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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 19 - The Difference Between Two Escorting Teachers

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Chapter 19: The Difference Between Two Escorting Teachers

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“He Mingxuan! Cant you say something decent! Youve gone overboard!”

Xu Tui glared at He Mingxuan. He had a furious expression.

He Mingxuan had gone overboard.

In the past, he, Cheng Mo, and Tang Ting had come into conflict with He Mingxuan and his group on several occasions. However, those kinds of conflicts had been within the realms of student argument.

They did not cross the line.

Xu Tui could not interfere if they were laughing at Cheng Mo behind his back.

However, mocking Cheng Mo in his face and adding insult to injury was going overboard.

He Mingxuan did not back down when he saw Xu Tui glaring at him. He stood abruptly and stared straight at Xu Tui with a look of disregard.

“What I said was the truth. Whats the matter Do you have a problem Cant I speak the truth” He Mingxuan tilted his head. He had a provocative expression on his face.


Xu Tui took half a step forward. He was livid.

“Why Do you want to fight”

“Come!” He Mingxuan balled his hands into fists and clenched his teeth. He let out a cold laugh. He seemed afraid that Xu Tui would not step forward.

“Head out and fight if you want to fight.”

The voice of the teacher-in-charge rang out coldly. “However, dont blame me for not reminding you. You shouldnt blame me if you disrupt the order of this operation and hamper your own futures.”

“Little Tui, dont. Dont stoop to their level. It is because of my disappointing results…” Cheng Mo quickly stepped forward and pulled Xu Tui back.

“Dont worry. I know when to stop.”

After pushing Cheng Mo away, Xu Tui glared at He Mingxuan and said, “He Mingxuan, we are classmates. We would be classmates even when we enter the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College in the future. Even more so, we would be fellow countrymen. Lets not mention helping each other, but we shouldnt fight amongst ourselves, should we I hope that you would act more intelligently and not disrupt the harmony between fellow countrymen this early into the trip.”

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“What he said is logical. He Mingxuan, you are in the wrong.”

At the side, a young lady who had been looking down and reading her book suddenly spoke.

“Gong Ling, its none of your business.”

He Mingxuan was a little frustrated. He then laughed coldly toward Xu Tui. “Dont mention the kinship between fellow students and countrymen with me. You guys are a Rice Bucket and an Enlightened Mind Type. What kinship Well be happy if you dont disgrace Jincheng Prefecture.”

Xu Tuis mindset had transformed ever since the stalking incident and the incident at the bubble tea store. He was no longer anxious at this moment.

“Alright, you said that yourself. Its you who do not care about the kinship between fellow students.”

Xu Tui turned around and walked toward the other person who had been loudly mocking Cheng Mo just now, Tong Qi.

Xu Tuis actions immediately attracted the attention of everyone on the bus.

Tong Qi… This was a name that Xu Tui had not only heard from Special Intelligence Division Captain Zhou Sheng, but he had also heard about him from several students.

He was a genius from Jincheng Sixth High School.

His family was also very reputable.

It was rumored that he had gone through a series of systematic training ever since he was young.

He also scored extremely well in the genetic exams.

He was the only genius who managed to activate 16 genetic base points at the exam venue in Jincheng Prefecture.

He was the top scorer of this years genetic exams.

Before this, Xu Tui had been rather excited to meet the top scorer of Jincheng Prefecture.

However, Xu Tui did not expect to meet the top scorer in such a manner.

Xu Tui walked toward Tong Qis seat. However, without waiting for Xu Tui to say anything, an angry shout rang out behind him.

“Xu Tui, what are you going to do”

The teacher-in-charge scolded Xu Tui before he could do anything, “If you want to cause trouble, Ill send you off the bus.”

This was the first time Xu Tui felt so upset.

He was very upset at the teacher-in-charge.

He had not done anything, yet he had been shouted at twice by the teacher.

However, having gone through many years in school, Xu Tui was already an expert at outwitting the teacher.

He turned around and faced the teacher-in-charge, then revealed his row of white teeth, “Teacher, which eye of yours saw me cause trouble You have to produce the evidence,” Xu Tui challenged. I only want to say a few words to my fellow student, Tong Qi. Is that not allowed Or are we going to have a no-talking rule in the bus today”

His tone was neutral.

It silenced the teacher who was about to flare up.

The teacher stared coldly at Xu Tui but did not say anything.

Xu Tuis gaze was also a little cold. This teacher-in-charge must be sick in the head. He did not know how to do his job and was picking on Xu Tui. Wasnt that causing trouble

Xu Tui turned around and said, “Tong Qi.”

Tong Qi did not move. He remained in his seat with his arms crossed. He tilted his chin slightly upward and gave Xu Tui a curt reply, “Do you need something”

“Be more respectful with your words next time.”

Tong Qi was not aggravated even though he was criticized by Xu Tui. Instead, he raised his head and laughed. “And what if I dont”

Xu Tui gave Tong Qi a cold stare, then returned to his seat without saying anything.

Along the way, Xu Tui noticed that the teacher-in-charge had not stopped staring at him. It seemed as though the teacher was trying to find faults with him. It made Xu Tui roll his eyes toward the teacher.

Twenty minutes later, all of the students had boarded the bus. The teacher-in-charge went through the attendance list and confirmed that all of the students were here.

“Students, let me introduce myself. My surname is Cha and my full name is Cha Yifeng. I belong to the investigation department of Jincheng Prefecture Ministry of Education. Im the teacher-in-charge of your group.

“There are 30 students on this bus. All of you are genius students who have been accepted into the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College.

“I believe that you have heard and understood that the annual season of students reporting to their genetic evolution colleges is never peaceful.

“This time, we would spend two days on the road.

“During these two days, I hope that every student would be able to listen to instructions and follow the rules while on the road. You will safely arrive at the capital and begin your college life, and I will have successfully completed my first escort mission.”

At this point, Cha Yifengs tone suddenly turned threatening. “However, Ill say the ugly words first. If you dare to cause trouble and not follow the rules while we are on the road, please do not blame me for turning nasty.”

Cha Yifeng had directed the last few words toward Xu Tui. Xu Tui rolled his eyes.

Was he that prominent

“Did all of you hear me”

The scattered replies made Cha Yifeng look bad. He shouted again, “Did all of you hear me Louder.”


Cha Yifeng had an unfriendly gaze. He had especially stared at the thorn that was Xu Tui, only to see that Xu Tui was still looking downward.

“Xu Tui!”

Xu Tui did not look up, nor did he say anything.

“Xu Tui!”

Cha Yifeng walked forward and arrived in front of Xu Tuis seat before he shouted.

Cheng Mo gently elbowed Xu Tui.

“Whats the matter, Teacher”

“Did you hear what I said just now

Xu Tui looked at Cha Yifeng for some time, then slowly said, “Teacher, my ears are fine. Im not deaf.”

Cha Yifeng was furious.

That was not the answer he wanted to hear.

He had wanted to seize the opportunity to lecture Xu Tui and display his authority. That way, he would have a much easier time controlling this group of students while they were on the road.

He did not expect to be put on the spot by Xu Tui.

However, he would have gone overboard if he continued to press the matter.

The cameras in the bus were not decorative items.

“Its good that you hear me. Wait for the bus to set off.”

All he could do was return to his seat with a fierce expression.

“Two days. Can you last that long” Xu Tui asked softly when he heard the faint sounds of Cheng Mos growling stomach.

“No problem. I brought a lot of food. Well also be given meals along the way,” Cheng Mo assured his friend.

“Alright. Ive also brought food along. I also have Level E and Level F Energy Restoration Elixirs. If you are really hungry, we can use those to stave off your hunger.”

“Dont worry. I brought some with me too.”

“Tell me if you dont have enough.”

They waited for half an hour. First, two security personnel from the military examined the interior of the bus with an inspection device.

Then, one of them went to the front of the bus and sat down behind the driver.

The other officer took out a fist-sized circular device and placed it at a central position on the roof of the bus. He gave the device a gentle tap and activated the electronic device.

Xu Tui knitted his brows slightly.

He felt a little upset the moment that electronic device was activated.

At the same time, Gong Ling, who was sitting in front of Xu Tui, also knitted her brows.

Almost instantly after the electronic device was activated, several students who were playing with their communication devices suddenly let out a cry of surprise.

“Whats going on My communication device suddenly ran out of power. It had been fully charged!”

“Thats right. Its the same for me. I cant even restart it.”

“This is a Super Miniature Radiation Atomic Releasing Device. When it is activated, all electronic devices would lose power within its radius because of a disruption of the electronic signals. At the same time, it also acts as a signal blocker. All of your electronic devices would return to normal after we arrive at our destination and the device is shut off.” The security officer finished what he had to say with a serious expression, then sat down at the last row of seats.

The students in the bus let out a sorrowful howl.

Wouldnt they be bored to death along the way if they could not use their electronic devices

“So, I brought a book.” Gong Ling, who was sitting in front of Xu Tui, waved the book in her hand and smiled.

However, the bus did not set off even after the security officers took their seats.

They waited for a while longer. Suddenly, a tall and slender figure stepped onto the bus.

She was wearing dainty white shoes, a pair of light blue jeans that hugged her slender legs and waist, and a rather loose light-colored shirt. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and she was carrying a black backpack in her arms.

The youthful aura that radiated from that person even made Gong Ling, who was in her prime age, turn her head to look.

She was a little envious.

Even though the person was wearing a blue disposable medical mask, all of the boys in the bus sat up straight and glanced toward her.

Xu Tui was rather shocked.

Wasnt that the female researcher She was Professor An Xiaoxue from the Huaxia Genetic Evolution Colleges Mystery Branch school of Enlightened Mind. Why was she here

“I am Professor An Xiaoxue from the Huaxia Genetic Evolution Colleges Mystery Branch school of Enlightened Mind. I am also a teacher who will escort the students on this bus.” The students were silent, only giving An Xiaoxue acknowledging glances. “Along the way, I hope that you students will be able to follow the rules. You can tell me if you have any questions or require any assistance.”

“Have all of you heard me clearly” An Xiaoxue, who had just got onto the bus, said.

“Yes, Professor An!”

The reply was bright and organized. Cha Yifeng, who was also an escorting teacher, felt extremely displeased when he heard it.

It was a little heart-wrenching…

They were both teachers. Why was the difference in treatment so stark


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