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The Great Genetic Era Chapter 17 - Eighteen Genetic Base Points

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Chapter 17: Eighteen Genetic Base Points

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There were 10 blister packs in the little box.

Xu Tui felt his eyes turn hot the instant he saw the contents.

In the blister packs were Level F Energy Restoration Pills similar to those Xu Tui had bought in the afternoon.

Xu Tui had only bought one blister pack.

There were 10 pills in one blister pack.

His father was giving him 10 blister packs, a total of 100 pills.

That cost 10,000 dollars.

However, what attracted Xu Tuis attention was the two rows of hard transparent sealed boxes. There were ten of those thumb-sized boxes, each containing a blue soft capsule.

Xu Tui did not recognize those items.

However, there were tiny words written on the boxes.

Xu Tui was shocked when he lowered his head to read them. He raised his head abruptly and looked toward his parents.

“Dad, these are Level E Energy Elixirs. Each of them cost 5,000 dollars, and 10 of them would be…” Xu Tui was startled.

Just these elixirs alone cost 60,000 dollars.

“Why, are you looking down on your father” Xu Jianguo laughed. “Even though my salary is not high, I do have some savings over the years.”

“But, Dad, I heard that you need to have Level E rights to purchase the Level E Energy Elixirs.”

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“Youre looking down on your father again. Your father has Level E rights.” Zhang Xiuli looked extremely proud.

Xu Jianguo also had a look of pride on his face when he heard that.

It was rare that he was praised by his wife.

“Improvement, I have also gone through this. I know how resource-demanding studying at a genetic evolution college would be. I also know the reason for your drastic drop in weight recently.” His father paused, waiting for him to respond. When he didnt, he continued, “Use these for the time being. It should be able to supply you with the energy you need for your training.”

While he was speaking, Xu Jianguo pushed a card toward Xu Tui.

“You would definitely need money to settle matters when you are at college. The things you youngsters like are different from what we like. So your mom and I didnt buy anything for you.” Xu Jianguo smiled. “There are 50,000 dollars in the card. You can use it to purchase things you like or need.”

Xu Tui was silent.

He had some understanding of his familys finances.

His parents had taken out 110,000 for him. That was basically giving him all of their savings.


“Listen to me,” Xu Jianguo interrupted his son. He seemed to know what Xu Tui was about to say.

Suddenly, Xu Tuis communication device vibrated.

“Greetings, Citizen Xu Tui! Your personal contribution system has been activated. You currently have six contribution points, Level F rights.”

“Greetings! A government-issued sum of 50,000 dollars has been transferred to your personal checking account. Notes: Cash reward.”

Xu Tui was elated when he saw the messages.

He quickly pushed the card back toward his father.

“Dad, look, Ive received my cash reward: 50,000 dollars. You can keep this money for yourself.”

“Cash reward Fifty thousand dollars”

Xu Jianguo and his wife were utterly confused.

Xu Tui explained the situation. His parents looked at each other after they listened to Xu Tui.

The intelligent, brave, and suave student in the news was their son.

It was no wonder that the back figure looked familiar.

“Improvement, why would you be so daring as to be involved with a member of the Dawn Salvation Traitor Organization Those people kill without batting an eyelash. I dont need you to do a meritorious deed. All I want is for you to be safe.”

His mother was anxious when the truth was exposed.

Xu Jianguo was silent for a moment. He then pushed the card toward Xu Tui once again, then said with a determined tone, “Take it. We still have our salaries. Work on your studies and improve yourself when you arrive at the college. Remember what your mother said. No matter what, you must remain safe.”

Xu Tui took a long time to collect himself when he returned to the room.

He then spent some time and packed up his clothes and daily necessities.

Even though Xu Tui was handsome, the things he brought out were very simple, even if he had to go someplace far.

He only needed one slightly larger luggage bag.

He washed up and got onto his bed.

He first consumed a Level F Energy Restoration Pill.

He meditated.

Then, he entered the illusory introspective state.

This time, he did not use much time at all. It only took four seconds.

What Xu Tui wanted to do now was to observe the effects of the Level F Energy Restoration Pill. He did not train with his mind power.

Thirty seconds later, the white light that was spreading from his stomach to the other areas of his body suddenly increased by multiple times.

Thirty seconds ago, there had only been three to four streaks of white light, which represented energy, flowing out of his stomach every second.

Thirty seconds later, probably after the effects of the Level F Energy Restoration Pill kicked in, the number of streaks of white light flowing through his body every second more than doubled.

There were now 10 to 12 streaks of white light flowing from his stomach every second.

Xu Tui was not in a hurry to train.

Instead, he started to silently observe the figure. He silently got immersed within the illusory introspective state.

Occasionally, he would switch to realistic introspection to observe the changes in his body.

While he was silently observing his body, Xu Tui realized that he would expend mind power when he maintained the illusory introspection or realistic introspection.

However, the mind power he had to use was very little.

If Xu Tuis consciousness, which was also his mind power, did not interfere with the energy flowing out of his stomach, 70% of the white light of energy that flowed out of his stomach would be supplied to his major organs.

Of the remaining 30%, 25% would flow into the genetic base points he had already activated.

Only 5% of the energy would flow randomly into the inactive gray spots.

Xu Tui observed the figure for half an hour and realized that the gray spots that the energy flowed into were not completely random.

Within Xu Tuis body, the white light of energy flowed toward the inactivated genetic base points in his brain at a slightly higher frequency.

There would also occasionally be white light flowing into inactivated genetic base points in his lower-left calf.

The probability of the white light flowing into other gray spots was extremely small.

The effects of energy restoration provided by the Level F Energy Restoration Pill lasted only half an hour.

Not only was Xu Tui not hungry after his training ended, he instead felt that he was brimming with energy.

That should be the effects of the Level F Energy Restoration Pill.

He consumed another Level F Energy Restoration Pill.

This time, Xu Tui started to influence the direction of the energy flow with his mind power.

He continued to send energy toward the genetic base points in his lower-left calf.

The abilities that the genetic base points in the brain influenced were too complicated. Xu Tui did not dare to meddle with those for the time being. He wanted to work on those after he entered the Huaxia Genetic Evolution College and learned more about the matter.

Half an hour later, after the effects of the Level F Energy Restoration Pill were depleted, the genetic base point in his leg had only gotten slightly larger. It had not been activated.

However, this time, Xu Tui had an obvious sensation.

His lower-left calf was aching slightly.

It looked like he had chosen a genetic base point that really targeted his lower-left leg this time.

After the training, Xu Tui once again reflected on how he felt.

He no longer had the energetic feeling he got after he consumed the first Level F Energy Restoration Pill.

It must have been expended during the training.

However, he did not feel the extreme fatigue he felt during his first two sessions.

“Should I test out the effects of a Level E Energy Restoration Elixir”

A few seconds later, Xu Tui consumed one of the blue pills. No, they were blue soft capsules.

He then entered the illusory introspective state.

Actually, Xu Tui had a sensation even without entering the illusory introspective state.

He felt as though his stomach had been blasted open by something the moment he swallowed the capsule.

A wave of heat coursed through his body.

Xu Tui felt extremely energetic.

In that instant, Xu Tui immediately guided the energy with his mind power.

The white light of energy provided by the Level E Energy Restoration Elixir was more than 10 times that of the Level F Energy Restoration Pill.

The white light that flowed out of his stomach every second was 10 to 12 times more than when he had consumed the Level F Energy Restoration Pill.

At this moment, under the guidance of Xu Tuis consciousness, the energy swarmed toward the genetic base point that Xu Tui had been targeting just now.

It was also at that instant when Xu Tui felt his entire left calf ache and swell. It even started to feel painful.

“It seems a bit much.”

The strengthening of genetic base points would directly bring about the transformation of the body.

If the genetic base points in an area of the body got overly strengthened, it might bring about injuries to the body.

That was explained in the resources he obtained after the genetic exam.

With a thought, Xu Tui split the white light of energy coursing into his lower-left calf into two.

Forty percent of the energy continued to enter the genetic base point in the lower-left calf, while the remaining 60% was channeled into a genetic base point in his right hand.

He chose the point randomly.

The aching and swelling of his lower-left calf decreased drastically.

Not long after, the fingers on his right hand also started to ache and swell.

However, this aching and swelling was still something he could tolerate.

Xu Tui was in this state for 50 minutes.

The blue Level E Energy Restoration Elixir sure lived up to its price of 5,000 dollars. It lasted long.

It was still supplying energy after 50 minutes.

It was long-lasting.

At the 51-minute mark, the two gray genetic base points in his lower-left calf and right hand that Xu Tui had been attacking continuously expanded and lit up at the same time.

He felt a sharp pain in his lower-left calf and right hand.

The two genetic base points had been activated at the same time.

Xu Tui relaxed.

Eighteen genetic base points…

As of now, Xu Tui had activated 18 genetic base points.

The genetic base points in his lower-left calf and right hand that had been activated today would definitely give Xu Tui a boost in his abilities, just based on the reaction he got from his body.

It was highly probable that he had enhanced an Extreme Branch ability.

However, at this moment, the effects of the blue soft capsule were still underway. It was very long-lasting.

It cost 5,000 dollars.

He must not waste it.

While he was thinking, Xu Tui was suddenly assaulted with an insuppressible feeling of fatigue.

Xu Tui instantly understood that he had run out of mind power.

After he had concluded that there was the existence of mind power in the morning, Xu Tui had searched for many explanations about mind power in the Internet forums.

There was basically no useful information.

However, there was a consensus.

That was the battery theory.

A persons mind power was like an old battery that existed 100 years ago.

If its charge was completely used up in one sitting, then it would recover very slowly. It would even damage the battery itself.

If some of its power was left behind, the battery would be recharged very quickly and not be damaged.

In other words, he should not use up his mind power completely.

He should sleep immediately and enter a state of recovery before his mind power was fully depleted.

Even though Xu Tui did not understand the theory completely, he felt that the theory made sense.

Thus, Xu Tui immediately scattered his consciousness when the insuppressible fatigue assaulted him. His illusory introspective state disappeared.

He relaxed his entire body and immediately entered a state of sleep under the effects of his fatigue.

Before he fell into a deep sleep, a thought occurred to Xu Tui,I wasted it! The effects of the 5,000-dollar blue soft capsule are not over yet. What a waste…


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