked bitterly at the direction where the earth-element superb individual had escaped toward.

At this moment, searching for and saving the students was his top priority.


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