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572 Unit Close to the Super Limit Power (4)

When he was about a kilometer away, Xu Tui could already hear the sound of the fire-stepping man with his enhanced hearing.

“Lord Yanzi, Canzeng has successfully descended.

Please send a message so I can protect Lord Yanzi.”

“Lord Yanzi, Canzeng has successfully descended.

Please send a message so I can protect Lord Yanzi.”

Huaxia language.

He was still speaking the Huaxia language, but his tone was a little strange.

From the looks of it, the Huaxia Sectors language had become the universal language of the extraterrestrial because of the contribution of the alien species.

This person named Canzeng was clearly constantly contacting his superiors.

His superior, Yanzi Could he be the sixth descender who was infinitely close to the limit of the planet

Xu Tui instantly had a guess.

It was also at this moment that the special combat team carefully approached the fire-stepping man, Canzeng, 300 meters away under everyones vigilance.

This special combat team came from the Russian Federation.

Two were at the Genetic Evolution Realm, and one was at the Genetic Mutation Realm.

Two Extreme Branch students and one Supernatural Branch student.

One of them was carrying a huge shield and could be considered a tank.

A supernatural being and another genetic mutation realm team member were behind him.

They should be attacking from afar.

The moment they entered the 300-meter radius of the fire-stepping man, the three of them instantly accelerated.

They were going to attack.

Xu Tui also advanced cautiously.

At this moment, Canzeng looked at the three special combat team members from the Russian Federation who were quickly approaching to attack and let out a disdainful snort.

boxn ovel.


“Trash! With a cold grunt, he waved his hand gently.

A huge fire palm with a radius of more than ten meters suddenly blasted down like a mountain.

The moment it landed, there was a violent explosion.

The speed at which the huge fire handprint appeared was too fast.

The moment it landed, the shield-wielding Genetic Evolution Realm cultivator closest to Canzeng was hit.

The palm print dissipated, and the Genetic Evolution Realm cultivator holding the shield had already turned into a ball of charcoal.

The huge alloy shield had directly turned into molten iron.

“Trash! Those clans are really trash.

Can such trashy combat strength defeat them” Canzeng had a look of disdain!

“Oh, f*ck! F*ck, that powerful” Yan Lie was so shocked that he almost fell out of his hiding state.

Almost at the same time, the other two special combat team members turned around and fled.

Damn it, this fire handprint was too powerful!

At the same time, Canzeng also noticed Xu Tui, who had entered a thousand-meter radius from him.

Flames flashed under his feet as he chased after the two special forces members and Xu Tui.

“Are we running” Yan Lie became anxious.

“You retreat!” Almost the moment Xu Tui retreated, the mental hammer that he had prepared beforehand suddenly appeared above Canzengs head and smashed down.

Canzeng had clearly noticed Xu Tuis mental hammer.

However, the moment he noticed it, Xu Tuis mental hammer also struck his head.


Canzengs mind trembled violently.

The flames under his feet instantly began to dissipate.

Xu Tuis eyes lit up.

They even called us trash.

Ill hammer you with my mental hammer first.

I was not afraid if it was useful!

Without hesitation, the mental hammer smashed down one after another.

Xu Tui hammered his mental hammer three times in a row.

The flames under his feet completely dissipated and he fell to the ground from a low altitude.


The flying sword shot out and pierced through his head.

In his mental perception, the dazzling aura instantly dissipated and there were no more mental fluctuations.

His life force was completely depleted in the shortest time possible.

He was dead.

Xu Tui was certain that he had killed this guy.

“It seems that units that are infinitely close to the power limit are not that terrifying.” Xu Tui sighed.

Behind him, the two special forces soldiers from the Russian Federation who were running for their lives were stunned.

They were dumbfounded.

They were stunned.

Xu Tui had destroyed an alien species who could kill a Genetic Evolution Realm expert with a palm.

Wasnt this too unreal

Yan Lie appeared from his concealment with a stunned expression.

“It was resolved just like that”

Xu Tui nodded in a daze.

“I think so.

Its not difficult.”

Yan Lie was speechless.

At this moment, the very exquisite diamond-shaped object that had fallen from Canzengs hand suddenly flickered with light.


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